Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder Review

Makita 9565CV is an amazing result of the intensive efforts of Makita’s R&D team. It’s a true example of durability and perfection.

When it comes to power and endurance Makita is the name that strikes the mind first. Makita has launched so many outstanding angle grinders that it becomes quite difficult to choose one best of them. That’s why Makita is known as the market leader of power tools and its accessories.

If Makita 9565CV is there in your toolbox you won’t need any other power tool. It can be used for grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing. In fact you can do a lot more with Makita 9565cv angle grinder.

Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder Review

Makita 9565CV PriceMakita 9565CV features a great and powerful motor of 13 Amp, which gives fast and efficient grinding and cutting jobs. With the help of this powerful motor its abrasive wheel rotates with a variable speed of 2800 to 10,500 RPM.

I personally like the variable speed option as it gives endless versatility. You can use your angle grinder for multiple purposes when it has a variable speed option.

For this, you will see there is a speed controller at the side of the tool, with the help of which you can set different rotations per minute.

This means you can use a different speed for different materials. For instance, for cutting tiles and concrete you have to be very precise, so you can lower RPM for this job whereas when grinding or polishing any surface, high RPM can be sued without any fear.

Besides this, Makita 9565 also features a slow start-up. It is extremely important for the safety and protection of the user. Slow start-up feature allows the device to start slowly so that you can have a firm grip over the angle grinder and then slowly and gradually it increases its speed till your desired RPM.

Slow startup not only reduces the chances of any sudden kickbacks but also it increases the gear life of angle grinder.

Now let’s ponder some light over the durability and motor-protection features.

As far as motor-protection is concerned, Makita has put into excellent effort to make 9565Cv one of the most long-lasting angle grinders.

Makita 9565 comes with an innovative SJS™ characteristic. SJS or super joint system is a mechanical clutch system that prevents damage to motor and gear of angle grinder.

Actually, the motor armature and spiral bevel gear are attached together with the help of coil spring. If the wheel stops forcefully during operation, the coil spring will be compressed that slips the drive shaft of the motor.

In turn, will minimize the gear tension whereas armature will continue to rotate. This is how the motor will remain protected from burn out.

In addition to this, Makita 9565CV is equipped with an amazing characteristic of Electronic current limiter. It will completely protect the motor from getting burn due to overload.

Now you don’t have to worry about motor during heavy-duty grinding or cutting jobs, if the electronic current limiter feels that the motor will burn out, it will automatically maintain a consistent speed.

Moreover, the entire motor has Labyrinth construction which will protect it against dust and debris. And when you open 9565cv angle grinder, you will see that motor and bearings have protective zig-zag varnish which seals the motor and bearing so that no harsh element may enter inside the tool and damage it.

Indeed, Makita has focused excellently on the durability and longevity of 9565 CV angle grinder.

Safety and convenience of the user is the prime objective of the Makita power tool, that’s why 9565cv angle grinder features some safety-related characteristics.

It has a two-positioned adjustable side handle that can be installed either on the right side or left side. This means left-handed people can fearlessly use this angle grinder.

Besides this, the handle is ergonomically designed along with a soft rubber grip so that you can experience a high level of comfort during tough cutting or grinding applications.

Not only this, but Makita 9565 also saves your precious time with the help of a tool-less wheel guard. Guard can be positioned in any direction as per your need all you have to do is just push the guard and set it in your desired position.

Wheel guard is a protective feature that protects internal component of the angle grinder from dirt and debris.

As far as its start on/off switch is concerned Makita has also won here. It features an extremely convenient slide switch that eliminates the hassle of pressing switch frequently. Just slide it and lock it and now you can easily do your work. Quite user-friendly, right!.

Since it features 5 inches of wheel diameter, then you must be thinking that it would be quite heavy in weight. But let me tell you, here you are wrong. Makita 9565cv is one of the lightweight angle grinders that weighs only 4 pounds.

Being lightweight is also a user convenience feature if the tool is light in weight users can conveniently hold it without being fatigue during heavy-duty processes.

Perfection and durability ooze out from every inch of this 9565CV angle grinder. Makita has also won its customer hearts by launching such an amazing angle grinder that gives an incredible performance.


  • Equipped with a powerful motor of 13 Amp
  • Variable speed of 2800-10500 no-load RPM
  • Zig-zag varnish protects the armature coil
  • SJS protects the tool in the long run
  • Electronic limiter protects the motor from overload
  • Labyrinth construction protects the motor and bearing
  • Tool-less wheel guard for easy adjustment
  • 4 lbs in weight
  • 5 inches of wheel diameter
  • 5 stage variable speed
  • High power
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable
  • Easier to use
  • Lacks the vibration dampening feature in the handle

What I like about Makita 9565CV:

List will be quite lengthy. It was hard to pick the best features because of which Makita 9565 cv becomes my favorite angle grinder.

First of all, the motor which is of superb power and that lets you do your work in a more efficient and precise manner. Makita uses excellent material for the construction 9565CV angle grinder, like labyrinth construction that protects the motor and bearing.

Besides this, protective varnish seal on motor and bearing.  Its meal alloy body makes it quite rugged and robust. Apart from this, handling Makita 9565 CV is quite easy all thanks to its slide-type switch.

What I don’t like about Makita 9565CV:

As such, there isn’t any worth mentioning con, but I have found that it lacks one very important feature that is its handle doesn’t have a vibration-reducing feature.

Frankly speaking, it’s not at all a feature because of which you reject this amazing angle grinder. You can wear rubber gloves during the process. I am sure rubber handle and rubber gloves will somehow dampen the vibrations.


Makita 9565Cv angle grinder is one of the perfect angle grinders that you will find on the internet. Its design and construction indicate that it will be going to last forever.

Just because of its motor-protection feature, you will need not to do frequent service of this angle grinder. The electronic limiter is an outstanding feature that protects the motor from burning out during overload.

I would say that if you are looking to invest in an angle grinder that lasts long, Makita 9565Cv is the best choice. Do consider it!


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