Best Buffing Wheels for Angle Grinder 2023

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Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder

Buffing gives high luster and shine to your car’s body. It’s not necessary to have a buffer in your home, to add shine and life to your metallic workpieces. An angle grinder would be more than enough for the job. Just attach a suitable buffing wheel and convert the angle grinder to polisher/buffer.

Let me tell you, Buffing is a step of final finishing and polishing which can be done by using a cloth wheel that has some amount of chemical in it. A perfect buffing requires two operations, a cut buff, and a finish buff.

Cut buff removes fine polishing lines, removes pits, and deep scratches, on the other hand, finish buff gives adds high luster shine and gives final finish. Polishing comes after buffing.

The good news is, you don’t have to buy buffer and polisher when you have an angle grinder in your shed.

Best Buffing Wheels for Angle Grinder

There are many different types of buffing wheels and polishing wheels are available in the market. But we have selected the best buffing polishing wheels of angle grinder. These wheels can be easily attached to your angle grinder, provided the arbor size of the disk must match the spindle size of the angle grinder.

1. FANXIANG – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023 (Best Overall)

2. SCOTTCHEN – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023 (Best Performance)

3. ANCIRS – Buffing Wheel for Grinder 2023 (Budgeted)

4. FANXIANG – Polishing Wheel for Angle Grinder (Best for Polishing)

5. FPPO – Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder (for Buffing & Polishing Both)

6. MinCHI257 – Polishing Grinding Wheel

7. MAMIA PAIRS – Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder (Nylon Fiber Wheel)

8. Keadic – Polishing Discs for Angle Grinder (Pack of 13)

9. SI FANG – Abrasive Grinding Polishing Wheels (Nylon Polishing Discs)

10. Benchmark – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023 (Highly Recommended for Polishing)

Let’s break the ice with some of the best buffing and polishing wheels of the angle grinder.

1. FANXIANG – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023

FANXIANG - Best Buffing Wheel for Angle GrinderFanxiang is an online platform that deals in automobile supplies. Airway buffing wheels of Fanxiang are highly useful for that peep who loves to buff and polish their cars often.

It’s the disc that is there in the workshop of every professional mechanic.

Airway buffs are actually a type of buffing and polishing wheel. Multiple discs of cotton cloth are attached to a steel center plate that forms an Airway buff wheel. The cloths are attached to the plate in such a way that it forms pleats. The purpose of these pleats is to increase airflow so that you can buff and polish at a lower temperature.

While buffing and polishing cars you need to be very careful as other buffing wheels may damage the car but the Fanxiang Airway buffing wheel lowers the chances of any damage to the object you are buffing.

The inner arbor hole is about 5/8 inch which allows it to be used on an angle grinder that has a spindle size of about 5/8inch.

It’s a complete set of buffing discs. You will get four colorful discs that are not colorful for aesthetic purposes; rather every color has some definitive meaning. Each disc has cloth pieces of different firmness or softness which will determine its use during the polishing process.

  • The blue buffing wheel has 12 plies and is intended for coarse polishing.
  • Orange biffing wheels have firmer cloth flap and is used for cutting which is the first process of polishing.
  • Yellow buffing wheels are 15% less stiff than orange ones and are used in the second step of buffing
  • Lastly, the white buffing wheel has soft cloth flaps and is intended to be used for the final polishing stage

Fanxiang buffing wheel is like a complete package for any professional and expert.


  • Wear resistance: made up of high-quality cotton which has a long service life.
  • Easy to install: these polishing and buffing wheels are easier to install
  • Widely used: for polishing and buffing different surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.
  • Dimension: diameter- 8” and arbor hole-5/8″


2. SCOTTCHEN – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023

SCOTTCHEN - Best Buffing Wheel for Angle GrinderWhen it comes to buffing and polishing wheels, Scottchen has everything that you need.

Here we are talking about felt flap discs that are used to polish stainless steel, glass, crystal, marble, and furniture.

Scottchen felt flap discs are made up of wool and that’s the reason Scottchen felt flap discs are so durable.

The disc features an arbor hole of about 7/8″ whereas the overall diameter of the disc is about 4.5 inches. You need to use a flange for adjusting it on the 5/8″ spindle size of the angle grinder.

Flap style of felt flap disc offers great performance in comparison with the solid wool disc. The reason is. Individual flaps are flexible and allow a cool airflow.

You may call it one of the best buffing wheels as it has a reinforced fiberglass backer that absorbs high pressure and vibration in order to deliver smooth and even buffing.

Scottchen felt flap disc are really useful for car polishing and for polishing and buffing irregular and contoured surfaces. You will get 5 pieces of felt flap disc in one single pack.

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  • Easy to use: the 7/8” arbor hole fits in most of the angle grinder and bench grinders. Use along with polishing compound.
  • Make your work easy: the flap design allows cool airflow and hence makes your work easier.
  • Great companion: for polishing and buffing different surfaces, Scottchen felt flap disc is a great companion.


3. ANCIRS – Buffing Wheel for Grinder 2023

ANCIRS - Buffing Wheel for GrinderFelt discs of ANCIRS are made up of soft thick wool which promises scratch-free polishing and buffing.

The felt disc is wear-resistant and ensures long-lasting use.

For polishing and buffing different metals such as stainless steel and aluminum, ANCIRS felt disc is the wheel of choice. Other applications include metal de-rusting, ceramic and glass polishing, marble cleaning and polishing, and automotive and wood floor polishing.

Angle grinder of 100mm works perfectly with the ANCIRS buffing wheel as it has an outer diameter of about 4 inches whereas the arbor hole size is 0.62 inches.

Since it’s a felt disc it doesn’t have any flaps, the disc pads are wear-resistant and have good heat dissipation. While using the felt disc, always use protective goggles and dustproof equipment while using the felt disc for buffing, as it may produce lots of dust and dirt.


  • Durable: made up of high quality and natural compressed wool which is soft and thick.
  • One for all: fits to almost every angle grinder of 100mm diameter
  • Multipurpose: polishing/ buffing stainless steel, marble, aluminum, and many other surfaces.
  • Dimension: outer diameter: 4 inch , inner diameter: 0.62 inch


4. FANXIANG – Polishing Wheel for Angle Grinder

FANXIANG - Polishing Wheel for Angle GrinderThe high ply of the buffing wheel increases the efficiency. The former FANXIANG airway buffing wheel that we reviewed first had 12 plies, but this polishing wheel for the angle grinder from FANXIANG has 16 plies and it delivers amazing performance.

Airway buffing wheel of FANXIANG is made up of high-grade cotton cloth. You will get three pieces of buffing disc which are different in terms of softness. The white disc has a textile density of 133*72 whereas the orange and blue have a textile density of 133*100. Higher density means more cloth is used in buffing disc; therefore, there will be more flex and more life of the disc.

As far as the hardness degree is concerned, the white one is fine, the orange one is medium and the blue one is coarse. So the blue one is dedicated for coarse polishing, whereas the orange one is used in the first step of polishing and the white one is used in the last for giving a glossy and lustrous look to the object.

All the discs have an outer wheel diameter of around 8 “and the inner arbor hole is 5/8 inch with 16 plies.

For polishing different parts of the vehicle and give them a shine like new, FANXIANG polishing wheel for angle grinder is the best choice.


  • Corrosion-resistant: the center ring of the disc is made up of corrosion-resistant material and is quite durable.
  • Useful design: the airways wheel design increase the airflow and lower the temperature to avoid any damage.
  • Widely used: for polishing and buffing different surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper. Ideal for car polishing.
  • Dimensions: diameter: 8” inch, inner diameter: 5/8 inch, with 16 plies for more efficient working.


5. FPPO – Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder

FPPO - Buffing Wheel for Angle GrinderFPPO polishing and buffing flap wheel are made up of nylon which is not just a buffing wheel but also serves as a scouring pad.

These polishing wheels for angle grinders are highly effective for removing rust. The nylon material adds high flexibility to the disc along with high grinding efficiency.

With good heat dissipation property, you can buff or polish your desire material without damaging the object.

Fppo flap disc has a long service life, also they produce low noise. Just because of this reason, workers love using FPPO grinding and polishing discs.

It fits all types of angle grinders via using flange. The dimension of the fppo buffing wheel is 4.5 inches with an inner arbor hole of about 7/8”.

These scouring pads are ideal for removing rust, deburring, cleaning, and polishing metal. In fact, it’s a polishing and buffing wheel that gives shine and luster to most of your workpieces.

Fppo flap disc is the disc of choice in the light industry, wood industry, furniture works, metal, plastic, and automobiles. It is available in different grit sizes such as 120,180,240,320.


  • Material: nylon which is environmentally friendly and has a longer service time
  • Best for smooth and bright polishing of automobiles, metal, wood, plastic.
  • Dimension: outer diameter 4.5”, inner bore diameter: 7/8”, grit size: 320#, thickness: 0.6”
  • Heat dissipation: excellent heat dissipation property and do not burn the work piece.


6. MinCHI257 – Polishing Grinding Wheel

MinCHI257 - Polishing Grinding WheelIf you need long-lasting and durable buffing and polishing wheel then MinCHI257 has something interesting for you. It has a professional quality of polishing and grinding wheel that is made up of nylon. This nylon flap disc has high tenacity fiber along with special viscose, which results in almost noiseless operation.

MinCHI257 polishing wheel is specially designed for irregularly curved surfaces, so that you can make it smooth and even. The nylon flap disc has excellent heat dissipation property that constantly dissipates the heat while you are giving shine to your workpiece.

With the 240 grit size, it can easily grind out the fine sand and grain and hence gives crystal-like shine to your metal.

Since the majority of the professional workers own 115mm angle grinders, that’s why MinCHI257has designed a polishing wheel that fits perfectly to 115mm angle grinders.

minCHI257 polishing grinding wheel is a widely used wheel in polishing different metals, machinery, wood products, plastic, melamine, and automobiles. You will get a pack of 10 pieces of MinCHI257 buffing polishing wheel.


  • Durable: nylon flap discs offer long service life; hence, they are very durable.
  • Heat-dissipation: minCHI257 buffing and the polishing wheel won’t damage and burn your object and it’s because of its excellent heat dissipation properties.
  • Suited for: irregularly curved surface
  • Grit size: 240# so it can grind out the fine sand and grain
  • Best for: machinery, wood products, plastic, melamine and automobiles, and many other
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ outer diameter, inner diameter is 7/8″, thickness: 0.6″


7. MAMIA PAIRS – Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder

MAMIA PAIRS - Buffing Wheel for Angle GrinderMamia pairs buffing wheel features a high-quality nylon fiber. The best thing about nylon fiber is, it has good elasticity and is durable and long-lasting, which is best for professional fellows who are more into buffing and polishing objects.

Besides this, Mamia pairs buffing and polishing wheel are wear-resistant and are resistant to water and heat.

They can also be used as scouring pads as they are highly flexible. With the grit size of 320#, they have got high grinding efficiency. It means it can easily grind out sand and grains.

Nylon flap polishing buffing wheel is suitable for different processes such as dry sanding, grinding, polishing, and removing rust and deburring. Not only this but it is also used to remove old paint from any car’s body.

Mamia Pairs polishing wheels are low in noise and have high heat dissipation which ensures smooth and damage-free working. Like MinCHIN257 it is also suitable for an irregular curved surface.

So be it any metal like stainless steel, copper, brass aluminum Mamia Pairs grinding wheel won’t disappoint you. It gives an amazing shine to your masterpiece. You will get 10 pieces of nylon flap disc which can be easily fit into any angle grinder.


  • Wear-resistant: made up of high-quality nylon which has longer service life and is resistant to water and oil.
  • Work great: Mamia pairs work greats on all kinds of projects. Be it a project related to metals, furniture, melamine, machinery, automobiles, leather, and textile.
  • Effective for: dry sanding, grinding, removing rust, and de-burring.
  • Dimensions: Outer diameter: 4.5″, inner diameter: 7/8″ thickness:0.59″


8. Keadic – Polishing Discs for Angle Grinder

Keadic - Polishing Discs for Angle GrinderAccording to blog.esslinger, Felt buffs are the most used buffing wheels and the reason is they are suitable for al purpose polishing and buffing.

Keadic wool felt buff features a 4” diameter of the disc with a thickness of about 8mm. they are made up of natural and soft elastic wool material which is sturdy and wear-resistant and requires longer service time.

You will get 10 pieces of buffing wheel pad along with three different color polishing compounds that are:

Black emery: this is a coarse compound that is used for cutting dirt and sand from the body of metal like stainless steel, horn, wood, and aluminum.

Brown Tripoli: it is used for aluminum and stainless steel, for adding high luster.

General Green: it is a wax that is used to add mirror-like shine to stainless steel.

Keadic polishing disc for angle grinder has got wide uses. If you have an angle grinder and Keadic buffing wheel pads, then you can conquer the impossible. Some of the widely used applications include de-rusting metal, polishing marble, automotive, and wood.

Keadic buffing wheel pads can be easily used on any material, be it stainless steel, brass, cast iron, or aluminum. You can also use it for giving new life to your jewelry.

One downside of the Keadic buffing and polishing wheel pad is, the inner bore diameter is not compatible with most of the angle grinders not even with flange. It is too small to accommodate on 5/8-11” spindle thread of angle grinder. It is most suitable with small angle grinders of about 4″.

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  • Package content: 10 pieces buffing wheel pads along with three buffing waxes.
  • Environmental friendly: made up of soft, elastic, sturdy, and wear-resistant wool that is safe for the environment.
  • Compatibility: compatible with limited models of angle grinder for various applications
  • Dimensions: outside diameter: 4″, inside diameter: 16mm, thickness: 8mm


9. SI FANG – Abrasive Grinding Polishing Wheels

SI FANG - Abrasive Grinding Polishing WheelsSI FANG is a complete kit of abrasive buffing polishing wheels that has 15 disks and all are of4.5 inches in diameter.

Indeed, this is the complete set that any expert buffer and polisher want to have in his shed.

It has all those types of abrasive wheels that are used more such as felt buffing disc, flap disc, and strip disc.

The 15 pieces of kit include:

  • 2 pieces of nylon grinding wheel which is suitable for buffing, polishing, and grinding metal, jewelry, stainless steel. It can polish grooves, flat or curved surfaces, and make their surface smooth.
  • 2 pieces of nylon polishing disc(red:240 grit size, green:120 grit size): great for removing rust, dry sanding, grinding, polishing, and contour
  • 2Pcs Stearate Coated Flap Disc T27: The Stearate coating, will liquefy under heat and provide a protective coat on the flaps that prevent loading/gumming up on soft metals.
  • 5Pcs Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc T29: Designed for grinding, blending, sanding, and finishing on a wide range of materials.
  • 1Pcs Poly Strip Abrasive Disc Wheel Black: Remove Rust, Paint, Scaling, and Oxidation Effortlessly.
  • 3Pcs Cut-off Wheel: to cut metal such as steel and cast iron.

All the discs are hard-wearing, produce low noise, and delivers uniform polishing and buffing effect. SI FANG has a complete range of abrasive discs that can be used for multiple jobs on your workstation. In my opinion, it is one of the best buffing polishing wheels for angle grinder. These abrasive discs are quite tricky to use for a beginner since the discs are not labeled, so beginners might get confused between multiple abrasive wheel pads.


  • Package content: 15 pieces of abrasive wheels that include cut-off disc, felt disc, flap disc, strip disc.
  • Application: Widely used for sanding, polishing, grinding, buffing applications.
  • Compatible: compatible with 4.5” angle grinders. Such as DEWALT DCG414B, DWE402, Makita 9557PBX1, Bosch 1375A, GWS8-45, PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG, PCE810, Black & Decker BDEG400, G950 and more
  • Dimensions: 4.5 inches in diameter, 22mm inner diameter.


10. Benchmark – Best Buffing Wheel for Angle Grinder 2023

Benchmark - Best Buffing Wheel for Angle GrinderBenchmark introduces its all-new flap disc, which is ideally used to polish stainless steel and aluminum. These wheel pads are made up of using high-quality compressed wool felt flaps that ensure excellent buffing, polishing, and final finishing. It is designed to be used on irregular surfaces. The flaps design offers excellent heat dissipation which promises that it won’t cause any harm or damage to your workpiece.

Besides this, the benchmark features durable and sturdy fiberglass backers that can easily handle high pressure and dampen all the vibration. This allows users to work comfortably.

Also, with the help of fiberglass backers workers can get the excellent maximum output.

Felt flap disc is used for polishing stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, and stone. For having a mirror-like shine, it should be combined with any polishing past.

Benchmark buffing wheel for the grinder is best suited with 4.5 inches of angle grinder as it has an outer diameter of 4.5 inches and the inner bore diameter of about 7/8”.


  • Material: high quality compressed wool which is wear-resistant
  • Easy to install: these buffing wheel pads are very easy to use and install.
  • Backer: it’s made up of sturdy and durable fiberglass.
  • Suitable with: 4.5″ of angle grinder
  • Dimensions: outer diameter: 4.5 inches, inner diameter: 7/8″


Buffing & Polishing Wheel FAQS:

Can I use a buffing wheel on the angle grinder?

Yes, of course. There are dedicated buffing and polishing wheels that you can use fearlessly on your angle grinder for polishing and buffing jobs.

How do you polish metal with an angle grinder?

Metal can be polished using a flap disc with an angle grinder. Flaps disc comes in different softness and coarseness. Start with the coarse polishing by choosing a coarse disc, then move towards the soft and smooth polishing by choosing a fine abrasive disc.

How fast should a buffing wheel turn?

For buffing, the wheel should turn at low RPM. Lower RPM means less friction and less heat buildup. It’s better to stay between 1750-2400 when compounding and 1200-1750RPM when finishing.

What are buffing wheels used for?

Buffing wheels are used for buffing and polishing different metals, wood, melamine, cars. The first cut the sand and grain stains and then buffs the workpiece.

What is the difference between buffing and polishing?

Buffing and polishing are the two common finishing processes that improve the appearance of metal. There is a thin line difference between them, buffing uses a loose abrasive wheel that removes imperfections and gets the surface ready for polishing. Whereas polishing requires a closely and tightly packed abrasive wheel that gives a brighter and more finished final look.

How do I choose a buffing wheel?

How do I choose a buffing wheel? While choosing a buffing wheel, make sure to keep in mind the two important factors that are stiffness and buff hardness.


Cutting, grinding, sanding is not only the job of an angle grinder you can buff and polish your expensive tools and equipment. For this, you will need the best buffing wheel for the angle grinder. We have mentioned and reviewed some high-end buffing wheel pads that are useful both for professional and hobbyists. using a buffing/ polishing wheel will make your job simpler and easier.

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