Dewalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Dewalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Review

Today we will introduce you to a DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder which has amazing motor-protection features that make it a long-lasting angle grinder.

Dwe402 angle grinder is the powerful mini angle grinder with enhanced safety feature that will blow your mind and I personally like this model from DeWalt.

DeWalt is an American based company that is famous for its high-tech power tools.

DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Review

Dwe402 is a quite attractive angle grinder. It is yellowing color, on which there is a DeWalt logo which is written with black ink. So it looks quite appealing.

Let me tell you it’s one of the powerful cut-off grinders which feature an amazing motor of 11 Amp. Motor has carbon brushes but the best part is, DWE 402 has oversized brushes. These big brushes provide 2 fold longer motor life than the previous model of DeWalt angle grinder.

Talking about the speed of its abrasive discs, so 11 amp motor produces 11,000 RPM speed. With the help of which you can do your job more precisely and efficiently.

Since DWE402 is a cut-off/grinder that is meant to cut different concrete and masonry so there should be some extra protection features for the internal component. For this purpose, there is an adjustable guard which is there on the top of the abrasive disk so that no stone, dirt or debris can enter inside the tool.

Dewalt DWE402 PriceYou must be thinking that the adjustable guard is not at all a differentiating feature. It’s there in every angle grinder. But what makes the guard of DWE 402 different from the other is its 360-degree rotation.

Yes, it features a mind-blowing One-Touch ™ guard that can be rotated to 360 degrees without using any specialized tool. You can adjust it in your required position without wasting your precious time.

For the protection of internal components of the DWE 402 angle grinder, it has an innovative Dust –Ejection system ™. This innovative system allows the air to enter into the angle grinder and ejects the harmful and harsh elements during the process.

Dust-Ejection system™ is further backed by a unique Airflow system, which allows the outside cool air to enter into the machine just to cool down the internal components.

This way it protects the angle grinder from damage and dust and hence your tool will gonna last forever.

We have outlined all the necessary pros and cons which are followed by a detailed review that covers each and every characteristic of DWE402 angle grinder.

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  • 11 amp of a powerful motor
  • 11,00 RPM for high output power
  • Oversize brushes for longer life of the motor
  • One-Touch guard™ allows 360-degree rotation
  • Dust ejection™ system prevents dust and debris
  • Unique airflow system maintains the internal temperature
  • Two-position side handle for the user convenience
  • Quick-Change ™ wheel release allows tool-free wheel removal
  • Paddle switch with safety lock-off feature
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Enhanced protective features
  • High-rated angle grinder
  • Paddle switch is not comfortable

Further adding into the durability feature of DWE402 angle grinder, it has a protective gear case that is made up of metal alloy.

Let me add to your information that metal alloy is used to protect the user from sudden electric shock.

Gripping surface is quite small in diameter so that the user can hold the device more conveniently.

DWE402 angle grinder is ideal for cutting concrete and tile. It is the angle grinder that is used by the professionals. I would say anyone can use it. All thanks to its two-positioned side handle.

Side handle can be installed on two different positions that are left and right. DWE402 is an ideal angle grinder for lefty’s people.

Besides this, it has a Quick-Change ™ wheel system, with the help of which you can quickly change the abrasive disc without even using any wrench or other tool. Now you don’t need to spend your precious time finding tools and changing the disc. You can do in a blink of an eye.

This is not the end there are few more astounding features are left.

Dwe402 is equipped with the Auto-Shutoff feature. This amazing feature will automatically shut down the tool when the brushes need to be replaced so that you won’t run your device further. As soon as you replaced the old brushes with the new one, the DWE 402 angle grinder is ready to be operated.

Besides this, for the safety of user DeWalt has incorporated a paddle switch with a lock-off feature. It will protect the tool from accidental start-up.

DeWalt DWE402 4.5 inch angle grinder is an amazing power tool with the help of which you can do multiple jobs.

It comes with 3 years of limited warranty along with one year of free service. DWE 402 is a highly rated angle grinder.

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What I like about Dewalt DWE402 Angle Grinder:

There are so many reasons because of which we have chosen to write a detailed review of the DWE402 angle grinder. Fortunately, all are positive and excellent features. But if you ask me, I would rate it one of the best mini angle grinders because of its long motor life.

Its motor has extra-long brushes which increase the life of the motor by two-fold. DWE 402 has enhanced protective features which include a dust ejection system and a unique air-flow system.

And the best part is, DeWalt is one of the reliable manufacturers of the angle grinder. They won’t forget their customers. You can contact them if you have any issues regarding their product within 3 years.

Besides this, they offer free tool service for up to one year. Just because of these advantageous features it has been rated as 4.8 out of 5.

What I don’t like about Dewalt DWE402 Angle Grinder:

Paddle on/off switch is basically meant for the comfort and convenience of the operator. But its paddle on/off switch is quite annoying, especially for those operators who use it daily and wear gloves to use it.

It becomes hard to operate the paddle switch using gloves.

In my opinion, a frequent user of DWE402 angle grinder becomes used to operating paddle switch and hence they should not feel irritating while operating it.

Final Words:

If you ask us, do you recommend buying DeWalt DWE 402 angle grinder?

I would say yes.

It has astounding features. The dust ejection system™ is superb to protect your tool. Unique airflow system maintains the internal temperature of the tool and above all, the one-touch guard system gives you quick and easier access to position the guard in your desired system.

You can position it using its 360-degree rotation. Just because of its 3 years of warranty, it’s a reliable angle grinder that can be bought without a single doubt in heart.

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