Best Angle Grinder for Welding 2023

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Best angle grinder for welding

No doubt, angle grinders are a versatile and extremely useful tool. Grinding, Sanding, and cutting with an angle grinder is just a matter of seconds. Aside from this, they are one of the most useful welding prep supplies just because of their grinding and sanding function.

Most of the welders’ work is rejected by their contractor just because of having less finishing in their welding work. This problem can be easily eliminated by using the best angle grinder for welding.

Angle grinder is a great tool for preparing metal before welding. And, for adding finishing in your welded project by removing weld slag. The wide varieties of angle grinder discs are very helpful in making your welding job easier.

  • Grinding disc removes excess weld metal, weld spatter, and burrs. Besides this, it removes rough edges of oxy-cut material.
  • Cutting disc cuts through the metal that has to be weld.
  • Flap disc is quite useful in preparing metal before welding. They smooth out the metal surface.
  • Wire brush discs are often used after MIG or TIG welding to remove weld spatter and slag from the welded surface.
  • For removing high welds down sanding disc is used.

For a flawless welding work, angle grinder is the must have in your metalworking shop.

Best Angle Grinder for Welding Reviews 2023

Here we have chosen some best welding angle grinders that are pocket friendly and promises to give you high end performance.


1. Makita 9005B – Best Angle Grinder for Welding 2023 (Best Overall)

A durable and lightweight angle grinder that has a larger wheel size which is ideal for welders working on bigger projects.

2. WORKPRO – Best Angle Grinder for Metal Fabrication (Cordless)

Cordless angle grinder that ensures the safety and comfort of welders by installing anti-slip rubber handles in three positions. Perfect tool for metal fabricators, students, and home-based welders.

3. Bosch GWS8 – Best Welding Angle Grinder (Slim Fit Body)

An angle grinder with a slim body that is maneuverable to use for professional welding jobs. Fits comfortably in your hands and makes little or no noise.

4. WESCO – Welding Grinder (Budgeted)

A small angle grinder that is ideal for removing and cleaning grease, paint stains, rust, dust, and welding slag. One of the most useful tools in the shed of a metal fabricator.

5. SUPRAONE – Welding Angle Grinder (Compact & Lightweight)

Small angle grinder which is packed with outstanding power. Delivers exceptional performance at a pocket friendly cost. Highly recommended for heavy-duty welding projects.

1. Makita 9005B – Best Angle Grinder for Welding 2023

Makita 9005B - Best Angle Grinder for WeldingA compact and lightweight angle grinder that is ideal to be used for high production work when you need less fatigue. Its 9Ampere powerful motor makes it different from the other angle grinders on my list.

The wheel is 5 inches in diameter which rotates with a no-load speed of 12,000RPM. Besides this, it’s a corded angle grinder that is comparatively bigger in size. That’s the reason Makita 9005B is on the top spot on our list of best welding grinders.

Powerful motor which delivers the fastest no load speed makes it perfect angle grinder for those welder who need efficiency with perfection.

Makita 9005B features a trigger switch at the rear side of the motor housing. For welders, trigger switch is a nice option, because they have to use an angle grinder for a short period like 30-40seconds.

For welder comfort, Makita angle grinders come with an uninstalled side handle leaving the option completely on users. You can install it on the right or left side, it’s up to you.

Using Makita Angle grinder is very easy and all thanks to its AC and DC power source which is all yours choice to use. Welders need to switch between different discs frequently, for this purpose; Makita 9005B angle grinder comes with a spindle lock, which makes it easier to change the discs.

Furthermore, it features a lock on switch which eliminates the chances of triggering the power switch accidentally. Makita 5 inch angle grinder is the true example of a perfect welding angle grinder.

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  • It has a bigger grinding wheel that speeds up your job
  • With lock-on feature to avoid accidental triggering
  • It has the highest no-load speed
  • No variable speed- only a single speed option.
  • Moving guard require screwdriver

Our Verdict:

Since it lacks a variable speed option, so Makita 5-inch angle grinder is not a safe tool to be used by DIY-ers on delicate things. Instead of this, for professional welders who work on a tough project, a single speed option is the ideal feature for them.

It is comparatively bigger in size than the other angle grinders. This will definitely make your job quicker and easier. Its 12,000 RPM single speed option makes it a tool of choice for welders who truly work on a professional level and has to meet strict deadlines.


2. WORKPRO – Best Angle Grinder for Metal Fabrication

WORKPRO - Best Angle Grinder for Metal FabricationFor metal fabrication, a tidy workplace is mandatory with no bunches of wire in which welders feet tangles. WORKPRO is the choice of tool for welders who are working in Metal Fabrication jobs. It’s cordless.

Yes, it won’t let you entangled and makes your working space clean and tidy.

Packed with high performance battery of 20V 4.0AH that delivers outstanding power to its 4.5 inch wheels.

It features no load speed of about 7500 RPM and that’s the reason it’s a great tool for home based welders and students who are learning to weld.

Besides this, it weighs around 3.5 pounds which is exactly like the requirement of welders who want fatigue-less jobs.

WorkPro angle grinders come with its dedicated charger to top-up the batteries so that they will provide strong and stable power. For the long life of tool, it has a heat dissipation system that dissipates the heat from the vents that are above the tool.

Unlike the other angle grinders on my list, it has a cruise speed switch which is located right at the top of the tool. The reason is, no matter the welder is left-handed or right handed, and he can easily turn on/off the switch whenever he needs.

WorkPro has shown great concern for welders and metal fabricators and that’s the reason WorkPro 4.5 inch angle grinder is specially designed for them.

Safety and comfort of welders are at the top priority and that’s why there is an ergonomically designed handle with a rubber grip so that welders can work comfortably. The handle can be installed in three positions that are left, right, or top.

Furthermore, for the convenience of the user, WorkPro angle grinder comes with numerous cutting and grinding discs. With the help of the spindle lock button, changing the disc is as easy as ABC.

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  • Cordless angle grinder makes working easier
  • Quick change button for changing wheels
  • Three multiple positions for handle installation
  • It comes with a cutting and grinding disc.
  • Ideal for small outdoor projects
  • Battery life is terrible

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Our Verdict:

WorkPro 4.5 inch angle grinder is indeed a perfect choice of tool for those peeps who want to do little welding jobs outside the home where the power source is an issue.

It’s not a great tool for doing heavy-duty jobs, rather for performing small metal preparing jobs, WorkPro angle grinder can be used. Though 7500 RPM speed is slower as compare to other ones on my list but it is of great use when you need cutting with precision.


3. Bosch GWS8 – Best Welding Angle Grinder

Bosch GWS8 - Best Welding Angle GrinderBosch – a renowned and popular name in the field of the power tool. Bosch has manufactured tools for every profession, so how come they forget welders.

For a worth appreciating welding project, Bosch Angle grinder serves the best.

The 4.5 inch angle grinder featuring a powerful motor of 7.5 Ampere, which delivers ultimate power to its disc that it rotates with a no-load speed of 11,000 RPM, making it a perfect angle grinder for welders. It features a flat gear head on the front which makes it easier to clean and finish tight metal spaces.

The question is, is the Bosch Angle grinder really perfect for welders?

Bosch GWS8 angle grinder is a compact and lightweight angle grinder that has a sleek and slender style grip circumference. This allows welders and metal fabricators to work comfortably for hours.

Besides this, it has two positioned side handle for greater control and utility by users.

Unlike the cordless tool, Bosch GWS8 needs some power outlet to work. It is not portable but it promises to deliver you power with excellent performance. The 11000 RPM is enough to do your tough and labor-intensive jobs.

Sanding or grinding metal pieces before welding results in lots of dust that makes the tool ask for preventive maintenance. Keeping in mind this need, Bosch has incorporated the Service Minder Brush system, which will shut down the tool whenever it needs any maintenance. In addition to this, it has a quickly adjustable guard that protects the internal components. But in actuality, the guard is not a quick adjustable one, it’s just a guard that can be adjusted using a hex screw.

Also, to keep the internal components protected from dust, the angle grinder has multiple vents that divert the dust from important components.

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  • Slim handgrip area or barrel
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Powerful angle grinder with flat gear head
  • The handle lacks a vibration control feature
  • Gear housing heats up within 2 minutes

Our Verdict:

You know, metal fabricators and welders need powerful angle grinders that deliver exceptional performance. Bosch angle grinder is one of them. According to, Bosch 4.5 inch angle grinder is best suited to any Seasonal Welders and professional welders, since it has the highest no-load speed.

Though it lacks vibration dampening feature in its handle and its gear housing heats up in two minutes, I would say, welders won’t use angle grinder for more than 2 minutes. Their task is to clean up the metal prior to welding, which can be done in less than two minutes via a high-performance angle grinder.


4. WESCO – Welding Grinder

WESCO - Welding GrinderA super durable and high performance angle grinder that caters all the needs of professional welders.

Wesco Angle grinder is the other name of power. Featuring a 6 Ampere powerful motor that delivers no load speed of around 11,000 RPM. It is one of the highest using tools in the shed of professional welders who are used to delivering highly finished work pieces.

When removing rust from metal is a challenge, Wesco Angle grinder accepts this challenge delivers and efficiently removes rust and slag from metal. So that you can create your welding masterpiece in a more professional way.

Wesco Welding grinder is one of the best choices of metal fabricators and the reason is, it has a compact metal head, which removes TIG and MIG weld slag from congested welded joints.

Apart from all these features, it has many other safety related features which are designed keeping in mind the tough and labor intensive job of welders. That’s the reason it has a locked work button which prevents any accident that may occur while switching between a welding machine and angle grinder.

Buying an angle grinder is a one-time decision, so it’s better to buy a durable angle grinder like WESCO angle grinder which has features that assure its longevity. One of these features is the presence of a wheel guard around the abrasive disc, which protects the internal component of a tool from dust, sparks, and metal pieces. In welding, these are the for sure by-products.

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To keep the tool cool during use, WESCO has added a heat dissipation unit which dissipates the heat from the exterior vents.

Since angle grinder is used in welding for doing various jobs. For which you have to switch between different discs. A professional welder looks for such tools that save his time. Wesco is one of them; it has a spindle lock which allows easier and quicker disc change.

Unlike other angle grinders on my list, Wesco welding grinder is a little bit heavy. It weighs around 5.45 pounds. You may experience fatigue in your arm while using Wesco angle grinder for long hours. So it’s better to use it for short period to avoid fatigue. Indeed it’s a high performance angle grinder on which no one can compromise.

Wesco angle grinder is a perfect tool for cleaning and preparing metal before welding.

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  • Durable and long lasting angle grinder
  • Comes with grinding and cutting discs
  • Ideal for cleaning and removing slag and rust
  • Compact metal head perfect for cleaning congested points.
  • The grinder is extra ordinary noisy in comparison with other angle grinders

Our Verdict:

For metal fabricators who need professional tool for quickly getting their job done, Wesco Angel grinder is just perfect for them. The high no load speed cuts and grinds tough surfaces within few minutes. Also, it is a compact and space savvy tool, so this could be used by freelance welders to give door-to-door welding services.

One thing that is bit strange in Wesco angle grinder is, they are bit noisy. It’s true that angle grinders are not a noiseless tool, but Wesco angel grinder makes an extra loud noise which may disturb some people.


5. SUPRAONE – Welding Angle Grinder

SUPRAONE - Best Welding GrinderSupraone is the new and latest brand that has recently entered into the market. But because of its high end performance, it has become a favorite tool for most of welders.

New welders who have recently started working independently, Supraone is a perfect choice. Since it has the power and speed of any high end angle grinder like Makita and it’s quite affordable in terms of price.

Equipped with a powerful motor of 9 Ampere that produces no load speed of 12,000 RPM. This is the speed that most metal fabricator looks for.

The wheel diameter is around 4.5 inches making it a handy and easy to carry angle grinder. Cherry on the top, is its weight that is around 4.4 lbs which is quite light that you won’t even feel in your toolbox.

Supraone angle grinder has been designed keeping in mind the needs of professional welders, for this purpose it has a compact body design and small diameter barrel grip. Welders can easily hold such compact angle grinder without being fatigued. Besides this, for the comfort of metal fabricators, it features an ergonomically designed rubber handle that can be installed in three positions according to your choice.

Angle grinder in welding is all about cleaning and preparing metal, which can be done by using a different disc. With the help of a spindle lock, changing discs becomes an easier task.

Usually welders don’t use an angle grinder for more than 40 seconds in one go. Keeping in mind this habit of welders, Supraone angle grinder has a trigger on/ off switch which is suitable for most of the welders.

Like other angle grinders on my list, Supraone also has a protective wheel guard to prevent metal pieces and dust from entering into the tool.

You will get a cutting disc, grinding disc, and flap disc along with Supraone Angle grinder. All these abrasive disc are enough for any welder to prepare metal for welding.

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  • Ideal for heavy duty jobs
  • Handy and maneuverable tool
  • Compact and small barrel grip
  • Highest no load speed
  • Less noisy
  • No safety lock on/off feature

Our Verdict:

12,000 RPM speed is quite useful in saving your precious time. Supraone is a 4.5 inch angle grinder which is a small angle grinder but it is packed with immense power. Highly recommended angle grinder for heavy duty jobs. But you have to use this angle grinder safely, since it lacks safety lock on/off feature which prevents accidental start-up.

Supraone angle grinder has all similar power and performance as Makita angle grinder. Those newbie welders who can’t afford a brand new Makita angle grinder can enjoy the same feature and performance in the shape of Supraone angle grinder.


6. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

If you work in a workshop or do similar stuff at your own home, you must know how important angle grinders are as a tool. While doing these things is very arduous and time-consuming, grinding, cutting, and sanding only takes a few seconds when done with a mechanized instrument like an angle grinder. We know just the right product for you if you want to buy an angle grinder for welding.

This angle grinder has been made by the brand DEWALT and is made out of metal. An electric cord supplies its power.

Here we have summarized the general features of this product for your ease:

The 11 Amp AC/DC, 11,000 RPM motor offers an optimal power to weight/size ratio. The dust Ejection System keeps the foreign particles out of the way so that the angle grinder can perform for longer with high efficiency.

The large brushes of this DEWALT angle grinder provide improved brush life over the preexisting model (D28402). It has a long transmission life due to the large spiral bevel gear.One-Touch Guard allows for 360-degree rotation of the guard with a single action

Quick-Change Wheel Release allows tool-free wheel removal without the need for a wrench.Top-mounted and protected spindle lock button maximizes the depth of cut without compromising durability

This power class’s uniquely small gripping surface allows for the best comfort and the newly designed side handle provides excellent ergonomics, while oversized threading provides long-lasting function

It features a 360-degree rotation via a one-touch guard and a Quick-Change Wheel Release allows tool-free wheel removal.


  • Automatic shutoff for added safety
  • Dust ejection system for optimal cleanup
  • Full round the clock rotation
  • Easy to grip and manage
  • No variable speed option
  • A task to set up

Our Verdict:

The large brushes of this DEWALT angle grinder provide improved brush life over the preexisting model (D28402). It has a long transmission life due to the large spiral bevel gear.One-Touch Guard allows for 360-degree rotation of the guard with a single action


7. Metabo HPT Angle Grinder

Before a piece of metal can be welded, it must be prepared using an angle grinder. It also adds a finish and smoothens the welded item by removing excessive weld slag. Several types of angle grinder disks serve different purposes in the workshop dealing with metal and wood. It can remove excess weld splatter, weld metal, and rough edges of oxy-cut material. Before welding, the flap disc prepares the metal by smoothing out the metal surface. It can also be used to cut through the metal that needs to be welded. This product is very suitable for your needs if you want to buy an angle grinder for welding purposes.

It belongs to the brand Metabo HPT. The item has very convenient dimensions of 10.15 x 4.5 x 2 inches and is supplied power through an electric cord. The thing weighs a total of 4 pounds.

To make your decisions easier and check your suitability, we have summarized the main features of this angle grinder in the following points:

It has a 4 1/2″ Angle grinder, five grinding wheels, and a carrying case. The motor is 6.2 Amp with 980W of max output power for tough grinding jobs. The spindle lock makes it manageably easy for disc and accessory changes

It has a left-mounted slide switch with a quick-off feature for added safety. It has a removable, forward-canted side handle for improved control and comfort for right and left-handed users. At only 4.0 lbs, it is very light, and the experience has greater control and maneuverability with less fatigue

  • Durable
  • Gives a perfect finish to the metal
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Small gripping handle to avoid fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Not preferable for big/industrial projects
  • Battery life is not ideal

Our Verdict:

A smaller grip reduces fatigue and a New labyrinth design for better dust and debris durability.The merit and credibility of this product can be gathered from the fact that it has been rated very highly by the customers who have used it in the past. It has a rating of around 4.5 in maneuverability, is easy to use, is value for money, and is ergonomic.

8. Forney Easy Weld

As important as an angle grinder is for welding in a workshop, there are so many options available in the market that it confuses the customer’s mind on what to buy. For this purpose, we have brought you the description of all the best angle grinders available on the market. These will ensure that your metalwork is flawless and efficient. A portable and small angle grinder is perfect for removing and cleaning grease, paint stains, welding slag, and rust. It must also be user-friendly and light on the pocket. We have brought you the perfect angle grinder you need to meet all our needs.

Here are the salient features of this angle grinder to ease your search for the perfect tool you need:

It is elementary to use and has an infinite voltage and wire feed speed control so you can dial in the perfect weld. It has a power of up to 140 Amp output that allows you to weld mild steel up to 1/4 in the plate.

It has a portable welder which is easily carried to any Do-It-Yourself, Maintenance, Repair, Metal Fabrication, and Hobbyist project. It has an all-metal case built to take the day today. It is big enough to handle two and 10-pound rolls of wire.Welder includes an 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp, integrated handle with torch wrap, and a 20A-15A adapter and is also backed by a 12-month warranty.

  • easy to use and assemble
  • Portable welder with easy grip
  • Metal case for added durability
  • Suitable for domestic projects
  • Ergonomic desig
  • Wire speed is too Slow

Our Verdict:

This is a very productive instrument, as testified by various customers who have previously tried it. This is shown through its rating of more than 4.6 in sturdiness, value for money, lightweight, and ease of use.



What is a grinder used for in welding?

Angle Grinders are use for cutting thins metal pieces, cleaning & preparing base metal, removing weld slag, and smoothing the weld joints.

What is the best way to cut welds?

Cutting weld or undo a weld is really a hard and tricky task. You can do this by plasma cutting and torch cutting when it comes to the thermal method. As far as mechanical method is a concerned, grinders can be used to cut a weld as it is considered as one of the best ways to cut welds. Don’t forget to grind the beads after cutting the weld.

Can a Dremel cut welds?

Yes, Dremel can be used to cut welds by using a cutting disc or grinding stones.

How do you grind weld tight spots?

For this purpose, angle grinder or die grinder can be used.

How do you break a welding spot?

Most commonly used method is to remove it via grinding. For this purpose, angle grinders are used which directly remove the metal above the spot weld without damaging the panel.


Diversity and versatility are the other names of angle grinders. A handheld tool that is used for cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing, could become a useful tool in metal fabrication, which is quite impressive. Welder and metal fabricators prefer to use welding grinders in order to produce masterpiece with high finishing.

The above reviewed angle grinders will definitely quench your thirst for the best angle grinder for welding. Makita 9005B is one of the high performance angle grinder that is suitable for professional use whereas, Supraone angle grinder has the same performance but at a comparatively lower price.

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