Best Corded Angle Grinder 2023

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Best Corded Angle Grinder

Different types of angle grinders are available in the market which includes cordless and corded angle grinders. Both types of angle grinders are quite useful but corded angle grinders always win the game, just because you can use them for longer operational hours without any hassle of charging them again.

If you are in search of Best Corded Angle Grinder, then don’t worry, we have found one best corded angle grinder for you.

A porter-cable corded angle grinder is amongst the top-notch angle grinders that have powerful performance and long-lasting durability.

Want to know more about it?

Check out this corded angle grinder review;

Best Corded Angle Grinder Review 2023

PORTER-CABLE PCEG011 REVIEWWhen it comes to power and pneumatic tools of immense durability, Porter-Cable is the name that strikes the mind first.

Porter-Cable is an American company that manufactures power tools of amazing quality. Since Stanley Black and Decker is the parent organization of Porter-cable, so you can imagine the level of quality and durability of their tools.

Porter Cable PCEG011 is the 4.5 inches of corded angle grinder of porter-cable that we are going to review.

Personally speaking, it is one of the best corded angle grinders that are not only durable but also powerful too.

Let’s have a look at its features:


When you open its box you will see there is a 4.5-inch grinder in the box along with the 4.5-inch guard and grinding wheel. Side handle, inner and outer flange and wrench are also there in the box.

Angle grinder is of light grey and dark grey in color with a side switch that is of bright red in color. Beauty of this corded angle grinder is also enhanced by the red logo of Porter-Cable. Total length of the PCEG011 is 11.01 inches whereas it weighs only 3.7 pounds.

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Safety of the tool and the user is the prime objective of Porter-Cable, that’s why PCEG011 is designed using high safety standards.

It has a metal alloy gear casing, which prevents users from electric shocks. It also protects the motor of an angle grinder. The metal alloy casing is resistant to any scratch.

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PCEG011 is equipped with a powerful motor of 6 Amperes. It requires abrasive wheels of 4.5 inches of diameter, which can rotate with the maximum speed of 12,000 RPM. This means Porter-Cable angle grinder makes you work faster than other angle grinders. It can grind rough surfaces within a few minutes.

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Like other angle grinders, PCEG011 also features an adjustable rubber handle. But the best part is, you can adjust this handle in three different positions. It’s up to you; you can either adjust it on the top of the tool or on the right or left side.

It’s all your choice, install it in what way you feel comfortable.

Frankly speaking, I really like its adjustable handle features, especially for the lefty people.

Furthermore, the handle is ergonomically designed to enhance the comfort level of the user. In addition to this, you will see the handle has a soft rubber grip, because of which operator can operate the tool for longer hours without being tired.


Porter-cable corded angle grinder has an integrated spindle lock. With the help of this lock, you can easily and quickly switch between different wheels. And you know what you will require the only wrench to do this.

You will get the particular wrench with the Porter-cable angle grinder.

Besides this, it has a tool-free adjustable guard. Actually, the guard is meant to protect the internal component of the angle grinder from sparks and flying metal pieces.

It also protects the angle grinder from dust and debris. Guard is completely adjustable you can easily adjust it in your required position and the best part is, for adjusting this guard, you will not require any special tool. You only have to push the guard and it’s free to adjust in any position.


Let’s talk about the most amazing feature of the Porter-cable corded angle grinder. It is equipped with an amazing feature of the no-volt switch. This is actually a safety feature. No-volt switch prevents the chances of accidents, which may occur because of accidental restarts after power disruption.

In simple words, if you are working and power failure occur and you forget to unplug the angle grinder. So when the power is restored. The angle grinder will not start automatically.

This is indeed for the safety of users.

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PCEG011 has a slide locking switch which is situated on the left side of the device. All you have to do is just plug in its 6ft cord with the electric power supply and side the on button. The tool is ready to be used.

Let me add in further, that for smooth start-up, it has soft start features. It means the speed will not increase as soon as the device start, first few seconds device will operate at low speed so that you can precise and accurate cutting jobs.

Since it is a corded angle grinder, so it has a 6 ft long cord that gives you enough space to work all over your workstation.

Best part about porter cable corded angle grinder is, it comes with the three years of limited warranty  which covers tools only. And you will be surprised to know that porter-cable is giving you free service for a good 12 months.

If in case you are not satisfied with the porter-cable angle grinder you can get it to return within 90 days of purchase.


  • A deadly combination of 6 Amp motor and 12,000 RMP
  • It features ergonomically designed rubber grip handle
  • Handles can be adjusted into three positions that is top right and left
  • Guard can be adjusted into any position without the help of any tool
  • Integrated spindle lock makes it easier to switch between different disc
  • 6ft cord makes it one of the best corded angle grinder
  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Durable and long-lasting


Honestly speaking, I operated this angle grinder I didn’t find any worth mentioning flaw during the process. Then I start searching about it and I came to know that you can’t keep PCEG011 operated or a plug-in for long hours. Some said that it’s not ideal to be used for longer projects.

Well, it’s a small angle grinder of 4.5 inches of diameter, how can you expect a small buddy to do big jobs?

In a nutshell, porter-cable PCEG011 is one of the flawless corded angle grinders.


Well, like other angle grinders of porter-cable, this PCEG011 is also user- friendly and safe to use. With the help of its deadly combination of 6 amp motor and 12,000 RPM, you can get your toughest job done within minutes.

After Dewalt & I always recommend Porter-Cable Angle Grinder.

It’s metal gear system protects the tool from dust and debris and in turn, increases its longevity. Not only this, but you can also operate it fearlessly all-around your work station as it has a 6ft long cord, that’s the reason Porter-cable PCEG011 is one of the Best Corded Angle Grinder.


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