Best Angle Grinder Gloves 2022

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Best Angle Grinder GlovesTechnology has progressed to the point that the use of heavy and powerful machinery has become a necessity in the construction field. These tools are not only effective but also efficient in terms of overall utility and the respective tasks they are meant to help execute.

Such machinery can often be hard to control and poses a dangerous threat against the user, if not handled appropriately. Similarly, angle grinders are powerful tools that can execute a variety of tasks such as polishing, cutting, sharpening, or even cleaning and are found in almost every workshop.

Handling angle grinders is no easy feat. And therefore, it’s best that you use angle grinder gloves as it not only helps in increasing your control of the machine but also acts as a safety protector.

The general angle grinder gloves offer heat resistance and protection against cuts and abrasion. However, the degree to which they offer safety tends to vary based on their intricate design and the material used in their construction. Therefore, it is best to assess and understand the product before purchasing it.

Best Angle Grinder Gloves Reviews 2021

There are many different types of angle grinder gloves available in the market. From cut resistant gloves to heat absorbing gloves. Among these types, understanding what best suits your needs is vital as it helps you get the most out of your money.

1. Dewalt – Best Cut Resistant Gloves 2021 [Best Overall]

2. KIM YUAN – Angle Grinder Gloves [Popular]

3. RAPICCA – Best Angle Grinder Gloves 2021 [Affordable]

This guide is designed to increase your awareness and recommend you some of the best angle grinder gloves available.

1. Dewalt – Best Cut Resistant Gloves 2021

Dewalt - Best Cut Resistant GlovesDewalt offers high quality, grade A buffalo leather angle grinder gloves. They are built to endure abrasion and provide resistance against it without damaging the overall build of the product. The leather adds flexibility and does not hinder your mobility while working.

Gloves not only offer protection against abrasion but are also resistant to heat and fire. Which means it can be utilized for multi-purpose tasks. These can be paired with fire-resistance sleeves and jackets due to the added open cuff benefit.

Providing a premium solution for heavy duty welding and work, its material although resistant to damage is breathable and offers unmatched durability.

Areas that come into frequent contact and most likely to be targeted against high abrasion such as the index finger, thumb as well as side of the hand have extra layering for enhanced protection adding to its overall durability.

Even prolonged exposure to heat won’t burn or melt these gloves due to the internal Kevlar threading. Dewalt prides itself on being the toughest in the market in terms of providing safety and durability to its user.

Whether you are simply grinding, drilling, welding, or using these for casual work, you can be sure that these products are designed in a way to surpass your expectations and deliver the best possible results. The product will perform as per high standards while resisting and withstanding the harshest job conditions.

Highly Resistant:

Material used to design this glove was Buffalo grade leather which in itself defines its premium quality. Making it ideal for use when metal fabricating or welding. The added bonus is that it’s also resistant to both heats, fire along with abrasion and other work environment hazards.

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Leather Material:

Most gloves focus far too much on the protection feature which undermines the overall mobility that the user receives from it. This is why DeWalt uses leather and Kevlar threading which does not compromise the versatility and adaptability of the glove.

Designed for Grinding & Welding:

This glove was designed specifically for Angle Grinder & MIG/STICK welding. As it offers greater and precise control over the use of equipment which leads to cleaner results during the welding process. Whereas, the Kevlar threading resists heat and protects you from burns or exposure to ultraviolet light.

Pairable with other Safety Gears:

Open cuff features on the gloves give a long gauntlet-styled outlook which is not only for aesthetic purposes but also can be worn over other safety gears such as fire-resistant sleeves or welder’s jackets.

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Brand Name:

Dewalt is a well-known brand that was established back in 1924. It continues to provide innovative solutions with its intricate designs and optimized professional products. The brand specializes in products related to on-site job conditions making it ideal for such practices.

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  • Elastic sewn wrists for an easier fit
  • Reinforced with additional layers for abrasion protection
  • Fingers are seamless to allow smoother electrode manipulation
  • Made of Premium quality buffalo leather material
  • Longer cuff for better safety
  • Enhanced durable Kevlar threading
  • 30 day checking warranty
  • Comparably expensive as compared to its competitors
  • Lack of padding on the palm for ease of grip


2. KIM YUAN – Angle Grinder Gloves

KIM YUAN - Angle Grinder GlovesKim yuan is a brand best known for its manufacturing of gloves that are designed to protect against job hazards. These 16-inch gloves are made for professionals as they have extreme heat resistance due to the fully split cow leather surface having a 1.2mm thickness depth.

Despite being made from high quality cow leather it’s comfortable to wear as it’s lined with cotton on the inside adding to its heat insulation and making it fireproof. Soft cotton can also absorb sweat so that you remain unhindered while working. It can handle temperatures of up to 662F or 350C.

Leather is highly flexible and soft despite its thickness. Along with its fire resistance, it is also cut resistant, puncture resistant, and moderately oil resistant. Meaning that it does not compromise your overall work efficiency.

Glove uses Kevlar based stitching which not only supports its joints but also makes it even more durable against high temperatures. The Kevlar stitching ensures that the glove is not easy to break.

Additionally, the added palm cushion helps protect against sharp and heavy objects. Making this glove excellent for working conditions that include, grinding, welding, gripping hot stuff, working with high temperature metals, burning coal, or even firewood.

Utility of the glove comprises multiple varieties of tasks. Sheer number of wide range applications it can be used for makes it well worth its price. It can be used during grilling, barbecues, wood stoves, ovens, cutting, camping, gardening, animal handling, etc.

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High resistance to hazards

Made for professional use, these gloves are heat resistant, cut, abrasion, puncture, and even oil resistant. The Kevlar lining connecting the leather ensures that your hands are protected at all times. Not only does this increase its overall lifespan but also makes it difficult to break.

Quality Material:

The cow leather used for the making of this glove is thick, soft, and flexible. Without compromising your comfort and protection it offers a 22mm thickness that prioritizes your safety above all else.


These gloves are neither expensive nor cheap because they understand the need for quality along with providing maximum customer satisfaction. Pair that with the value that these gloves offer and you have an amazing deal that is bound to make sure you get your bang for the buck.

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Multi-Purpose Usage:

The durability and level of endurance that these gloves provide make them ideal for any type of application usage from gardening, camping to hardcore welding. These gloves are not solely designed for a specific task but multi-purpose usage so that your safety is never compromised.

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  • The Interior is made of cotton making it comfortable to wear
  • Hook design makes it easy to hang up
  • Wide range of application for use
  • Has 90 days return should the gloves be damaged or are defective
  • Resistant to heat and fire
  • Great high-temperature protection
  • Naturally breathable gloves
  • Lightweight gloves for welding
  • Not resistant to heat on prolonged exposure


3. RAPICCA – Best Angle Grinder Gloves 2021

RAPICCA - Best Angle Grinder GlovesRAPICCA was recently founded in California in 2014. It quickly became a brand leader providing a variety of hand protection solutions. RAPICCA believes in safety and has worked with its customers to better understand their needs and how to deliver innovative and effective hand protection solutions.

The leather forge gloves are Kevlar insulated with cotton utilizing air-isolated Aluminum foil. Specialty of these gloves is that they provide double reinforced Kevlar layer padding on the fingers, the palm, and even up to the elbows. This makes them highly heat resistant.

This glove has four layered heat protection. Outermost layer consists of the double-layer Kevlar padding, next is the air isolated Aluminum foil and a flame retardant cotton cloth. But the layering doesn’t stop here. The innermost layer is a cotton cloth which is soft and comfortable to wear.

Internal cotton is stitched with flame retardant thread for providing advanced heat and cold resistance, it also absorbs sweat, is highly breathable and allergy-free. These four layered structures guarantee that the gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 932 F or 500 C.

This glove is the ideal buy for individuals who are looking for protection when stick welding, Mig welding, Flux-core welding, or even forging. Since the gloves are highly heat resistant they can work in such multi-variety applications.

Thickness & Material:

These gloves offer a 1.5mm thickness which is made from shoulder split natural cowhide. This thickness makes it heat, wear and puncture resistant. The added padding secures a tight grip to help in the handling of heavy-duty equipment, especially during welding.

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Highly Heat Resistant:

Made from heat and flame-resistant cow leather, it is the only product in the market that offers dual Kevlar padding on both fingers, elbows, and back. The internal Kevlar stitching adds to the overall durability making it resistant to high temperatures.

Long Gloves:

Since these gloves are 16 inches long, they extend up to your forearms. They include 7.5 inches long sleeves that offer protection against debris, welding sparks, flames, and hot steam. The sleeves are as resistant as the gloves and include the four layered heat protection.

Flame Retardant Insulated Liner:

The outermost layer of the glove has double layered Kevlar padding while the layering between the cotton and Kevlar is of a composite product made of a highly heat resistant material of Air isolated Aluminum which is 100% flame retardant insulated liner.

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  • 16 inches long with 7.5 inches sleeve
  • Four layered protection including a flame retardant insulator
  • Highly heat and flame resistant
  • Padding on the palm improves grip
  • Comfortable to wear due to internal cotton lining
  • Has 80% UV protection
  • Cold proof, cut resistant, oil resistant, and puncture resistant
  • Made from genuine cowhide split leather
  • Perfect for angle grinder, MIG welding, BBQ, or wood stoves
  • Cannot maintain heat resistance for longer than 15 seconds
  • Will face a loss of dexterity over time


Final Verdict:

Cut resistant gloves come in all kinds of different sizes offering different features. It’s solely upon the user and what purposes they want to utilize the gloves for that determines which glove is best suited as per their preference.

Gloves that offer the best grip in order for you to handle the heavy-duty tools, while protecting you against any kind of hazard such as heat, flame, puncture, cut or abrasion are important. Especially if your on-site job involves welding and handling high temperature material.

Since they come in different sizes it’s important to purchase one that fits your hand so that during work they don’t slip off or aren’t too tight for you. Being comfortable in them is important since you are expected to wear them for a longer duration of time.

Better fit the gloves are, the more you’ll be able to feel the equipment and make cleaner cuts. Arming yourself with the necessary protection before engaging in such hazardous work is utterly important you may never know when an accident could befall you and these protective gears could be what saves your life.

You should not value your life cheaply and invest in angle grinder gloves that offer you the best protection and flexibility. Choosing gloves is as important as buying them.

By utilizing the list above, you will be able to make a sound decision and protect yourself against any harm. After all, your safety is the number one priority!

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