Dewalt DWE4120 Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Dewalt DWE4120 Angle Grinder Review

DeWalt DWE4120 is a newly launched angle grinder that has amazing power and mind-blowing features.

Innovation and technology is the prime objective of DeWalt, which is an American based company. DeWalt not only deals with power tools but also in hand tools and other outdoor equipments.

When it comes to angle grinders, you will see top-notch angle grinders under the banner of DeWalt. Its a hundred years old company so you can imagine the quality and perfection of its tools.

Dwe4120 is a true name of perfection.

DeWalt DWE4120 Angle Grinder Review is a result of hair-splitting research that will give you complete and genuine information about this angle grinder

Dewalt DWE4120 Angle Grinder Review

Dewalt DWE4120 PriceThis is equipped with a rugged and robust motor of 9 amps. Its powerful motor gives amazing speed to its abrasive wheels.

You will be surprised to know that 9 amp motor delivers 12,000 of no-load RPM. With DWE 4120 angle grinder, your work becomes faster than ever before.

It has 9 powerful motor of 9Amp which has excellent power and gives amazing speed of 12,000 RPM to its wheel. Best part is this product can run both on AC and DC power supply.

There is a small button at the side of DWE4120 angle grinder that can be used for changing power sources.

DWE4120 is one of the durable angle grinders that you will get at quite minimal price. All thanks to its low-profile jam-pot gear case that enhances its durability. Also, this gear case helps and allows the tool to fit into tight spaces.

This 4.5 inch of angle grinder has been designed by keeping in mind the comfort and convenience level of users.

Body is slim and compact with a barrel grip of a small diameter so that you can easily hold the device without being tired.

Apart from this, it has a large paddle switch which makes it convenient for the operator to use the device. Paddle switch eliminates the need for pressing the button on and off. You just have to press it once and lock it.

Like other angle grinders, DWE4120 angle grinder also has an adjustable handle. It’s handle is ergonomically designed to give users a high level of comfort.

You can adjust this handle easily either on the left side or right side. It’s up to your comfort level. Not only this, but DeWalt has also enhanced your comfort level by adding a soft rubber grip on the handle.

If you want to switch between different discs or wheels such as cutting or grinding without wasting your precious time, then DeWalt DWE4120 angle grinder fulfills your wish. You can quickly change its wheel with the help of its Quick-Change™ wheel system.

With the help of this system, you can quickly swap between different discs without using any tool. You won’t need a wrench for it too.

Furthermore, over the wheel, there is a metal alloy constructed guard that is there to protect the internal component of the tool from harsh elements. Guard is totally adjustable; you can adjust it in your desired position.

Wheel guard is there on every angle grinder, but what stands out DWE4120 angle grinder is, its wheel guard is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees.

Yes, you can rotate and adjust it in any direction you want just to protect the tool from dust and debris.

No doubt DeWalt angle grinder is an excellent angle grinder that is super easy to operate and it’s durable and light in weight.

Above all, DeWalt has manufactured it, which is famous for manufacturing top-notch tools. If you buy dwe4120 angle grinder you will get 3 years of limited warranty along with 1 year of free service. And within 90 days if you find any fault in the angle grinder you can get it returned.

Let’s peep into its astounding features!


  • Robust and powerful motor of 9 Amp
  • Gives excellent speed of 12,000 RPM
  • 5/8” – 11” Spindle thread for a quick wheel change
  • Two-position side handle for maximum comfort operations
  • Runs on AC/ DC power supply
  • One-Touch guard™ allows 360-degree rotation
  • Quick-Change ™ wheel release allows tool-free wheel removal
  • Low profile jam pot gear case for enhanced durability
  • Paddle switch with safety lock-off feature
  • Powerful
  • Perfect for low-profile construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Cord is too short

What is good:

World top power tool manufacturer has manufactured and designed this angle grinder so you can imagine the quality and durability of dwe4120 angle grinder. This is the best thing that I like about it.

Besides this, it has a powerful motor of 9 amp which gives excellent performance. Dwe4120 is ideal to be used for low profile construction because it can easily get access to tighter spaces and it’s all because of its one-touch guard that is capable of rotating up to 360- degrees.

What is bad:

If you compare dwe4120 with other angle grinders of the same category you will notice that its cord is not much longer.

Well, personally speaking, I didn’t find it as a con, because it’s a corded angle grinder, which means you are supposed to use it near the electric power supply. But yes, it makes it much less maneuverable.


DeWalt dwe4120 angle grinder is a perfect combination of durability and power. With the help of its powerful motor, you can fearlessly use this angle grinder for a multitude of purposes such as grinding, sanding, and cutting.

It makes your work efficient and you can get access to tighter places by using this amazing angle grinder.

Above all, you can get dwe 4120 even when you are on a budget.

It’s a highly recommended angle grinder that is perfect for low-profile construction work.


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