Best Angle Grinder Stand 2021

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Best Angle Grinder StandAngle grinder stand is one of the major accessories that you want to have in your workshop especially when you have frequent cutting and grinding tasks. As the name indicates, it holds the angle grinder so that it remains stable and firm and your hands remain free to concentrate more on your cutting job.

Angle grinder stands need to be mounted securely on any workbench. This way it gives excellent stability that mostly operator wants for precise and error-free cutting.

With the use of the Best Angle Grinder Stand you can convert your versatile handheld power tool into a mini chop saw that cuts tiles, pipes, and different metals.

Best Angle Grinder Stand Reviews 2021

Choosing the best angle grinder stand is just like a tough row to hoe as there are perpetual options in the market. If you are looking to buy an angle grinder holder, then we have made this review just for you.

This review comprises some best of the best angle grinder stands that are ideal both for professional and non-professional workers.

So if you want to keep your angle grinder stable and firm during operation, an angle grinder holder is all you need.


1. YaeTek – Best Angle Grinder Stand 2021

Well made and a durable stand that gives better control of your angle grinder. Ideal for professional operators

2. DOMINTY – Angle Grinder Holder

Angle grinder holder with integrated protective safety shield which holds 4” and 5” of angle grinder. Made up of light material, therefore good small hobbies project not for big projects

3. Drealin – Angle Grinder Stand 2021

A sturdy and stable angle grinder stand that gives straight cuts precisely. With a heavy-duty iron base, Drealin is ideal for small to medium cutting jobs.

1. YaeTek – Best Angle Grinder Stand 2021

YaeTek - Best Angle Grinder StandYaeTek makes one of the best angle grinder stands. No doubt it is a multipurpose angle grinder that will give true value for your money.

The stand is pretty well made. The base of the stand is made up of cast iron whereas the other parts of the YaeTek angle grinder stand are made up using aircraft-grade aluminum.

It is not huge in size that occupies all of the space in your workplace. It is a medium-size angle grinder stand that is compatible to secure all the 4″ and 4.5″ angle grinders.

YaeTek features a quick clamp with a swing angle of 0-45 degrees. This ensures the operators that they can swing angle grinders from 0 to 45 degrees so that they can work more efficiently and practically.

YaeTek angle grinder comes unassembled. You need to assemble it before using it. Its assembling and installation is a bit tricky. For this, you can watch the different tutorials. But thankfully, it comes with all the tools that you might need in its installation.

YaeTek angle grinder securely holds the angle grinder and gives you better control of your angle grinder. This way professional operators can precisely cut pipes and tubing.

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  • Clamping angle of 0 degrees to 45 degrees
  • Equipped with cast iron base
  • Features a durable design
  • Securely holds 4 and 4.5 inches of angle grinder


2. DOMINTY – Angle Grinder Holder

DOMINTY Angle Grinder HolderDominty designed one of the best angle grinder holders with some safety concerns for the operator. it features an integrated protective safety shield that protects the user from sparks and flying metal pieces. Not only this, it is a great addition to keep the internal components of the angle grinder protected.

Besides this, for comfortable and accurate working it has a spring-return lever

Dominty angle grinder stand is designed using rugged and robust material. The base plate is made up of cast iron that gives stability to the instrument, as per the statement of the manufacturer. Upon using the angle grinder holder, we came to know that the base is not actually made up of cast iron rather it’s a cheap stamped steel of about 16GA.

So, we would not recommend Dominty angle grinder stand for professional workers, rather it is good for some DIY-ers.

Its dimensions are more or less the same as the other angle grinder holders that are space-savvy and compact.

It features a quick clamp with a swing angle of about 0 to 45 degrees. Operators have the freedom to adjust their angle grinder at any angle at which they feel comfortable.

Dominty angle grinder securely and tightly holds 4, 4.5, and 5″ of angle grinder and can even work on pieces place in the oblique direction.

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  • Quick clamp with 0-45 degree swing
  • Offers maximum cutting depth of 30mm
  • With slide and pivot mechanism
  • Supports 4, 4.5, and 5” of angle grinder
  • With a protective spark shield


3. Drealin – Angle Grinder Stand 2021

Drealin - Angle Grinder StandDrealin angle grinder stand will let your hands-free and convert your angle grinder into any metal cutting chop saw. Drealin angle grinder stand is one of the most useful and top-rated stands and the reason is its construction.

The build of the Drealin angle grinder stand is so awesome and sturdy that it won’t even flex for a second. Straight cuts are not a big deal with Drealin angle grinder.

It is made up of a heavy-duty iron base that you can easily screws onto a workbench for maximum tool stability. As far as the body is concerned, it is made up of heavy-duty aluminum,

Equipped with a quick clamp that is widely adjustable to various angles. Operators can cut objects from different angles. The maximum swing angle is 45 degrees along with the maximum cutting depth of 11.8”.

Apart from this Drealin angle grinder stand features a protective guard that protects the operator from metal chips and sparks. So while installing the angle grinder onto the Drealin stand, removes the guard of the angle grinder.

The well constructed and solidly build Drealin angle grinder holders makes it a universal angle grinder stand for 4” and 4.5” of angle grinder and convert it into a mini chop saw for cutting tiles, pipes, and rebar precisely. It is one of the best angle grinder holders that is ideal for small to medium jobs.

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  • With a maximum swing angle of 45 degrees
  • Offers maximum cutting depth of 11.8”
  • With a heavy-duty iron base
  • Supports 4 and 4.5 of angle grinder
  • With protective guard


Angle Grinder Stand FAQ:

How do you mount an angle grinder on the angle grinder stand?

To mount an angle grinder first of all undo the two adjusting screws that are there on the clamping device and fold back the protection guard.

Now place the angle grinder onto the stand and secure it with the two screws that will be provided with the angle grinder stand. Make sure to use the right screw as per the disc size of the angle grinder.

Tighten the adjustment screw so that the angle grinder will be securely held at its position.

Now keep the protective guard to the front and tighten it.

Fix the cable of the angle grinder into the cable holder of the angle grinder stand so that it won’t interrupt during cutting.

The angle grinder is ready to be used as a mini chop saw.


Angle grinder holders are widely used by the professional for cutting pipes and tubing. They are the best way to get straight precise cutting without any flex. The above-reviewed angle grinders stand are considered as best based on the reviews of customers.

We would recommend buying a Drealin angle grinder stand as it has got tough and sturdy construction. It is best for professional fabricators. Whereas if you want something for light-duty jobs then a Dominty angle grinder could be the best choice for you.

Remember, the angle grinder stand must always be securely fastened to any workbench in a horizontal upright position. To avoid any accident do check with regular intervals that all nuts and bolts are fastened securely.

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