Milwaukee 2680 20 Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Milwaukee 2680 20 Angle Grinder Review

Portable angle grinders are quite convenient to use just because they are cordless and have low maintenance required motor.

Let me introduce to you with one of the best cordless angle grinders that is from the house of Milwaukee, which is an American based power tool manufacturing company.

Milwaukee 2680 20 is a newly launched angle grinder that has quite innovative and advanced features. You can use it for completing different heavy-duty jobs.

That’s why we have decided to write a detailed review on Milwaukee 2680 20 angle grinder that will provide the reader with each and every necessary information about it.

Milwaukee 2680 20 Angle Grinder Review is a result of extensive research so that you can have a clear picture of this angle grinder in your mind.

Milwaukee 2680 20 Angle Grinder Review

Milwaukee 2680 20 PriceLet’s begin with its motor first,

Equipped with a powerful DC motor that can move the abrasive wheel up to 10,000 RMPs. This means with Milwaukee you are going to get an excellent job done.

Motor used in 2680 20 is a 4-pole motor which is capable enough to deliver maximum power so that it can be used for heavy-duty jobs.

This high tech motor ensures sustainable grinding even in harsh conditions.

When it comes to battery Milwaukee uses M18 18V lithium-ion powerful batteries.

Let me remind you lithium-ion batteries are the most reliable batteries. It has capacity to cut 50% more with a single charge.

Don’t take Milwaukee 2680 20 light; it can work more than your imaginations you just have to charge it completely.

Since 2680-80 is a portable angle grinder which means it does not have any wire for power supply. You need to charge it battery and then you can take it anywhere.

Milwaukee 2680 20 eliminates the search of power socket; you can operate it anywhere you want.

Besides this, it has another mind-blowing feature that is it has a quite prominent paddle switch on/off system. Its comfortable paddle switch gives full control during the operation. You can even handle it even when you are wearing thick gloves.

As far as the tool-protection features are concerned, then Milwaukee has put into great efforts to make 2680 20 one of the durable angle grinders.

It features an L-shape molding which is quite close to the grinding wheel. Basic purpose of this molding is to pick all kinds of harmful debris and trash so that it won’t enter into the tool.

There is no harm in saying that this molding design ensures that the Milwaukee angle grinder will gonna last forever.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable tool-free guard system which can be easily adjusted. All you need to push the button and you can adjust the guard at the desired position for various applications.

Unlike most of the angle grinders, Milwaukee has 3-positioned side handles to give it extreme comfort and full control even in uncertain grinding conditions.

Now you don’t need to be worry either you are left-handed or right-handed you are free to install it according to your comfort.

When it comes to its body 2680 20 angle grinder has a unique design along with amazing safety features. Its gear case is made up of metal alloy to protect you from electric shocks. Rear part along with handle is made with plastic to give you a comfortable long-lasting grip during the operation.

It has a changeable disk system and thanks to its spindle lock button which makes it so easy to change any disk within seconds.

From a technical point of view, it is specially designed to use for multiple purposes.

Hence we won’t be wrong if we say this is one of best versatile angle grinder in industry.

It is one of the reliable names for sanding, grinding polishing and cutting heavy materials that include steel, concrete, granite and marble.

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  • 4 ½ inch of cordless angle grinder
  • Paddle switch for smooth handling
  • 4 pole robust motor
  • L- shapes molding for the protection of internal components
  • Three-position adjustable side handle
  • Battery operated angle grinder
  • Tool-free adjustable wheel guard
  • Powerful
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Amazing internal parts protection features
  • Battery does not last too long

What is good:

To be very honest, Milwaukee angle grinders are enough powerful to be used for heavy-duty cutting and grinding purposes. Its three positioned side handle give full control along with a comfortable grip.

It has power M18 18v lithium-ion batteries that can be taken anywhere once fully charged. It is portable, compact and light-weighted angle grinder.

Most amazing feature for which you will fell in love is that it has one of the best Debris reflection systems. Its L- shaped molding redirect harmful debris to protect the operator and grinder itself. It is one of the best pocket-friendly cordless angle grinders.

What is bad:

Milwaukee has a powerful battery but it does not last too long. You need to charge it quickly.

Well, Milwaukee is a 4.5-inch angle grinder which is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, masons, and welders who work on a small project. For such users, small battery life should not be an issue. It is not appropriate for heavy-duty contractors.

Final Verdict:

No doubt, Milwaukee is a reliable name especially when it comes to angle grinders. Its 2680-20 is a perfect tool for grinding heavy materials. As it is cordless angle grinder so you don’t need to deal with wires anymore.

Its lithium battery gives amazing power and speed during the operations. It has unique and amazing dust reflection system which protects the grinder’s component.

Hence it won’t be wrong if we say that Milwaukee 2680 20 is an amazingly powerful and durable angle grinder.


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