Makita XAG09Z Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Makita XAG09Z Angle Grinder Review

Makita is a popular Japanese power tool manufacturer that is specialized in manufacturing top-notch quality of angle grinders.

Makita has also stepped in the technology brushless angle grindes and launches a powerful 5 inch cordless angle grinder that is XAG09Z.

With Makita brushless angle grinder you don’t have to deal with the long cord since it has no cord to tangle in your feet.

XAG09Z is a great combination of durability and perfection.

For your convenience, we have gathered complete information on Makita XAG09z Angle Grinder Review and decided to write a detailed review on it.

Makita XAG09Z Angle Grinder Review

Makita XAG09Z PriceMakita XAG09Z features an amazing and powerful BL™ motor, this motor is brushless. This means it does not have carbon brushes, which means you won’t have to change the brushes.

Brushless motor is really very powerful and besides being powerful they are durable.

Since it lacks brushes, so there is no matter of friction and hence it requires very rare service and maintenance.

Powerful BL brushless motor gives excellent speed to the abrasive disk that is 8500 no-load RPM, the motor is quite efficient and is controlled electronically to optimize the energy. So that it can be sued for 50 % longer run time in a single charge.

These powerful BL motor of Makita XAG09Z requires 18V of LXT Lithium-ion batteries to work properly.

LXT-lithium-ion batteries are the advance technology that charges 3 times faster than the other conventional lithium-ion batteries. Also, it gives 50 % more run time and 50% more longer motor life along with an efficient power management system.

Roughly speaking, it gets completely charge within 2 hours and after which you can use it to do numerous productive tasks.

Safety of the user is the prime focus of Makita Angle grinder. That’s why they have introduces a unique electric brake feature. With the help of this feature, your angle grinder’s wheel can stop within 2 seconds.

Yes, you read it right.

During the process, if the switch has released unintentionally then the electric brake system will quickly stop the wheel and thereby protects you from any sort of damage.

Talking some more amazing features, Makita cordless angle grinder also features an innovative Automatic Speed Change technology. This is simply amazing. With the help of this technology XAG09Z automatically adjusts its speed and torque during grinding or cutting process.

This way you will have excellent and optimal performance.

Moreover, this powerful cordless angle grinder also has Active-feedback sensing technology. This is basically a sensor, which senses either the wheel is working or not.

If the wheel is working slowly or stops it will turn off the motor automatically, thereby, reducing the chances of any catastrophic incidents.

For the added convenience of the user, you will see there is a 3-stage LED gauge on the tool. This gauge indicates about the battery level.

Like every other angle grinder, it also features a rubberized soft grip which makes it easier for the user to hold the device for longer period of time. Also, the handle is a two-positioned adjustable that can be adjusted either on the left or right side.

One of the most worth mentioning features of Makita XAG09z small angle grinder, it has an Anti-restart feature. If you are changing the battery and the switch is on, the tool will not start, until or unless you will turn off the switch and then turn it on again.

It is purely for the safety of the user.

You must be thinking that it’s a cordless angle grinder that is operated by a battery so it must be quiet heavy in weight.

No! Not at all!

In fact, it’s quite light in weight. You will be amazed to know that it weighs only5.7 pounds.

Once you buy this Makita XAG09Z angle grinder you will get 5 inches of grinding wheel and a 5 inch of ultra-thin cut off wheel along with wheel guard.

If you are in search of a high-end cordless angle grinder that gives an amazing performance, then I would highly recommend buying Makita XAG09Z brushless angle grinder.

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  • Equipped with powerful brushless motor
  • Gives 8500 no-load RPM
  • Electric brake stops the wheel in 2 seconds
  • Automatic speed change technology
  • Active-feedback sensing technology protects the motor
  • Rubberized soft grip for increase comfort
  • 3 stage LED gauge
  • Efficient power management system
  • Anti-restart protection
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Charges so quickly
  • Gives optimal performance
  • Wheel guard swapping is quite difficult


Makita 18 V angle grinder is one of the amazing cordless angle grinders. There are so many mind-blowing characteristics that you will like. The best of all is, it does not require any maintenance.

Now you don’t have to spend your precious time in the service and maintenance of your tool. Thanks to its BL™ brushless motor that eliminates the need for carbon brushes. In addition to this, it has LXT® lithium-ion batteries that quickly charge the angle grinder and gives 50 % more run time.

Apart from this, with the help of automatic speed change technology, you can work in a more productive and efficient way.


Well, the product comes with a separate wheel guard for the cut-off wheel and the grinding wheel. According to some users, it becomes difficult to swap the wheel guards.

Though it is tool-less and you can adjust it easily but for swapping you need to consult its instruction manual. It’s difficult but you can do it easily after following the user manual.

Final Verdict:

Perfection means Makita. You will find perfection in every inch of this brushless angle grinder. I am sure once you buy Makita XAG09Z angle grinder you will surely love it.

Because of its powerful and advance lithium-ion battery, it gets charged quickly and gives an efficient performance. You can fearlessly use it for cutting and grinding task and I am sure, it won’t disappoint you.

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