Best Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 2023

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Best Angle Grinder Sanding Disc

When it comes to usability of power tools, angle grinder strikes the mind first, since it is one of the most useful and popular tools. Whether you are cutting tile or removing paint from an old car, Angle grinder will there to help you out. Just because of the abrasive disc attachment you can transform angle grinder into many other expensive power tools.

One such example is Sander, you can Convert an Angle Grinder into a Sander by attaching suitable abrasive discs that are specially designed for sanding. Now no need to purchase expensive and heavy power tools when you have an angle grinder in your workshop.

For this purpose, you will find angle grinder sanding discs that have a rugged and robust backing with different types of abrasive material on them such as Zirconium, aluminum oxide, and ceramic.

Like sandpaper, these sanding discs have some grit sizes too. The lower the number, the coarser the grit will be.

Best Angle Grinder Sanding Discs 2023

So by choosing the Best Angle Grinder Sanding Disc of appropriate grit size, you can use an angle grinder as a sander in your different projects.


1. S SATC – Angle Grinder Sanding Flap Discs (Best Pick)

zirconia grain T29 flap disc which is perfect for contouring and shaping surfaces, has a longer life, and works on a variety of material. It is a great sanding disc for removing imperfections from your masterpiece.

2. NEIKO – Best Angle Grinder Sanding Disc

Durable and long-lasting flap sanding disc which is most liked by the professionals for its versatility.

3. Coceca – Angle Grinder Sanding Disc for Metal

Featuring aluminum oxide grain on a flat type 27 wheel which is best for smoothing and blending surfaces and for flat sanding. Ideal for wood crafters.

4. INSMA – Angle Grinder Sanding Attachment

Poly strip roloc disc which easily smoothens the rough surfaces of metal without damaging it.

5. Mestool – Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 2023

Durable and long-lasting sanding disc that offers more stable and efficient sanding. A great choice for fabricators.

Below we have discussed and reviewed some angle grinder sanding attachment, that will give you a clear picture about sanding disc.

1. S SATC – Angle Grinder Sanding Flap Discs

S SATC - Angle Grinder Sanding Flap DiscsThis abrasive wheel of S Satc is a flap disc that is made up of industrial grade and premium Zirconium grains. S Satc sanding disc has a comparatively longer life than the other standard flap disc. According to Smithandarrow, unlike other sanding discs on my list, S Satc is suitable to be used on different material such as wood, fiberglass, metal, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

As per empireabrasives, the small pieces of zirconium sandpaper are arranged into overlapping flaps that are glued radially to a fiberglass backing plate. And this is the reason the S Satc sanding disc absorbs vibration without smear during usage.

You will get 20 flap discs of varying grit sizes in a single pack. The pack includes 10 pieces of 40 grit, 5 pieces of 60 grit, 3 pieces of 80 grit, and 2 pieces of 120 grit sizes. Increase grit size means smaller abrasive grains that deliver finer performance. So before starting any sanding job, make sure to choose the right grit size for the job.

S Satc sanding disc is a type 29 abrasive flap disc. Such discs are better for contouring and shaping different surfaces. Also, it’s compatible with a 4.5 inch angle grinder and operates at the speed of 13,300 RPM.

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  • Vibration dampener: the fiberglass backing absorbs and reduces the vibration
  • Durable: the zirconium grains makes S Satc flap discs more durable
  • Type:29- the conical shape of the disc is ideal for grinding contours and edges.
  • Dimensions: outer diameter: 4.5 inches, arbor size: 7/8”, RPM: 13300
  • Ideal for: sanding, grinding, deburring, blending, and finishing a wide range of products.

2. NEIKO – Best Angle Grinder Sanding Disc

NEIKO - Best Angle Grinder Sanding DiscNeiko manufactures one of the best angle grinder sanding discs for metal. Why best? Because it features premium quality of industrial-grade Blue zirconium that works well on stainless steel which other grains don’t.

For strength and durability, the multiple pieces of sandpaper are arranged on a fiberglass backing which also absorbs vibrations.

Neiko 11142A flap disc is available in different grit sizes but you will get 10 pieces of the same grit size in a single pack. This way it will save your time and you don’t have to rush to the market when you are short of a particular grit size of flap disc.

Empireabbrasive that flaps discs are the most popular abrasives among welders and fabricators for sanding and giving a perfect finish look to your work.

Neiko Flap disc is quite effective for blending, smoothing, finishing flat surfaces, and deburring. Since it is a type 29 flap disc which is also known as a contoured disc, they are perfect for contouring and grinding sharp edges and surfaces.

Not only this, Neiko angle grinder sanding disc is perfect for radius grinding on steel, sheet metal, welding, and industrial maintenance.

The disc is compatible with most of the angle grinders of 4.5 inches and works at speed of 13300 RPM.


  • High strength: the zirconium on fiberglass backing gives high strength to the wheel.
  • Contour disc: type 29 ideal for contoured edges
  • Dimension: outer diameter: 4.5 inches, arbor size: 7/8″, RPM: 13300
  • Compatible with: 4.5 inches of angle grinders

3. Coceca – Angle Grinder Sanding Disc for Metal

Coceca - Angle Grinder Sanding Disc for MetalCoceca angle grinder sanding discs are suitable for grinding, mixing, and finishing various metals. It features aluminum oxide grit which is a synthetic and durable grit. Aluminum oxide grit is great for sanding and polishing various metals. But you can’t treat stainless steel with it, as it is not an INOX grade grain. So this is the limitation of the Coceca sanding disc.

The aluminum oxide grains are arranged on fiberglass backing in a flat flap pattern and this is the reason we called it a flat disc or type 27 disc.

Coceca angle grinder sanding attachment is not a suitable disc for contouring or shaping. Instead of this, they are best suited for smoothing and blending and for flat sanding.

When it comes to the application of the Coceca sanding disc, it won’t disappoint you at all. It is effective against removing rust, paint, and sanding different surfaces.

Works great with all air and electric grinders.

In a single pack, you will 20 sanding disc of different grit size that is 40, 60, 80 and 120. Some people have reported that they have got some weird size of the wheel because of which terribly shakes the grinder. Coceca must have taken notice of this complaint and we do hope that in the upcoming batch of Coceca sanding disc we won’t face such complaint.


  • Flat disc: type 27 flat disc best for flat sanding.
  • Dimension: outer diameter: 4.5 inches, arbor size: 7/8″, RPM: 13300
  • Compatible with: 4.5 inch of angle grinders such as DEWALT DCG414B, DWE402, Makita 9557PBX1, Black & Decker BDEG400 and more.

4. INSMA – Angle Grinder Sanding Attachment

INSMA - Angle Grinder Sanding AttachmentBelieve me, this is one of the best angle grinder sanding discs for metal. The reason is, it won’t harm your base material.

Unlike the other sanding discs on my list INSMA sanding disc is a poly strip disc that removes the imperfections without causing any damage to your base material. Usually, flap discs remove the steel or wood underneath as stated by Smithandarrow.

INSMA sanding disc features a special fiber that is used as substrate. The abrasive particles of silicon carbide have adhered firmly to it forming an open mesh structure. That’s why it dissipates heat quickly and therefore, the base material won’t experience and deformation and discoloration.

Because of silicon carbide as grain INSMA, angle grinder sanding attachment can be freely used on hardwood, plastic, aluminum, brass, glass edges, and even on natural stone as stated by

These sanding discs are 2 inches in size and are ideal for contouring tighter and congested areas. For easy attachment, a ¼ inch shank roloc disc holder comes with it, with the help of which you can fix it on any power tool like die grinder, angle grinder.

Besides being a great sanding disc, INSMA is used for cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, and finishing different objects.

You will get 30 pieces of these small beasts along with a single shank roloc disc holder. INSMA sanding discs are the must-have sanding/paint removing disc in any car workshop.

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  • Environmental friendly: produces less abrasive sand and low noise.
  • Grain: silicon carbide grain that keeps the base material safe and protected
  • Compatible with: all angle grinders, electric drill, and die grinders
  • Dimensions: diameter: 2″

5. Mestool – Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 2023

Mestool - Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 2021Mestool is a 4 ½ angle grinder sanding disc that is made up of high density and industrial-grade zirconium material. Mestool sanding discs have enhanced durability as compare to the other types of sanding discs. Also, they are quite economical and easy to use.

Besides this, Mestool is perfect for doing contouring of sharp edges. And let me tell you, it does not produce an effective result when you use it for flat sanding. The reason is, it is a contour disc or you can say a type 29 flap disc.

The fiberglass backing gives high strength to the disc and also reduces unnecessary vibrations. Users may experience smooth and stable sanding with a Mestool sanding disc.

Professional fabricators always look for a product that works well with all. The availability of discs of different grit sizes makes it a perfect tool for the fabrication industry.

A single pack of Mestool sanding disc contains 22 pieces out of which 10 pieces are of 40 grit size, 5 pieces are of 60 grit size, 4 pieces are of 80 grit size and 3 pieces are of 120 grit size. Indeed it’s a great choice for sanding different metals.

Mestool sanding discs are ideal for grinding, deburring, sanding, and cleaning metal, wood, and concrete.

It features a universal size that fits all angle grinders of 4.5 inches. So be it sanding a piece of wood or tile or steel. Mestool will do it effectively in no time


  • TYPE: 29-Flap disc –best for contouring and shaping
  • Stable sanding: the fiberglass backing gives more stable and efficient sanding
  • Dimension: outer diameter: 4.5 inches, arbor size: 7/8″, RPM: 13300

Sanding Discs FAQs:

Can you put a sanding disc on an angle grinder?

Yes, by using a sanding disc you can convert your angle grinder into a sander. Flap discs are used as sanding disc that makes sanding with angle grinder an easier job.

Can you sand metal with an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are a versatile power tool that can be used for various purposes such as grinding, cutting, and polishing. Besides this, it can be used for sanding different metals and surfaces. All you have to do is just fix the suitable abrasive wheel for sanding.

Who makes the best sanding discs?

DeWalt and S Satc are known for manufacturing durable and long-lasting sanding discs for angle grinders.

What is the best brand of sandpaper for wood?

When it comes to sanding wood, Garnet Sandpapers are the best choice ever. They feature soft grit and produce the smoothest surfaces.

Which sandpaper is best for wood?

Grit size is all that determines the usefulness of sandpaper. The coarse grit that is under #100 will damage the fine wood finish whereas the fine grit that is #220 is used for final light sanding just before polishing wood. So it's better to choose a medium to the fine grit size of sandpaper for treating wood.


These sanding discs are really useful in transforming your angle grinder into a sander so that you can create a masterpiece without wasting your time. Remember, before starting any sanding project, go through the grits properly. Using the right grit size for the right job will produce an outstanding result. Otherwise, the results would be devastating if you use a coarser grit size in the final stage of finishing.

Sources: Smithandarrow, Empireabbrasive

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