Dewalt dwe4011 Angle Grinder Review 2023

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Dewalt dwe4011 Angle Grinder Review

If you are in search of some lightweight yet durable angle grinder, that won’t make you broke then DeWalt DWE 4011 Angle Grinder is a perfect choice for you.

DeWalt is an American brand that is known for manufacturing high-end power tools and hand tools. These tools are then used in the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries.

There is no harm in saying that DeWalt power tools are of superior quality be it angle grinder or any other tool.

DWE4011 is a newly launched angle grinder of DeWalt which is one of the top-rated and highly demanded angle grinders. That’s why we have come up with DeWalt Dwe4011 Review.


Let’s scroll down and know more about this Dewalt Dwe4011 angle grinder.


Dewalt dwe4011 PriceDeWalt DWE4011 angle grinder has been designed by keeping in mind the safety of the tool and user as well. It has metal gear casing along with plastic motor housing. Both serve the same purpose that is to give ultimate protection to the tool.

Metal gear will protect the outer casing from scratches caused by marble or masonry pieces during cutting. Whereas, the plastic motor housing protects the motor from dust and debris. DWE4011 is a slim, compact and ergonomically design angle grinder that gives high comfort level to its users during operation.


DWE4011 features a powerful motor of 7 amps which requires a maximum of 850 watts to work properly. Just because of its powerful motor it’s abrasive wheel can rotate with the speed of 12,000 RPM. This means you can efficiently perform cutting and grinding tasks with DeWalt DWE 4011.

Frankly speaking, the motor is not as much powerful as it should be but its 12,000RPM makes it an amazing power tool.


DWE4011 comes with a moveable side handle. This handle is so versatile. You can install it either on the right side or left side. It’s all up to your needs and requirement.

This feature of the adjustable handle makes DWE4011 a versatile tool, which can be used by left-handed and right-handed operators easily.

Besides this, you will see a rubber grip on the adjustable handle. The grip will keep the operator comfortable and he will not feel fatigued during heavy-duty operations.


DWE4011 has a one-touch guard system. With the help of this feature, you won’t need any other tool in adjusting the guard location. In short, you will need no screw- no button -no latches to adjust the guard. Just push the guard and it’s free to adjust in any position.

Isn’t it impressive?

It is indeed a great way to save your precious time so that you can be more productive.

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Other Features:

DWE4011 has numerous other features; you will see that it has a slide on/off switch which is situated on the left side of the tool. Once you connect its 6ft cord to the power source and slide the ON button the device will start working.

Unfortunately, it lacks an adjustable speed option. You don’t have any freedom of speed adjustment. You are bound to work on a single-speed.

4011 features a spindle thread of 5/8 inches to 11 inches, with the help of which you can get access to a wide range of 4 ½ inches of accessories. And trust me it very simple to install any accessories.

With the angle grinder, you will get a hex wrench with the help of which you can quickly change the wheel of the angle grinder. If you have lost its hex wrench, then you need not to be worried, these wheel changes require no tool.

DWe4011 angle grinder works on both AC and DC power supply.

In short, you have the freedom to work on your choice of power supply.

Best part is, DWE4011 comes with 3 years of limited warranty whereas, one year of free service. And if in case you are not satisfied with the product then you can get it to return within 90 days.

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  • 7AMP and 12,000 no-load RPM is a great combination indeed
  • It has a comfortable rubber grip on its adjustable handle
  • One-touch guard eliminates the need for any other tool
  • 5/8 inch and to 11inches of spindle thread which you can use for other 4 ½ inch accessories
  • It’s well built and has amazing durability with incredible performance
  • It weighs only 3.9 lbs

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It has an ear-splitting noise. Seriously its motor makes too much noise, for this, you need to wear earbuds in order to avoid any damage to your eardrum. Moreover, it lacks a soft start feature and it lacks an adjustable speed option.

Well, this is not a big issue at all. You just have to be alert while starting the device, as the device will suddenly start as soon as you plug it into the power source.


Dwe4011 is a powerful yet durable angle grinder. it is sleek and compact but it can do almost all heavy-duty cutting and grinding jobs. 7amp motor and 12,000 rpm is a great combination.

You can do a lot more tasks with this angle grinder. Its dust and debris protection system enhances its long-life and you can get a durable power tool.

Best part about the Dewalt DWE4011 Angle Grinder is, it won’t break your bank. It is pocket-friendly and can be easily afforded.


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