How to Cut Pavers with Angle Grinder 2023

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How to Cut Pavers with Angle Grinder

At the point of redoing the walkway, driveway, or fixing floors at the home, one may require an angle grinder to slice through concrete pavers. Stone blocks are difficult to cut using different apparatuses, yet the grinder may perform the work when you perform appropriate steps.

Even though pavers are decently DIY welcoming, you may still need to slice some to accommodate your design. In light of that, underneath, you will uncover how to cut pavers with angle grinder in detail so you can take care of the task effortlessly in one go.

How to Cut Pavers with Angle Grinder

Cutting concrete is a typical assignment at the development zone, like cutting concrete floor, wall, slabs, and pavers. In any case, before diving into any of the different subtleties, it is simply important to have a well-being reminder about wearing defensive clothing while doing the assignment.

Since the user will be cutting into tough materials, little bits of the stone or pavement may go in the air to cause damage in case the individual is not cautious.

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Is Angle Grinder the Best Tool to Cut Pavers?

Angle grinder is intense equipment utilized on block, stone, cement and is regularly utilized in development occupations that involve cutting such materials. These instruments are cordless and light in weight. This gives versatility and usability while permitting you to complete difficult tasks like structuring roads or pathways.

Even though a round saw is acceptable, it does not provide a similar exactness as an angle grinder. Moreover, an angle grinder offers quicker and more exact cuts as compared to various other devices.

In case you only desire to cut a couple, a chisel and hammer can be utilized, however for cutting numerous pavers, a power saw, like an angle grinder is advised to accelerate the task. Albeit the availability of different solid cutting saw, grinder is the most beneficial tool for little solid cutting tasks.

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What Are the Blade Requirements to Cut Pavers?

Pavers are frequently cut with huge solid or miter saws, yet they may be cut effectively with a simple round saw. For cutting pavers with a standard grinder (4 1/2-inch edge) create perfect, simple cuts and include comparative methods. Ensure to utilize a diamond-sharp edge made for brickwork and pavers.

Grinders may be utilized with various kinds of plates depending upon the task. You may purchase the grinder in varying sizes; one of the prevalent ones being 10-12cm grinders. The power apparatus may be cordless or possess a diversity of engine powers for more exact work.

For a bigger venture or many precise cuts, a circular saw having a solid cutting edge is a decent alternative.

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What Equipment or Tools Do You Need:

  • Angle grinder
  • Goggles
  • Hammer
  • Dust mask
  • Cold chisel
  • Brick/paver wet saw
  • Painter’s tape
  • Brick/paver splitter
  • Work gloves
  • Square or straightedge
  • Pencil
  • Non-slip mat

Instructions to Cut Pavers Through an Angle Grinder:

As you get fully prepared to begin the task, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to guarantee that the project is completed appropriately while you stay shielded from any harm. Therefore, follow the comprehensive steps that will permit you to remain safe all through.

Step 1: Get All The Gear Ready

Firstly, you have to put on the entire security gear so that you can initiate the cutting process. This is the main aspect of working with any power equipment. Hence, it is essential to not forget this phase.

You ought to have safety goggles, gloves, earplugs, and hardhat. Then again, you could likewise utilize commotion-undoing earphones alternatively.

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Step 2: Pick the Appropriate Angle Grinder:

There are various sizes of grinders that are intended for various kinds of tasks. If you were working with much smaller blocks, you would be required to utilize a smaller-sized grinder, similar to a 4-1/2-inch one, which is not known to cut deeply.

In any case, the pavers, which are huge blocks, you will need to utilize the bigger one to guarantee it will cut as profoundly as it is required. Therefore, realizing which size is required by the nature of your work is a vital aspect of this step.

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Step 3: Select the Disc

Disc is the cutting edge that will cut through the pavers. Thus, you need to ensure that the disc is durable and sturdy. No one desires the disc to break away after only a couple of steps are completed like the less expensive ones.

Choosing diamond disc is an ideal approach since they are the toughest alternative accessible and the strongest.

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Step 4: Mark the Cut Line

You may require a chalk or pencil for this progression. It is important to mark where you want to cut the paver. It makes the process much easier as you just have to follow the mark to have a perfect finish.

To mark the pattern for the cut, simply utilize the chalk or pencil to review the area you have to cut. After that, try to stay as near that mark as conceivable while cutting the paver.

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Step 5: Fix the Paver To Cut

You should put the paver with the new checked line on a level surface while its end is slack around the edge. In case you possess a worktable, keep the paver on a superficial level with the mark that you wish to cut draping a bit past the edge of it.

If the user does not have a decent surface to perform the task, he may utilize a slice of wood and put the paver alongside it with the mark looming around the edge.

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Step 6: Finish the Cut

Since you have all the equipment ready for cutting, you may utilize the grinder, to begin with, the cutting task. To begin with, set a hand over the rear finish of paver so it remains and does not move oddly. After that, place the grinder opposite to the carved line.

You may start cutting then, yet still gripping the paver, and deal with the entire line. When you are done with the whole line, the sliced paver will tumble down and only the paver you need will remain. Contingent upon the thickness of the paver, you may have to perform a similar cut from the opposite side.

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Guidelines to Cut Pavers:

It is ideal to keep the paver on a non-slip mass, (for example, rubbery grip rug) to assist in holding the set up while you cut the pavers. You may likewise clip the paver to the work external, whenever required.

  1. Mark the Cut: Spot the line that needs cutting across the surface of the paver with a square, straightedge, or pencil. Move that mark until the base of the paver.
  2. Fix the Saw Edge: Keep the paver over a non-slip rug on the work area. Change the saw cutting edge to slice a light depth of about 1/8-1/4 inch, by using a round saw.
  3. Cut the Upper Surface: Cut through the spotted marks, beginning with a surface-level cut, then make a few more strokes, changing the depth of the saw as required stroke till the depth extent of around 1/2 to 1 inch.
  4. Cut the Lower Surface: Turn over the paver and continue doing a similar cutting interaction on the base surface.
  5. End the Process: Keep the paver level on the work area, and hit the leftover bit of paver using a sledge to breakdown the paver through the cutting mark.

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Tips to Cut Pavers:

All general cutting strategies go with straight cuts, however, if you are wondering how to cut pavers for curves, it is important to have an angle grinder or a circular saw. To get the bent cuts within the elevated point of the paver primarily, cut around 1/8 inch down.

Create a complete straight slice that is extraneous to (contacting) the marked line, and sever the greater part of the excess. Get done with various chops to trim down the excess of the bended line.

To ensure the safety of the lower part of the circular saw base along with avoiding scratches on the surface of paver, shield it using blue painter’s tape. Get rid of the tape when you’re finished with the task (accordingly making it less difficult to eliminate later).

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Errors to Look-out:

For beginners and first-timers using an angle grinder, there are a few blunders you ought to know about to avoid them and complete your work easily.

To start with, it is not advisable to exert pressure downwards while cutting. This may be fine using a saw, yet in the case of a grinder, it might make the device fly in the reverse direction, toward you. This is risky and should be avoided by allowing the device to do its work.

Additionally, try to put the apparatuses security guard on. It will help shield your hands from the sharp edge in the event that they get excessively near it.

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Being Safe While Cutting Pavers:

Your safety should be the top priority. Utilizing power apparatuses calls for precautions, since mistakes and errors may prompt risky mishaps. Grinders are electronic apparatuses with sharp blades that work on power engines.

Here are a few tips to stay safe within your workplace:

  • Clean up the workspace: Eliminate all the devices, toolboxes, and cables from the region where angle grinder will be utilized. This will create a comfortable and stress-free environment to work in. Keep the tools nearby for easy access if you require anything.
  • Stay cautious from power cables: Put them at the back to avoid damaging or cutting them in the process. Keep them in a place where you will not trip due to them.
  • Remove combustible substances: Eliminate gas, oil, diesel, paper, and additional combustible materials to keep away from fire risks. The grinder produces flashes during the process, which may light such materials.
  • Do not perform task in a wet region: Try not to work at the time of rain or in wet zones. Try not to utilize any tool unless it is completely dry regardless of the circumstance.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by: Be ready for an occurrence of fire dangers. Possessing a reasonable extinguisher for a wide range of flames will avert many mishaps.
  • Wear defensive gear: You ought to wear individual defensive gear throughout to secure your eyes, lungs, ears, and hands. Protective goggles should be worn to shield the eyes from flashes and particles through various materials.

Suit and goggles should be the correct size and fit you properly. It is advised to have earplugs to ensure that the ears remain protected and impenetrable gloves to shield the hands from potential cuts, flames, and sharp edges.

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Grinder Safety to Consider:

Not like drill engines that work at around 700 to 1,200 rpm, grinders turn dangerously fast at 10,000 to 11,000 rpm. They are adequately fast to be terrifying! Hence, one must consider and follow the below safety measures for harmless grinder use:

  • Always cover your face with a shield and protect your hands with gloves
  • Detach the grinder at the point of changing wheels
  • Fix the handle to have a stronghold using both hands
  • Make use of the guard if conceivable
  • Use new wheels in a secured region prior to using them to ensure they are not defective
  • Position the work in a way that the debris is coordinated downwards
  • Keep passersby away or make sure everybody in the area is wearing protective goggles
  • Keep flashes away from any combustible materials
  • Keep the grinders out of the reach of kids
  • Remove jewelry, strings, headphones, or anything which may get in the grinder

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Bottom Line:

At the point of cutting pavers or squares, you need to think about a few significant elements, the majority of how to cut paving slabs with an angle grinder is covered in the above guide.

Picking the best device for your task relies upon the situation. In case you effectively possess an angle grinder or a circular saw, you’re good to go; simply get another diamond-sharp edge made for cutting brickwork.

If you are required to have a lot of cuts, it may be ideal to lease a wet saw or a paver splitter. Moreover, if you need to go traditional or you have to make only a couple of simple slices, a cold etch and hammer will get the job done.

As referenced above, a grinder is customarily the best device for cutting pavers. It is comparatively reasonable, compact, and simple to utilize. It is likewise, with the correct protective precautionary measures, one of the highly secure alternatives.

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