Best Small Angle Grinder Reviews 2023

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Best Small Angle Grinder

Managing tools and space in a shed is the problem that every DIY enthusiast faces. This problem is also faced by professionals too. You need an angle grinder but can’t buy just because of less space in the shed.

But now you don’t have to worry about space management. We have gathered some Best Small Angle Grinders for you.

Though these are mini angle grinders but they are pretty much powerful, more than you can imagine.

You can take all the work from these smallest angle grinders, like cutting, grinding, sanding and de-rusting.

And the best part is, they won’t take too much space in your shed. Usually, most of the small angle grinders come with a storage box that requires small space in the shed.

If you really want to know about some best small angle grinders, then believe me; our deep research about mini angle grinders will surely satiate your thirst.

You can check our top pick angle grinder that is BLACK AND DECKER BDEG400 which is one of the best small angle grinders.

Otherwise, there are other angle grinders too that are waiting for you!

Best Small Angle Grinder Reviews 2023



    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Weight: 4.4 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 5/5
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Makita XAG09Z

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Weight: 5.7 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.9/5
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Bosch 1775E

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Weight: 6.4 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.6/5
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    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Weight: 6.2 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.7/5
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Metabo HPT G12SE2

    • Warranty: 5 Years
    • Weight: 4.2 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.9/5
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1. B&D BDEG400 – Best Small Angle Grinder 2023

BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 Best Small Angle GrinderBlack Decker an American based tool manufacturing company is one of the trustiest among the customers worldwide. It is famous for its unique and innovative designs in relatively reasonable prices. They have been making the top quality of angle grinders for ages.

Let’s have a look at Black And Decker mini angle grinder review.

BDEG400 angle grinder has 4.5 inches of disk diameter that’s why we have named it as a small angle grinder.

The entire body is made up of nylon which includes 30 % glass fiber. This makes the body of angle grinder strong and robust. Besides this, it has a perfectly insulated body that protects it from any kind of short circuits during the process.

Furthermore, for the protection of internal components of the tool, it features an adjustable guard, which is really very easy to adjust. All you have to do is just loosen the guard and snap that lever back in place.

Not only this, Black and Decker mini angle grinder have also an ergonomically design adjustable handle that can be easily adjusted into three positions. Yes, depending upon your comfortability level you can either install it on the right side or left side and even on the top of the tool.

Let’s talk about its power, which is the most important aspect of any angle grinder. Black and Decker BDEG 400 feature a powerful motor of 6 Amp that gives an excellent speed of 10,000 RPM. With this much rotation speed, you can efficiently do the cutting and grinding job.

Front part of BDEG400 is made up of metal alloy. This makes it rustproof which means you can use it for a long time easily.

Handling and usage of this mini angle grinder is quite easy. It features 18 gauge power cords with a thermoplastic jacket, because of which the wire becomes more flexible and durable.

Black and Decker BDEG 400 is sleek and compact in shape and quite light in weight. Since its Black and Decker which is known for durable products, so stay relax from the durability of this mini angle grinder. Trust me; it won’t disappoint you.

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  • 0 AMP powerful motor
  • 10,000 RPM for high output power
  • One-touch release switch for rapid shut off
  • Adjustable guard
  • Spindle lock for quick accessory change
  • Adjustable handle with three-position
  • Metal alloy body
  • Available at reasonable price
  • Secure and easy handling
  • Long-lasting system
  • Lightweight
  • No Cons Yet


2. Makita – Mini Angle Grinder

Makita XAG09Z Mini Angle GrinderIf you are in search of cordless and brushless angle grinder then Makita XAG09Z is here to quench your thirst. It is one of the best small angle grinders.

Makita is known for manufacturing high tech products with long-lasting durability.

Talking about this small angle grinder that is XAG09Z which is one of the comfortable and lightweight angle grinders on my list. Literally, it’s as light as feather you don’t have to put effort while holding this grinder.

Entire body of Makita small angle grinder is made up of soft plastic whereas the front gear case is made up of metal alloy. The metal alloy is used to save you from all kinds of shocks.

One of the distinguishing features of Makita Angle grinder is, it has an LED gauge which enables you to keep a check on its battery level during operation.

Besides this Makita XAG09Z have a brushless motor that enables the motor to work more efficiently while keeping the motor cool. This brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy so that you work 50 % more on a single charge.

Since it’s a cordless mini angle grinder, so there is a lithium-ion battery in it, which needs to be charge so that the angle grinder can work properly.

Makita XAG09Z is equipped with its efficient electric Brake system. After pushing off Makita you don’t need to wait for the wheel to stop. Because the electric brake system helps to stop the cut/off wheel within a second.

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Other nice thing is it has built-in automatic speed change technology, which is simply amazing.

Let’s say if you are grinding really heavily on some metals and it feels the motor bogging down. This grinder automatically adds additional power to your motor to get you through whatever you are working on

Furthermore while using this product you don’t have to mess with wires anymore because this particular small angle grinder is cordless one due to its long-lasting re-chargeable lithium battery packs. XAG09Z enables it to be taken for remote areas.

Makita small angle grinder is so easy to use. In fact you can easily change its disk by pressing the given spindle lock. I would say that if you are a perfections Makita mini angle grinder is just perfect for you.

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  • BL brushless motor
  • 8500 RPM for high output power
  • 3 stage LED gauge indicates battery level
  • Adjustable guard
  • Spindle lock for quick accessory change
  • Electric brake stops the wheel in 2 seconds
  • Efficient power management
  • Automatic Speed Change technology
  • Ideal for cutting Concrete, pipes, and stone
  • Cordless system with powerful lithium battery
  • Ideal product for perfection seeker
  • Instruction manual is not clear


3. Bosch 1775E – Smallest Angle Grinder

Bosch 1775E Smallest Angle GrinderBosch is a German-based manufacturing brand provides a line of extremely versatile angle grinders along with tuck pointers for its customers. If you are a mason and works on tuck-pointing you are in the right place because this long-lasting tool with specially designed guard systems will be everything you need.

Bosch 1775E has a robust 8.5 AMP motor which delivers up to 11,000 RPMs per operation make this smallest angle grinder extremely powerful and efficient than any other angle grinder.

Moreover, this angle grinder has an ergonomic design rubber handle which gives you a comfortable and firm grip.

Besides this, its handle has a vibration control system, which controls and decreases the level of vibration during operation so that the user won’t feel any discomfort.

1775-E 5-inch angle grinder is best for multipurpose. Most distinguishing feature of Bosch angle grinder is, it comes with a tuck pointing guard. This amazing system will keep you 100% protected against dust and debris that you will experience while cutting or grinding tiles and masonries.

All thanks to its tuck pointing guard that comes with a dust collection port. This port extracts all kinds of debris, dust, and trash to protect your eyes, hands, and face during the operation. It is one of the smallest electric angle grinder.

The 5-inch wheel is surrounded by an adjustable guard, which protects the internal component against dust and debris and you know what this guard can be adjusted easily without any help of the tool. So it would not be wrong if I say that Bosch mini angle grinder has toll free adjustable guard.

It does not end here! This angle grinder has a large view window this allows you to keep a complete check on your working for better control and accuracy during the cutting process. Besides this, the Bosch has one of the best direct air flow system which diverts the blowing trash position and protects them in entering into Motor and brushes.

Bosch mini angle grinder is among one of the best user friendly angle grinder. Operating this grinder is just like playing a shoot bubble.

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  • 5 amp of powerful motor
  • 11,00 RPM for high output power
  • Tool-free adjustable guard
  • With tuckpointing guard system
  • Ergonomically designed rubber handle
  • Two in one angle grinder along with a tuck-pointing application
  • Vibration control handle system
  • Tool-less adjustable guards system
  • Best small angle grinder
  • You need to be patient while using its dust collecting port


4. DEWALT DWE402 – Best Mini Angle Grinder 2023

DEWALT DWE402 Best Mini Angle GrinderNext one on my list of a best small angle grinder is from the house of DeWalt which is an America based company. DeWalt is famous for its professional high-tech grinders and household manufacturing tools.

Here we are reviewing the DWE402 angle grinder which is one of the finest mini angle grinders.

It features an 11 amp of a powerful motor that produces 11,000 RPM so that you can work more professionally. Not only this, but it also has a special cooling system, which prevents the motor from heating up too. This is how you can keep operating this angle grinder for long term heavy cutting.

Besides this DeWalt has another best feature for you which is a dust ejection system. Dust ejection system allows air to enter into the grinder and ejects the harmful debris during the operation. It prevents the grinder’s tools from damage and rust. This means your tool will gonna last forever.

Dust ejection system is further backed by a unique airflow system. This airflow system allows the outside cool air to enter into the machine which cools down the machine.

Like other angle grinders, DeWalt mini angle grinder has a protective gear case that is made up of metal alloy. Along with this, the disc is surrounded by a protected guard system which protects the internal component against sparks and dust.

Not only this, the guard is moveable and can be adjusted on your desired position without using any tool.

This is not the end, the two sides handle the system, makes it an ideal product for left-hand users. Lefties can install the handle on the left side and operate the machine more comfortably

DeWalt angle grinder is one of the most durable small angle grinders DEWALT has ever produced. Moreover, the versatile features in this angle grinder are introduced to maximize it’s cutting and grinding capacities along with protections for both the customer and the grinder itself.

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  • 11 amp of a powerful brushless motor
  • 11,00 RPM for high output power
  • Tool-free adjustable guard
  • Dust ejection system
  • Unique airflow system
  • Two-position side handle
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • More powerful and efficient
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Incredible performance
  • No worth mentioning cons yet


5. Metabo HPT G12SE2 Angle Grinder

Metabo HPT G12SE2 Little Angle GrinderThe last one on my list of the best mini angle grinder is from the house of Metabo a renowned power tool manufacturer.

Metabo HPT G12SE is 4.5 inches of versatile angle grinder which is particularly designed for applications like grinding, cutting of steel bronze, aluminum, and other materials.

If you are looking for multipurpose heavy-duty cutting grinder this product is specially designed to meet your needs. And the best part is, it is way too pocket friendly.

It features a 9.5 AMP motor that delivers 10,000 RPM which provides excellent performance.

Besides this, it features overload protection and enhanced motor cooling for greater durability and long life.

Like other mini angle grinders, Metabo also has two side adjustable sides handle, which is rock solid and can be positioned to accommodate both right and left-handed users. So that they can have greater control during operations. Handle has a rubber grip that enhances the users comfort level.

HPT small angle grinder introduces a large paddle switch lock for prolonging, safe and comfortable cutting. Paddle switch is at the bottom side of the grinder further enhances better control during the operation.

Moreover, Metabo makes it easier to switch between cuttings and grinding jobs, you just have to fix the desire cutting disc. And you know what; with the help of its convenient spindle lock, you can easily change its disc.

Metabo considers the security of its users at first priority. Their specially designed wheel guard keeps your hands away from the grinding disk and it also protects from flying debris.

If you have a space problem in managing tools, then let me tell you. You won’t have to worry about its storage because you will get a secure and portable case box which is meant to keep this angle grinder.

You cannot deny the fact that the Metabo mini angle grinder is one of the amazing and superb angle grinders, which is durable yet gives an incredible and powerful performance.

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  • 5 amp of a powerful brushless motor
  • 10,000 RPM for high output power
  • Adjustable guard to protect the internal component
  • Quick spindle lock system for quick disc change
  • Rubber handgrip
  • Highly durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe gear system
  • Powerful performance
  • Abrasive depressed center wheel for tough cutting jobs.
  • A bit heavy for smaller projects



Angle grinders are a useful tool that can be used for various other purposes. It’s a tool that you will find at every construction site. If you own a small angle grinder, you can still do numerous tasks from it, which includes cutting, grinding, sanding, de-rusting and what not.

I would recommend if you are buying for professional purpose, then go for Black and Decker it won’t disappoint you. Otherwise, a cordless Makita mini angle grinder is the best option for you. It is portable and chargeable and above all, it’s perfect for small projects.

Don’t forget to wear proper personal protective equipment before using these angle grinders. This way you will remain protected from dust, debris, and spark.

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