How to Grind Concrete with Angle Grinder 2023

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How to Grind Concrete with Angle Grinder

Regardless of a variety of handy concrete cutting tools, an angle grinder is a highly beneficial device to grind the concrete. Concrete grinders bring a smooth and clean look on the concrete right away.

By gaining the expertise on How to Grind Concrete with Angle Grinder, an individual can essentially make an apparently hard task simple. There are numerous elements to maintain when cutting concrete with an angle grinder.

To begin with, angle grinder is not the solitary apparatus an individual can use to smoothen out or cut cement with, however it is a rather practical and savvy alternative for DIYers. This guide will allow you to know how to grind concrete smooth with an angle grinder.

How to Grind Concrete with Angle Grinder

To finish cutting concrete with an angle grinder securely and productively, Below are a few steps and tips that you may need to know about angle grinders and how to utilize them:

Selecting Right Angle Grinder Blades:

During the point of grinding concrete, it is likely to have dust as a by-product. Hence, when the concrete is ground, the individual is in an environment that is perilous to breathe in. Water can be a secure approach to reduce this, by binding the dust particles and preventing them from getting airborne.

Normally, it is the choice of the users to incorporate water with dry-cutting edges. However, it is ideal to apply a moist cutting edge with water. Utilizing water alongside an angle grinder is quite hard because there is no wet cutting angle grinder by any means.

Usually, the below-mentioned three kinds of dry-cutting grinder blades are in line with the rim:

Segmented rim diamond blades:

They include a toothed rim that contributes to discharging any residue and cool down the sharp edge with airflow. A hazard that comes with its utilization is overheating that influences the link and may twist the sharp blade.

In case of no water availability, they are the precise choice to choose. Such blades are beneficial for brick, stonework, fortified cement, concrete pavers, and limestone. Commonly, these blades to grind the cement precisely well.

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Turbo rim diamond blades:

They provide quick dry and wet cutting. It allows air to move through its small turbo fragments to cool down the disc of the angle grinder. Moreover, the tiny openings enhance the cooling capacities by scattering on them.

Additionally, turbo angle units help in pushing the material outwards. Its sharp edges cut the brick, concrete, and limestone smoothly.

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Continuous rim blades:

They ideally cut the marble, rock, porcelain, and ceramics. Such blades are generally useful to do wet cutting. They are an ideal choice to cut or smoothen concrete through an angle grinder.

Prepare the Work Space:

It is important to ensure that the work region does not have any excessive items as they hinder the performance during the time of using the angle grinder.

Apart from clearing any likely risks, confirm that the power cord of the tool is reliably within the backward direction and not susceptible to falling within the way of the cutting edge. A well-ventilated area is ideal in case of working in an enclosed territory.

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Concrete Grinding Gear to Get Started:

Before you initiate smoothing concrete with an angle grinder, it is critical to have the required tools at hand. Here is a list of all the tools one calls for to grind a concrete surface:

  • An angle grinder – the overall concept is that it should have a cutting edge of 4-7 inches in width. You may likewise require a residue shield, and don’t forget the polishing pads or other alternative options.
  • Protection Equipment – put on suitable clothes, and place a mask along with goggles to protect the eyes. Kneepads could likewise be valuable when working on the floors.
  • Cleaning components – depending upon your needs, you may utilize a vacuum, brush, or mop.

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Mark The Spot to Grind:

1. Observe the High Spots (Above):

Plan the distance that is required to stay on a certain surface level. Utilizing an equal or different straightedge, locate where the elevated area encounters the level floor. Match the straightedge on the elevated spot and drop when the end of the level is in the middle, comply with the elevated spot.

It only requires attention to detail to perform this task; it will not be perfect, yet it will likely be a decent beginning.

2. Track Your Development (Under):

Begin grinding at the top of the elevated area and grind in the direction of your marks. At the point when you sense you have gained floor, utilize the straightedge once more to make sure about the consistency. Relocate the excessive spots with greater height and grind them down.

Continue doing this grinding and checking procedure till you no longer see the high spot.

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Manage the Grinder Appropriately:

While the device is switched on and being utilized for smoothing concrete, be certain to put each hand on the device. Try not to divert yourself while performing the tasks with the apparatus and ensure to turn its power off upon the task completion.

Before allowing the blade to come across the concrete, wait for the circular motions of the blade to be consistent, reach max throttle, and hence, guarantee to be prepared for the modification in pressing feature when you put on the blade.

Normally, all angle grinders are quite similar to each other. The features that make a specific one more innovative and unique is what the client incline towards.

  • Arrange work location for the cutting work with likely less uncertain risks. Guarantee that the task region does not have things that can easily be avoided.
  • Put a cut line through pencil and shape to make the straight, precise cut using the grinder; you ought to mark the state of the route to cut using a straightedge.
  • At that point, make use of a chisel in order to mark along the pencil line, confirming that the following phase is adequately profound to grip the blade. Such method will assure that the cutting edge is not at a chance of slipping through the surface.
  • Make sure the angle grinder is steady before utilizing it. Attempt to grip it and check the load to assure that you may deal with it. Usually, grinders consist of two handles to make the equipment consistent throughout.
  • It is highly essential to test its balance and be certain that you can maintain it effortlessly together with the dominant hand.
  • Place both your hands over the grinder and look ahead for the sharp edge to reach at max throttle. Be prepared for the non-stop distinction in the strength. Then follow some strain to pass the blade through the concrete. Strive not to power the sharp edge into a cut.
  • Generate an advancement of orderly cuts to prevent overheating the cutting edge. Make sure to switch off the control source if it is not in use anymore.

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Steps To Grind Concrete Smoothly:

Grinding concrete with an angle grinder comprises of working on the surface of the concrete to attain a smooth finish. This is as easy as having a smooth shape to cast. Unlock the steps of how to grind the concrete through an angle grinder safely:


Put a mark on the block of concrete with the help of a measuring tape along with a pencil. Draw a straight line through the concrete block exterior in the direction of an indicator, utilizing a guide such as a carpenter’s square.


Always wear leather work gloves, protection goggles, and a dust mask. Angle grinders also transmit debris and make a great deal of residue during the process of cutting concrete surfaces.


Turn the gadget on. Hold it firmly so the shield faces upwards while the sharp edges face outwards. All through the process, the edge will bring some fragments back to the switch and user. This secures the user if it ties or drops inside the cut — the edge will send the machine at a distance from the client.


Spot the concrete surface alongside the marks with the machine’s blade. Circulate the pointy edge backward and forwards along the marked lines as far as it makes the edge make a 1/8-inch deep hollow. Carry on this procedure for each mark.


Slice throughout the concrete surface alongside the cut symbols with the device. In case the cutting outlines completely crossways the lump’s external, alter both external edges before cutting the center of the mark.

In case you want to cut an opening in the middle of the concrete lump, grind through the tool’s edge from the middle of each cut mark. When the pointy edge penetrates the center of the cut marks, move the cutting edge to the turns of the opening.


Flip the concrete slab over. Complete the edge cuts and form up any stored concrete available to cut with the tool on the alternative side of the slab. Handling from the other side fortifies the concrete block’s apparent exterior.

Tips to Smooth Concrete Effortlessly:

To assure that you successfully make use of the grinder while grinding concrete, you must remember a few tips. It will not just guarantee that the assignment is finished properly, but also proficiently and securely.

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Test Your Grip:

Before utilizing the grinder, give it a shot for control and examine the load to guarantee that it can easily deal with it. Usually, grinders consist of two holders that can help with retaining the device. The user should watch if he could hold it together with his dominant hand.

Remember that you have to put on some force while moving the sharp edge across the solid so that it will cause the device to appear denser because of the sensations.

Mark Cut Line:

For properly ensuring that you perform genuine grinding, you will have to mark the placement of the mark to cut using a pencil and sharp edge. Starting here, you must calculatedly utilize a chisel and hammer to attain alongside the pencil mark.

It guarantees that the following groove is adequately profound to grip the sharp edge. It will require close to few blows, depending upon the width of the solid, and have to be finished through the whole line.

This interaction will confirm that you simply cut the part, which is essential, and the sharp edge isn’t at a risk for slipping throughout the surface.

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Preserve the Device in Motion:

Whilst you are grinding, maintain the shaper head to be in movement, especially with a large floor grinder. Flip the system on its wheels, revolving the cutter in an arcing motion. In case the reducing surface is driving on just one part, exert the machine in small circles to smoothen the surface.

Picking Dust Control:

There are two incredible procedures to hold the residue from going around the workspace. You can utilize a hand-siphon sprayer to spray the floor with water as you granulate to maintain the residue down. Yet, you may have muddled debris to hose away or suck up with a wet vacuum.

Then again you can lease a tremendous vacuum (ordinary store vacuums will not have the choice to maintain themselves) to connect to the grinder. It is going to do a wonderful control of residue evacuation; you will have to install dividers of plastic sheeting and cover nearby vents.

Choice is yours; however, be certain to wear your respirator in anyhow!

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Nibble at a Heave:

For a heaved walkway or wrecked lump of concrete, slant the grinder to a definite degree, reduce the mass of the concrete, and then quill back the elevated spot. You may never get toenailing hurls totally leveled; however, you may lessen the hazard.

At the point when removed, the residue cover cannot hold the whole residue, so you will need a subsequent assistant and a hose.

Grinding To the Threshold:

Never remove a residue cover to attract close to a wall. You will construct your openness to frightful silica and cast off a protection hindrance.

To grind near to walls with a convertible residue cover appended, push the open finish of the residue cover towards the divider and make regular, shallow passes. Be sure you do not burrow the edge of the wheel into the solid as you flow it back and forth.

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Grinding Concrete Successfully:

After everything is prepared, it is an ideal opportunity to follow up on the grinding method by using the storage ground as an illustration that is an ideal testing vicinity before you continue to extra sensitive areas.

1. Have a Clean Floor:

The fundamental action is to clean the floor. Thus, utilize a brush to tidy it up and eradicate any knocks from adhesives, oil, and comparative stains. Do not forget to vacuum it or even utilize a pressure washer if it requires the need for it.

After the cleaning, you should not have any buildup where the grinder might stall out.

2. Get the Device Ready:

It is a lot simpler to split the floor into segments, as you will have greater alternatives to move around and better regulation of work done. Besides, in case you need to limit dust issues, it is important to utilize a residue cover for the task.

After this, it is an ideal opportunity to mount the wheel on the device. Try not to connect the grinder to the power socket at this point. Alongside, check that the power is on and mount a diamond cleaning or an optional pad.

Ultimately, wear security gear, for example, masks, earplugs, kneepads, and gloves.

3. Initiate Grinding:

The opportunity to smooth the carport floor by utilizing the angle grinder has arrived. Similarly, if you have certain problems with arriving at corners, it very well may be brilliant to utilize a smaller tool for those segments.

According to specialists, you may split the floor into segments, yet additionally, start by smoothing the edges first. As per the preference, find out the way that you contemplate to be an ideal general fitting.

In case you form the border inwards, taking spherical actions with your grinder may be the quickest approach for answering how to smooth a rough concrete slab.

4. Address Any Imperfections:

When you end the grinding procedure, it is an ideal opportunity to determine the overall results of your task.

Start by examining the floor and attempt to find any flaws. By any means, if you apprehend that there is a region where the results are not up to the requirements, grind that segment all over again.

However, before you do that, remove the residue cover from the tool. That way, the processor will have a better form of interaction with the floor. Finally, the remaining job is to vacuum or wipe the floor to remove any residue buildup.

Be Safe During the Process:

As a way to be sure about the wellbeing, check if the angle grinder is set up successfully and securely. Additionally, you need to utilize a few other defensive strategies. At any point, you grind the concrete, wear hearing, sight, and breathing safety, particularly while dry cutting.

The high-speed machines are boisterous and may even send solid rubble flying from the grinding wheel. Grinding concrete floor with hand grinder also brings fine silica dust, which can result in health issues. Consequently, it is crucial to take care of these important factors:

  • Wear a NIOSH-ensured N95-evaluated respirator.
  • Constantly wear defensive equipment, for example, gloves, mask, and goggles.
  • Make sure there are no flammable substances that can connect with the sparks.
  • Hold the equipment using both hands if manageable, yet continuously have strong control over the handlebar.
  • Examine another wheel before utilizing it over a concrete exterior. This process will guarantee that there are no imperfections.
  • Try to guarantee that the debris moves downwards to lessen any threat of it coming at you.
  • Never work while others are near, specifically when they do not have protective gear.
  • Wear a pair of protective goggles to assure that you do not get any residue on your eyes. It is additionally sensible to wear a face cover to avoid any danger of taking in any solid residue.
  • Never change wheels without endorsing that you unplugged the grinder. That is risky as you can accidentally provoke the device, and that activates damages.

Extra Safety Precautions to Take:

Only the safety features do not adequately guarantee 100% wellbeing. Clients should take different angle grinder safety measures when utilizing their device. The same goes for any other power instruments. The following are a couple of the main precautions to keep in mind.

  • Do not wear baggy clothes, adornments, or some other hanging attire. A free sleeve may undoubtedly trap the grinder’s moving parts, which will surely cause injury.
  • Always extend your arms and hold the instrument away from your body while in use.
  • Never use an angle grinder (or any power apparatus, so far as that is concerned) affected by any substances. Small particles of concrete can come loose and take off during the cutting interaction, which can introduce a genuine concern.
  • Use both the handles when grinding for stability and diminished danger of injury.
  • Wear suitable security clothing consistently. This incorporates security goggles, defensive (tight-fitting) gloves, steel-toe boots, a hard cap, and whatever else may be important for the work you are finishing.


Do you have an unleveled concrete surface that you want to work on? Fortunately, an angle grinder can smoothen, level, and clean these surfaces.

Angle grinders can be the ideal choice for smoothing concrete surfaces, particularly for at-home use. The principal reasons why you should utilize this device incorporate that it is versatile and conservative.

Consequently, DIY devotees and people who need it for ordinary sized zones will discover how to grind concrete with angle grinder and incorporate cutting metal, blocks, solid, and different materials. Yet, the capability of your grinder just relies upon the cutting blade you use.

Remember that the task’s success relies upon the blade’s appropriateness and quality. In this way, it will be not difficult to grasp a concrete angle grinder and move it around. You will likewise profit from the grinder’s flexibility.

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