How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe with Angle Grinder 2023

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How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe with Angle Grinder

Cast iron pipework is used primarily for sewer and drainage pipe applications and is normally seen in older commercial and residential type residences. Yet, many people are unaware of how to cut cast iron sewer pipes.

To cut a segment of cast iron pipe is a tricky task, particularly in case you are operating in a limited area. Nevertheless, upon possessing the precise equipment for the project, the procedure is comparatively easy.

One particular device you may utilize and possibly be well versed in is the angle grinder. For instance, your home consists of a plumbing arrangement that consists of cast iron pipes, you can discover yourself wanting to cut into it now and again.

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe with Angle Grinder 2023

With the precise gadget and appropriate knowledge, cutting cast iron pipes might not be that troublesome, as it seems. Below is the guide on how to cut cast iron through the gadgets like an angle grinder. You will uncover how to cut through cast iron pipes and how to use them in a DIY plumbing task.

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Essentials Before Cutting a Cast Iron Pipe:

Cast iron pipe is prevalent for being hard to cut with. Nevertheless, you may discover that cutting with an angle grinder is earnestly a reliable task. One factor to consider prior to beginning the task is that each angle grinder will not be in a situation to finish the task usefully.

Currently, if you possess a local grinder, at that point you may potentially need to update before beginning. Angle grinders with cheap quality certainly cannot give you the strength that is crucial for cutting a concentrated cast iron pipe.

You may likewise have to furnish your angle grinder with the controls that are strongly suitable for the task. An excellent cutoff quality should be your top priority to choose from. You might need to get one in case your cutoff wheel is not decent enough.

Until the time you have got yourself a fair cutoff wheel, or better, a diamond wheel fixed with the angle grinder, you automatically have a good approach on how to cut cast iron drain pipe.

Cutting cast iron pipe using a grinder will definitely go smooth. All you need to do is stamp the pipework using a chalk or perhaps a pastel and wear a proper fitting PPE gear. Below are some of the PPE things, which you genuinely should utilize when cutting cast iron pipe with a grinder:

Complete the arrangements by having the following essentials beforehand:

  • A nice set of gloves with essential impact resistance
  • P2 or ideally P3 respirator cover
  • Set of fold over protective goggles
  • Flame-resistant work shirt with long sleeve
  • Steel covered protective footwear

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Best Way to Cut Cast Iron Pipe:

One of the best techniques for effectively cutting cast iron pipe is to perform it on a durable workbench along with a slice of pipework steadfastly situated in a seat.

In any case, if that gets impossible to carry out on the grounds that you live in a brilliant spot known as reality, you might only need to adjust to the climate you are working in.

Most of the time, you will discover that the hazardous part of the cast iron line pipe necessitates your highly persistent consideration, turns out to be situated under the home or in the depths, you have hesitantly uncovered.

If you are adequately fortunate to be gazing at a part of cast iron pipe that just projects from open roof space or is raised vertically starting with the ground, just have it.

While cutting cast iron pipe with a grinder instead of a responding saw may be viewed as additional tedious, a splendidly straightforward alternative has exactly the intended effect.

Considering wellbeing, one must never cut unverified cast iron pipework. In case you are cutting away at a segment of cast iron pipe that is situated upright, you must utilize an essential riser clip to prevent the deterioration after cut.

Riser cinches are imperative to utilize as they keep the cast iron pipe from dropping again once the cut is finished. Cast iron pipe is highly extensive. This implies yours could result in genuine harm if you do not uphold it appropriately while functioning.

It must be remembered that cast iron is very weighty and one does not need a part of pipe swaying around in the wake of slashing it.

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Cut Cast Iron Pipe with an Angle Grinder:

When you accumulate the essential equipment and chose where to perform the task, you are prepared to begin making cuts. This portion of the procedure isn’t excessively difficult to comprehend.

Simply ensure that you adhere to the accompanying guidelines to make yourself protected and guarantee that the task is effective.

  1. Secure the metal cutoff plate or the diamond wheel with the grinder utilizing the ratchet apparatus to fix it.
  2. Noticeably spot the segment that you want to work on and cut using a chunk of yellow or white chalk.
  3. After that wear all the prescribed PPE gear that is also mentioned in this article to secure the ears, eyes, and hands.
  4. Grip the pipe through a workbench or even a riser clip. Riser clips ought to be situated over any supporting focuses for ideal protection.
  5. Switch on the processor and start operating it surrounding the piece of the pipe you have stamped.
  6. When there is a groove that surrounds the cast iron pipe, permit the processor to get through a solitary point.
  7. Beginning from the area of infiltration, keep working near the pipe till you get a completed cut.
  8. If important, utilize a cold etch to make an instant pipe off totally. Just drive the etch through the final association point. This is perfect in case you are performing individually and cannot handle the pipe whenever it has been cut totally.
  9. Keep steps 1-8 in progress and repeat till it reaches the required finish of your cutting task.

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Steps By Step Guidelines To Cut Cast Iron Pipe:

After you have led the right arrangements and engaged in the essential safety measures, you can dive deep into the process of the iron pipe utilizing this tool.

Step 1: Setting Up the Tools

The primary and principal step includes the arrangement of the tool for the task position. Firstly, you need to purchase an appropriate and strong device with all the important additions. For that, a person can head over to the nearby tool shop or even online shopping can be done.

Subsequent to organizing everything, the user needs to set it up. This can be done by fitting the diamond stone wheel or metal cutoff plate to the grinder. Ensure to collect it securely and effectively. You may likewise adhere to the guidelines manual.

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Step 2: Setting the Pipe on a Workbench

This step requires the placement of the iron pipe over the table or workbench. In case you need to cut a specific part of the iron pipe, at that point you may put the equivalent to gain more precise outcomes. You can choose a bench, if likely, and keep it steady with the table.

If the user is working nearby, and the pipe is situated vertically, the user may utilize riser cinches to offer help at the ground level or some specific focuses.

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Step 3: Spotting the Segments on Iron Pipe

The following step involves selecting the part on the pipe you need to cut. The user is required to spot that area with a chalk or pencil. You need to stay extremely cautious while doing this. You may likewise utilize a ruler to gain legitimate and precise outcomes.

This procedure is vital because any mix-up in denoting the segment will not just furnish you with wrong outcomes yet additionally upset the nature of the iron pipe.

Step 4: Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In advance of beginning to cut the pipe, the user needs to ensure that you have the Personal Protective Equipment Gear right with you. This is on the grounds that cutting builds numerous accumulations and influences the whole interaction.

You need to ensure your ears, eyes, and hands are safe. You may assemble some key equipment for your security. Nevertheless, you should abide by all the precautionary measures prior to utilizing the device.

The user needs to wear defensive glasses to keep their eyes secured throughout the work. Besides, the user needs to make sure that he can keep a decent sight over the stamped spot. Moreover, the swiftness of the grinder is great so the hands should be kept safe while working.

Step 5: Begin Cutting

This is when you start the cutting job. Begin with the grinder and spot it above the marked segment. You need to proceed around the whole border segment of the pipe. This will permit the pounding wheel to enter through a solitary area of the iron pipe.

Additionally, you need to wipe off the cast iron pipe buildups to guarantee appropriate permeability throughout the interaction.

Step 6: Monitor The Outcome

Proceed with the cutting technique for a couple of times. As you may not get the ideal result in a solitary go. The 4-1/2-inch processor cannot cut the bigger areas of cast iron pipe at one time.

At that point, you need to monitor the outcome and compare whether the result is as desired. You can likewise utilize the ordinary cold etch. To do this, you need to drive the etch over the last section to snap the pipe.

How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe in a Restricted Area:

Cast iron can regularly be in the absolute most troublesome areas to stretch around your home. Even though cutting this kind of pipe can be difficult, it unquestionably is not inconceivable. To do the task ideally, simply be smart while carrying it.

More explicitly, you may not utilize the grinder in case you are required to mark a cut in some restricted space. Angle grinders tend to create a huge load of flashes. That is the exact opposite thing you need in a restricted workplace.

The user can attach a diamond edge or carbide-tipped to a reacting saw to viably cut. Utilizing such an apparatus is massively gainful while working in restricted spaces as you shall actually want to make the fundamental cuts with no dangerous flashes.

This allows you to make the cut you are required to make apart from delivering any unsafe flashes.

Tips to Remember:

  • Cover your eyes with security glasses. You need to have ear defenders, a facemask, and protective gloves. These are essential while utilizing the grinders.
  • Ensure to mark the segment appropriately. Through a chalk or pencil to do likewise. You can even utilize a scale or estimating tape to get outcomes that are more exact.
  • Make sure to have great quality discs. Bad quality, cheap plates can hurt you later on. You may choose a diamond plate for a greater life span and better execution.
  • Try being sure of the material if it is in touching base with the ground at all times. You need to keep a separation from the surface level.
  • Do not attempt to put additional power on the sharp edge. This might harm the cutting edge and even result in wounds. Continuously utilize the grinder efficiently and get the ideal outcomes.


After reading the above guide, you will become a true expert with regards to cutting cast iron pipe and you may certainly achieve this accomplishment without any difficulty. Simply make sure to have your hands on a quality-cutting wheel if you are anticipating using an angle grinder.

All the ways for cutting cast iron pipe through angle grinder are covered here, so you truly can’t turn out badly with it. Regardless of whether you use a grinder, you will have the option to cut and refresh that segment of irksome cast iron pipe like an expert handyman.

Eventually, as long as you ponder over the sort of line pipe you are dealing with and consistently place protection first, it is hard to go wrong with it.

In case of any inquiries or concerns, connect with an expert repair person for help. They have the adequate information, cutoff wheel, granulating wheel, power devices, a roller chain, and abilities to assist you in addressing this errand securely and certainly.

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