Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023

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Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder

In old times, no electronic apparatuses could furnish and tidy up an uneven surface. It was hard to perform it physically; demanding a ton of manual labor along with sharp, hefty apparatuses. Presently, the extraordinary era includes authentic tools, like an angle grinder to do this work.

Decent quality grinder is a fundamental instrument for the toolbox. They are moderate and can deal with various sorts of errands in your expert and Do-It-Yourself life. Working with processors is simple since the device is not too weighty and human power is not required.

Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023

They additionally deliver the client astounding outcomes by performing quickly. One component that each individual who utilizes a grinder requests for is variable speed, because the speed is altered as per the need of the application.

1. Makita GA4542C – Best Variable Angle Grinder 2023 [Best Overall]

2. DeWalt DWE43214NVS – Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023 [Budgeted]

3. Bosch GWS13 – Variable Speed Grinder [Powerful]

4. Metabo G12VE – Variable Speed Grinder 2023 [Popular]

5. RIDA – Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023 [Cordless]

Below is the detailed guide to the 5 Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder Reviews in 2023:

1. Makita GA4542C – Best Variable Angle Grinder 2023

Makita GA4542C - Best Variable Angle GrinderIt is a high power corded grinder of the Makita brand that joins accommodation, power, and support. The noteworthy 12.0 AMP engine is incredible to use for cutting, granulating metal, rust and paint evacuation, metal cleaning, auto fix work, masonry and cutting block, and rebuilding work.

Device Weight:

While a large portion of their devices is on the hefty side, they pack a ton of power and strength due to the metal stuff housing and metal roller design. Considering the weight, it is just 5.4 pounds that will bring less effect to the arms when dealing with a task.

Moreover, it has a noteworthy length; just 11 7/8 inches which are not very cumbersome for a tool compartment. Its wheel width is 4 1/2 inches that are ideal for normal positions that don’t need a greater, 5-inch wheel.

Grinding Speed:

 Their standard speed for the grinders bypasses 8,500 to 12,000 RPM yet a great deal of them possess single-speed which is somewhat troublesome on the off chance that you need to go for a brand that offers more variable speed choices.

You might need to investigate the Makita GA4542C SJS II grinder in case you are searching for a variable-speed element for both surface polishing and tile work. A 12-amp engine can change the speed from 2,800 to 11,000 RPM relying upon your necessities.

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Strength and Use:

Given that you utilize the correct cut-wheels for the position, most of Makita’s grinders are cut for business use, for example, for creation shops and places of work. In case you would not fret the additional weight, they will last longer with appropriate attention and procedure.

Concerning the engine fan, it has huge blades to help chill off the apparatus quickly when put under outrageous tension. Miscellaneous items insurance is an extra element because of the crisscross epoxy and powder covering finish.


 In contrast to different brands, Makita’s grinders generally expect you to utilize a wrench to change the wheel monitor. That may sound troublesome to a few, however probably will not be a major issue for other people.


Additionally, there is a lock-on control for wellbeing while the electronic regulator assists with keeping a steady speed even while under pressure. In any case, it will assist with accidental triggers, which may be helpful in case you want a reliable outcome.

In the working environment, it is a problem to remain in a decent position constantly relying upon the conditions – at times; we need to chip away at various points. The vibration of the engine is additionally decreased because of its side handle’s design, just as the stuff drive’s SJS II framework.


Every Makita variable speed grinder has a 1-year guarantee from the date of procurement. It is a bit more limited contrasted with different brands, yet assuming the instrument that you get is rock solid; you will not have to utilize the guarantee program in any case.

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  • Highest amp 4.5 Inch grinder
  • Comfy handle
  • A kind to last
  • Harmless to utilize
  • Capability of putting a wide range of blades on
  • Has a protected and agreeable handle for protected usage
  • Flexible blade guard
  • Powerful and productive 12 Amps engine
  • Even running and almost without vibration during use
  • Can just cut the profundity of the blade


2. DeWalt DWE43214NVS – Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023

DeWalt DWE43214NVS - Variable Speed Angle GrinderDewalt variable speed grinder DWE43214NVS is a 5-inch paddle switch grinder with Kickback Brake, No-Lock, and Variable Speed that assists you in limiting work time by utilizing the brushless engine, until no brushes are left to replace.

Likewise, it includes a brake that provides brakes to the wheel quickly. The perform and protect components, for example, kickback brake, E-Grip, and lanyard ready connection focus helps add client assurance without influencing the elite you anticipate.

Experts have reviewed and tried this item.

Features of DeWalt DWE43214NVS:

  • No brush alterations required by its brushless engine
  • Usually, brake stops the wheel within 2 secs or even less when normally utilized
  • The electric kickback brake draws in when a squeeze, slow down or tie up occasion is detected, drawing in with the extreme power to rapidly put the wheel to brake, lessen the increase of the angle grinder, and shut the engine off
  • Power-Loss Reset – The on and off options has a no-volt discharge choice. In case of a blackout or other sudden shutdown, trigger switch should be cycled (switched off and later on) to restart device.
  • Lanyard Ready coordinated cord connection point (Cord excluded)
  • Variable speed usefulness permits the client to change wheel speed for applications depending on the situation
  • 2-stage trigger involves two actions for the device to start

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  • Disk guard, which revolves as if it’s attached with metal rollers
  • Zero kick back as well as the device doesn’t stall a piece
  • Tough
  • Safe with a good brake mechanism that connects quickly
  • Easy on pockets
  • Accessories not accessible easily


3. Bosch GWS13 – Variable Speed Grinder

Bosch GWS13 GrinderBosch power instruments occasionally upset its users; it is the situation with the Bosch variable speed grinder as well. It is an easily recognized name with regard to power instruments.

Variable speed switch is the main consideration in positioning it as one of the best. This is significant while handling complex ventures; a few undertakings are a lot for an angle grinder that offers a single speed.

Capacity to drop the grinder’s speed as minimal less as 2,800 RPM sorts the paint evacuation as a gentle process. In addition, exchanging speeds is a consistent cycle for such a grinder.


Highlighting carbon brushes for delivering tougher than older brushes. The GWS13-50VSP-DG additionally comes in total with Bosch Administration Minder brushes to tell the client when precautionary conservation is essential.


This product has an incredible measure of power. Highlighting an amazing 13-amp processor engine, the GWS13-50VSP-DG grinder can deliver up to 11,500 RPM. Besides, the immediate engine cooling takes place with higher over-burden abilities.

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Bosch grinder comes along with an enormous, sturdy residue monitor footplate to assist in incrementing the steadiness during usage for spotless and precise cuts. The incorporated residue monitor additionally includes a solitary screw insight adjustment.


The device additionally includes Vibration Control alongside a two-position adjacent handle intended to diminish produced vibrations. It creates the angle grinder to be more agreeable to utilize.

This is an added advantage if you take on projects that expect you to utilize the angle grinder for quite a long time, while the switch presents numerous, agreeable holding positions.

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Integrated Intelligence:

Present Bosch’s engine highlights solid carbon Bosch Administration Minder brushes. They aware of the client when preventive support is required, permitting them to supplant the brushes before they begin to come up short.

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  • Particularly helpful for uncompromising cleaning at low pace
  • Decent comfortable grip
  • Delicate start options and variable speed
  • Weight can be a bit sore on usage for extensive stretches contrasted to a smaller grinder


4. Metabo G12VE – Variable Speed Grinder 2023

Metabo G12VE Metabo is the best grinder that was used at any point. One cannot get an as improved quality device as Metabo G12VE. Utilized every day in a severe progressive environment, it is a device to anticipate utilizing, easy to keep, and cuts truly well.

Prevailing Motor:

This grinder conveys the genuine importance of power. With a 12-amp engine, Metabo grinder grinds and cuts as a sturdy machine that it is. Considering that, everything is done just fine overall. It highlights more than 1,300 Watts of response power.

Brushless Engine permits the device to work over an additional line with diminished power losses. Furthermore, it reduces the maintenance of carbon brushes or armatures.

Metabo AC Brushless grinders convey predominant execution when controlled through a generator because of an inner inverter circuit, which directs unequal power supply to ultimate work execution.

It uses a zero-voltage restart assertion that keeps it from restarting if power is incidentally lost while the device is inactivity. It is an outcome of inventiveness and imagination, as the two fields meet to make outstanding variable speed grinder of this age.

Minimal & Lightweight Design:

Metabo variable speed grinder simply weighs around 4.4 pounds. Its minimized and lightweight structure, along with its position of safety encourages the most extreme mobility. All of it makes it ideal for overhead applications as well as restricted spaces.

Compact plan including a super thin grasp measurement (based on a Brushless engine) for better control and less weariness during nonstop work.

Variable Speed:

It is one of the highlights of this grinder. An individual may look over different speed choices relying upon the sort of their work. A few positions require more speed than others.

G12VE likewise includes a variable speed option to establish the RPMs and make the appropriate use, just as kick-back decline and a position of safety.

Anti-Vibration Side Handle:

To expand the level of comfort and security of the client during the utilization, this grinder includes an anti-vibration side handgrip. Increased use may not strain you anymore after using this grinder.


Electronic burden coverage closes the engine if there is any occurrence of a tough situation like electric overload. An electronic element stops the engine when an excessive amount of pressure is used. This shields the engine from over-burden.

However, it shields the gearbox from harm and safeguards the client from conceivable injury from a coincidental restart.

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  • Tool motor power
  • Rotation speed
  • Value for money
  • Build quality
  • Feature set
  • Heavier
  • Material on the cast is slippery


5. RIDA – Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder 2023

RIDA - Best Variable Speed Angle GrinderRIDA variable speed angle grinder is added to the list because of few major reasons , like it battery powered, comes with complete tool kit with disc and wheels, it is not only a grinding tool but a cutting tool as well with its cutting discs in box.


The wheel possesses a width of 4-1/2 while the apparatus length is 16 inches. At this compact form, it weighs around 4.88 pounds which is very lightweight as compared to other angle grinders and its weight/size proportion is handy.


It comes with a 2.4A quick charger for charging the 20V 4.0Ah high limit battery-powered lithium-particle battery with a status pointer. It is feasible with all RIDA cordless force devices.

7 Amp DC 10,000 rpm engine that extends the best capacity for proficient crushing and cutting applications at 400W.


The axle size of 5/8 inches and spindle lock provides simple alteration in wheels. There are 3 position side helper grips explicitly intended for administrator comfort.

Protected and Strong:

Tool-less cut off guard and defensive hood deliver safe activity. Residue Discharge Framework and Residue Channel Framework gives strength by shooting and forestalling debris and residue.

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  • Feels Sturdy
  • Ideal weight
  • Can work best at job site
  • Battery doesn’t last long


6. WEN 94475 7Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder

This Angle grinder is commonly used in construction, workshops, and other fixing shops. WEN angle grinder is best used for metals grinding, polishing metals, grinding mortar, polishing, sharpening, etc.

This grinder is the best-designed grinder to deliver outstanding performance, ensuring safety when the user is operating the grinder. Safety comes first.

This grinder is the right choice for any project. This grinder will help you to finish the most complex projects very quickly.

Technical Details:

Manufacturer: WEN

Item weight: 4 pounds

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 3.9 inches

Model Number: 94475

Batteries: Not required

Warranty: 2 years

Style: 7.5 Amp w/ 3 discs & case

About the Product:

  • Wen angle grinder has a 7.5 Amp motor, which helps generate up to 11,000 disc rotations per minute, rendering it one of the most powerful tools.
  • Three grinding wheels, a reversible auxiliary side handle, a wheel guard that is adjustable, and a compact carrying case are included in this powerful grinder.
  • It’s a lightweight grinder with a 4-pound body that limits fatigue during long projects where you have to work for a long day. The arbor adapter allows compatibility with both 7/8 and 5/8-inch arbor grinding wheels.
  • It has a lock on the side which helps the machine run continuously without constantly holding the trigger.
  • The reversible Handle can be attached to any side of the grinder.


The company gives two years warranty, so if you have any issue with the grinder, you can get it fixed by the company.

  • It offers a vast degree of convenience
  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Noise less
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Safety lock
  • Does not cause fatigue
  • Very fragile
  • Not suitable for heavy duty projects


7. Metabo HPT Angle Grinder 

This is a four 1/2-inch Angle Grinder (G12SR4). It has a smaller grip diameter, which benefits smoother control, less fatigue throughout the period, and more extraordinary performance with 6.2-amp input power and stronger overloading durability. This four 1/2-inch grinder’s robust 6.2-ampere motor gives excellent results on demanding work. The improved motor model improves cooling efficiency and increases motor longevity. The grinder also comes with five angle grinding discs and a spindle lock for convenient wheel replacements. This angle grinder is ready to use right away.

Device weight:

A smaller gripping handle is intended to alleviate fatigue. The new labyrinth model improves dust and debris resistance. It is light in weight and very easy to use. It weighs only 4.0 pounds, giving you more grip and mobility while reducing fatigue.

Dimensions of this machine are

  • Length:10.15 inches
  • Width: 4.5 inches
  • Height:2 inches

The design of this machine is user-friendly.


The powerful 12 Amp brushless AC motor spins at 10,000 RPM without load, allowing you to tackle a wide range of grinding and cutting operations.

Strength and Usage:

It is a corded electric machine with enhanced safety measures that could prevent significant workplace injuries. Overall, it’s one of the most effective corded angle grinders available. Suitable for rebar or pipes cutting, grove stone or cement grooving, and metals and masonry grinding. With a no-load velocity of 9,000 RPM, you can power through demanding and challenging applications.


It contains one year warranty which brings peace of mind to the customer.

  • It is easy to hold
  • Value for the money
  • Modern
  • Easy to use
  • High speed
  • Improved safety features
  • Operations such as sanding, wire-brushing, polishing or cutting-off are not recommended


8. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

Dewalt is a company that is one of the most popular in the production of power tools. Dewalt provides the best Angle grinder for their customers.

Dewalt (DWE43116) angle grinder is a 4-1/2-inch to 6-inch High performance and powerful grinder, and it has a motor of 13-amp. Moreover, it has Dust Ejection System technology designed to protect the grinder tool from damaging dust and debris through air intake vents.

Device Weight: The grinder is perfectly designed and weighs only 5.7 pounds, which helps the workers work efficiently on long days.

Power: This grinder has a 13 Amp motor, which helps the blade speed. The blade moves at a speed of 9,000 RPM. This grinder works with 2.30 horsepower, which shows the credibility of how it is the best option for any kind of project.

Speed: As mentioned above, the 2.30 horsepower product supports the grinder’s motor to work at 9,000 RPM.

How to use it?

You have to hold the grinder firmly with the face of the disk, not the edge, in contradiction to the workpiece. You do not have to press it hard and let the grinder do it. You can check the user manual to check detailed information on how you can use the grinder.


  • 13 Amp motor 4-1/2-inch to 6-inch blade size
  • 11,000 amp motor
  • 9,000 RPM blade speed
  • Dusk ejection System
  • Three years warranty
  • Alloy steel body

What they provide:

There is a side handle, Inner and Outer flange with the grinder. Three types of guards are in the box.

  • 5″ Type 27 Guard
  • 5″ Type 27 Guard
  • 6″ Type 27 Guard
  • Dust ejection system for smooth function
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and noiseless motor
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Steel body
  • Manual guide is difficult to read due to the small font


9. PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

A rotating, more incredible speed or circular polisher is the PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher. This polisher is the most extensive, with the greatest range of skills, rates, and performance. The Automobile Polisher is a 4.5 ampere, AC-only car polisher. Specifications of the Variable Speed Polisher are Swirl-Free Sanding/Polishing Actions with Electronic Variable-Speed Dial 2,500-6,800 Opm Randomized Orbit. This polisher contains 5-Inch Proprietary Counter Balance to Be Used with a 6-Inch Sanding/Polishing Pad.

Device weight:

This gadget is lightweight, and it is meant to provide the user with a comfortable experience despite its small weight. Because the weight is only 5.75 pounds, it will have a minimal impact on the arms and make the task easier.

Furthermore, the measurements of this product are excellent; the device’s length is 14 inches, width is 6.5 inches, and height is 6 inches, all of which are appropriate and ideal for the user.


This machine has an electronic variable-speed dial operated at 2,500-6,800 rotations per minute. The 7424XP provides swirl-free sanding/polishing action (OPM). We can change the speed of the device as per our needs.

Strength and Usage:

This device is a randomized orbital buffer, a dual-action polisher. Its two-way movement produces a random pattern that swiftly removes rust and swirls patterns without damaging the car’s paint. The strengths of this machine are that it is light weighted, it is ergonomic, maneuverable, and easy to use. The tool’s pre-installed counterweight is a unique feature. This feature allows you to polish using a balanced device. This enables the gadget to be simple and makes your task less taxing on your hands and arms.


It also features a retractable 2-position side handle so that you may use it with either hand. You can also delete the Handle if you don’t want to utilize it, and this offers more control over how you handle and move the equipment.


PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher, 6-Inch (7424XP), gray, has a one-year warranty. For one year after purchase, the company will replace any problems caused by defective materials free of charge. This warranty does not cover part failures due to general wear and tear or tool misuse.

  • Very low-cost
  • Small dimensions
  • Built to last Thick, lengthy cable
  • Durable
  • Minimum fatigue
  • Powerful motor
  • It’s a little hefty for its size, but it’s not the heaviest polisher.

Final Verdict:

In case you still find yourself confounded, you may go through the 5 best variable speed angle grinders mentioned above with all the features and highlights. By contrasting it according to your needs, you will have the option to pick the right one for your tasks.

Continuously attempt to purchase the one that is easy to utilize and apply for multiple types of work. With the best angle grinder, you will handle your own or clients’ tasks effortlessly. Nevertheless, you need to guarantee your wellbeing before utilizing it.

Overall, in case you need to evaluate these angle grinders, you can look at the Makita GA4542C, which has an electric brake for engine and wheel protection. Sometimes it may not be ideal for your tasks, so you can likewise go for the Metabo variable speed grinder G12VE.

All of these are somewhat lightweight and have a lock-on switch as well. Moreover, all the referenced angle grinders will prove to make your decision worthwhile.

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