Can Angle Grinder Cut Metal 2023

Last Updated: March 10, 2023 by Simon Heth

Can Angle Grinder Cut MetalAn angle grinder is a tool that is loved by experienced and professional operators and the reason is its versatility. If you invest in an angle grinder you will get a practical tool that will take your creativity to a whole new level. You can do a lot more just by using an angle grinder.

So either you are a contractor or ad DIY-enthusiast, an angle grinder is a tool that you will need for perfection and precision.

Angle grinder has a sharp and abrasive cutting wheel that is used to cut different objects.

A burning question that popped up in the mind of every angle grinder user is,” can angle grinder cut metal” and the answer to this question is:

“Yes, absolutely! An angle grinder can easily cut metals”.

If you have a right metal cutting disc with your angle grinder, you can cut any metal in a precise manner.

Frankly speaking, angle grinders’ main purpose is to cut, grind and polish different surfaces using the right disc.

This article will tell you how an angle grinder will help you out in cutting metal.

So without further ado let’s move towards the main topic:

Can Angle Grinder Cut Metal

Angle grinders can be fearlessly used to cut metals. It will give you an excellent and precise cutting result. Indeed angle grinder is the perfect tool if you want to cut metal such as a bolt, angle iron, and even metal sheets can be easily cut using angle grinder.

Now the question is how to cut metal using angle grinder.

Answer is quite simple. You don’t need to ask for help from others or watch any video tutorial. We have compiled a brief and concise list of all the steps that you need to follow while chopping metal via angle grinder.

Prepare Yourself:

Before using angle grinder not necessarily for cutting, even for grinding and polishing too it’s compulsory to put on necessary personal protective equipments. These equipment will keep you safe from any kind of injury.

Also, change your clothes if you are wearing loose clothes. Avoid anything that can come in contact with angle grinder during the cutting process.

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Evaluate the work area:

Work station and the area is of the utmost importance when cutting metal with an angle grinder. Reason is, when you are cutting a thick metal using an angle grinder, some sparks will be produced. These sparks are dangerous enough that they can easily combust an area if it has any flammable substance.

So before starting, evaluate your workplace, remove all kinds of flammable and explosive material. Also, remove extra stuff from your work table. So that you can chop metal easily.

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Do Some Markings:

Well, you are cutting something, so it would be very convenient for you if your mark on the metal that you want to cut. Using measuring tape, measure the area that you want to keep and mark that area which you want to cut using angle grinder. Make sure to do measurements on a flat surface.

Suppose you are cutting a steel pipe. So first keep the pipe on the table. Measure the area appropriately and then mark it using a marker.

Once you are done with marking, and then clamp your metal pieces on the table so that you can cut it properly. Secondly clamping will eliminate the need of other people to hold the metal.

For clamping, you can use C-clamps or G-clamps, which are made up of steel or cast iron and are meant to hold the metal or wood work piece.

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Get Your Angle Grinder Ready:

Once you have set everything including yourself and metal too, now it’s time to prepare your superb power tool that is an angle grinder.

First of all, choose the right cut-off disk. For this, you will need to check the metal you are cutting and the thickness of metal.

Don’t forget to check the hardness of the metal, as it plays an important role in the cutting process. If the metal is too thick and too hard, it is preferable to use a thick cutting disc of 1.6 or 2.5mm thickness.

Whereas, if you want to cut thin metal like metal sheets, metal pipes, then it is advisable to use a thin cutting disc of 1.0 or 0.8 mm thickness.

Now attach the chosen cut-off wheel to the angle grinder but wait!

Have you checked the plug? Angle grinder should be unplugged while you are attaching its cut-off wheel; otherwise, it may be harmful to you.

Also, ensure that the flange nut is suitable for the disk.

Secondly, install its adjustable side handle on the side on which you are comfortable.

Moreover, don’t forget to check the guard. It should be fixed at its position.

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Cut the Metal Using Angle Grinder:

Now that you have checked your tool, de-clutter your work station and have worn all the required Personal Protective Equipments. You are ready to cut the metal.

Plug the angle grinder and start it. Be very careful at this point. Let it run a few seconds in the air. Hold it tightly and align it to the marked line on the metal let’s say steel pipe. I repeat again, hold it tightly and slowly touch the rotating wheel to the surface of the disk.

As soon as the angle grinder touches the steel surface it will slide off a little bit, so hold it really very tight and keep it steady at the marked point. Now start moving angle grinder back and forth slowly and gradually on the marked line. Don’t be hurry, cut it in slowly and gradually as this will protect you from injuries.


Once you are done with the cutting, now check the rough edges, if you find rough edges on the steel pipe, then you need not to worry. We have a disc for it too.

Remove the cut-off disc and fix the 40-grit flapper wheel. Now start the angle grinder and run it through the cut edges. This will smooth out the rough edges and hence it won’t damage anyone as it doesn’t have any rough edges now.

Turn off your angle grinder, put it on the desk and unplug the grinder.

Let your newly cut metal cool completely and then you can use it for your desired purpose.

See how easy and simple it was to cut metal using an angle grinder

Wrapping Up:

So, if someone asks you,” can an angle grinder cut metal”. Answer them bluntly, yes it can. In fact, why doesn’t an angle grinder cut metal as it is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to do different jobs?

In my opinion, using an angle grinder to cut metal is a great option, as it is easy and effective and above all, it works with great precision. You have to be careful about one thing, which is proper protective and safety measures, as some pieces of metal fly off during cutting that could injure the eyes.

So be very careful, use proper PPE’s and choose the right size of the disk according to the metal.

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