Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Reviews 2023

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Best 9 inch angle grinder

Angle grinders are extraordinary power instruments that serve a range of functions, qualifying them to be an incredible addition to the tool kit! While one cannot expect to get a ton of utilization from a grinder, realizing how adaptable it really is will surely make you grateful for it.

Within a short time, the expense of the grinder will be paying off itself and you may discover DIY projects that you may indulge in to have the option to utilize it more. You will likewise understand the worth of the grinder and how it can trade for numerous tools, you possess.

Indeed, along with less expertise, you can still undoubtedly figure out how to utilize one and start receiving the rewards of these smart power devices. A few individuals do require a lot of disc space, so it is smarter to have a 9 inch model.

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Reviews 2023

This guide provides a detailed review of the best 9 inch angle grinders accessible to consider based on a few features that assist in recognizing why they are really best and liked over other models.

1. Dewalt D28499X – Best 9 inch Angle Grinder 2023 [Best Overall]

2. Makita GA9031Y – Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder [Recommended by Experts]

3. Metabo – 9″ Angle Grinder [Affordable]

4. Bosch 1893-6 – 9″ Angle Grinder with Rat Tail Handle [Fit for all job]

5. Milwaukee M18 – Best 9 inch Cordless Angle Grinder [Complete Kit with Bag]

6. BOSCH 1994-6D – Large Angle Grinder

7. MAKITA GA9060 Angle Grinder

8. PRO MAKER 9-inch Angle Grinder

1. Dewalt D28499X – Best 9 inch Angle Grinder 2023

Dewalt D28499X – Best 9 inch Angle GrinderDewalt provides a strong angle grinder, which is perfect for driving through rock solid positions. This device presents the five-position side handle that will create an advantageous way for any administrator when utilizing it from tight or awkward points.

Since it is not a brushless engine, it consists of a programmed turn-off brush mode if support on the brushes is required, forestalling (or possibly decreasing) device, and engine harm.

You may likewise appreciate the keyless flexible guard in case you are in a rush and need to focus more on the material instead of going after a wrench constantly. Dewalt offers the most impressive metal grinder that tears through anything placed in its way.

Dewalt D28499X Features:

  • High power 5.3 HP (most extreme engine HP) 6,000 rpm engine with over-burden security gives higher working rates under load
  • Rotating back handle offers better ergonomics in grinding and cutting work
  • Epoxy covered armature and field offer long support against scraped spots from airborne debris
  • Low-profile gear case takes the work in close territories in consideration
  • Automatic turn-off brushes close the device at the time of changing brushes, to keep away from instrument harm
  • 6,000 rpm gives ideal material expulsion 9″ granulating wheels
  • 2-wire twofold protected ‘S’ coat rubber string gives expanded strength and life in warm and cold environments
  • This item runs off of AC/DC power.

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Power of Dewalt D28499X:

In case you need to perform huge tasks that need a huge pounding wheel, why not go for the Dewalt 9 Inch Grinder? This beast offers a horsepower of 5.3, 15-amp engine along with a max wattage of 3,950W.

No-load speed turns up to 6,000 RPM with a 5/8-11-inch axle string size.

A Titan of a Grinder:

A huge mass of Dewalt weighs more than 16 pounds—as it is a product for hard-core purposes and can hold bigger discs. The measure of weight balances out the grinder when grinding through heavy metal.

Furthermore, this goliath obliges a 9 inch cutting plate, making it an adaptable mass of a grinder. It is more than 20 inches in length that contribute to its massiveness. If power is what you are chasing, make sure whether it is a solid match for you.

Proficient Execution:

As gathered from the above depiction of its size, this processor is ideal for both household and expert use. It highlights unrivaled overload security, which ensures quicker working rates, regardless of stack size.

Dewalt 9 inch grinder offers you a smooth, exceptionally precise, and accurate cut each time.

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  • It puts up with 9 inch wheels
  • Perfect for hard-core tasks
  • Works best with enormous load even with negligible speed
  • The five-position handle enhances numerous areas of accessibility
  • Work position adaptability
  • Designed for huge wheels
  • You will need to purchase a wheel spacer individually


2. Makita GA9031Y – Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder

Makita GA9031YMakita is a massive, 9 inch grinder from Japanese power device manufacturer, Makita. This Makita grinder is large, heavy, and it could slice via metal as if it became warm butter.

A 9 inch disc grinder satisfies most individuals, as their disc ability is in reality too big for the usual tasks.

Makita GA9031Y Features:

  • Effective 15.0 AMP motor gives you 6,600 RPM for quicker substance removal
  • Rotatable rear handle rotates with simply the push of a button, with effective stops each 90 degrees, to fix most grinding and cutting operations
  • Cord mesh intake protections are planned to save you from steel shards to enter motor particularly when used near various grinders
  • “Tool-less” wheel protection permits smooth protection adjustment with no such need for gear to a couple of grinding and cutting angles
  • Labyrinth construction reduces dirt and particles infiltration in the bearings and motor for longer device life.

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Choosing Up Large Projects:

With its huge disc limit, the Makita 9 inch grinder puts forth a punch like Mike Tyson. In addition, it has the endurance of Cassius Clay. At this point, you utilize a huge crushing disc; each full 360-degree pivot takes additional time.

Nevertheless, the force you get from a huge granulating disc makes up for the decrease in RPM. It has far-fetched that some other grinder on your list would get in competition with this Makita apparatus.

That is because most models are 4.5-inch processors—the Makita 9 Inch Grinder is double their size.

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Power Source Alternatives:

One intriguing part of this grinder is that you may utilize it by alternating power sources. This is phenomenal. It functions admirably utilizing a direct current (DC) or an alternating current (AC) power source.

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  • High quality build
  • Feature set
  • Tool motor power
  • Portable so can be used in tight places
  • Rotation speed
  • Value for money
  • There is no lock for the “on” function


3. Metabo – 9″ Angle Grinder

Metabo 9 inchIn recent times, Metabo 9 inch cordless grinder is the biggest device of its sort. Apart from Metabo’s Super M battery innovation, the standard 3-position side handle may likewise turn the major handle to improve the point on the task.

It has become conceivable by the mix of the organization’s latest 36V brushless engine and new Lithium High-Density battery innovation that consists of more Lithium than standard cells present in an overhauled pack.

Similar in size and weight to an expert 9 inch grinder, this cordless model includes a combined turn handle, electronic security brake mechanism, a licensed electronic safety grip, electronic over-load safety, delicate beginning, and a non-locking paddle switch.

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  • Metabo brushless engine
  • Deadman’s switch
  • Fast stopping mechanism
  • Rotating core handle
  • World’s biggest-diameter cordless grinder
  • Cutting penetration of 3-inches
  • Tool-free movable guard
  • Electronic security shutdown
  • Overload guard, easy start and start over insurance
  • Ultra-M innovation
  • Battery loads with limit show
  • Metabo VibraTech (MVT) side handle for vibration damping
  • Three positions for side handle to be mounted

Vibration Control:

This quality is not the most straightforward to handle in a grinder yet Metabo puts the Metabo VibraTech (MVT) framework in. It is a blend of a coordinated dampening framework alongside a vibration-absorbing side grip.

Metabo 9 inch grinder model runs at 15 amps. The 9 inch model can keep 6600 RPM despite creating 150 in-lbs. of force. The model may weigh something around 13 lbs.


Metabo utilizes an electric wellbeing framework on their new grinders. Their electronic grasp closes the instrument down in case you tie up the wheel under any condition. With 2400 watts of force accessible, that is a significant element.

Last but not the least, you will discover a Deadman switch. That is only a pleasant method of saying it does not offer an on/off switch – you must have a hand on the switch steadily. It is a two-stage switch so the grinder will not come on incidentally.

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  • Compact
  • Incredible 8.5 A motor which produces 10,500 RPM
  • High force limit grinder that can successfully be utilized on tempered steel
  • German made grinder which needs to be contrived to the best expectations
  • Priced as the beginner level grinder
  • Well-suited for substantial projects and perfect for specialized workers
  • No accessories included


4. Bosch 1893-6 – 9″ Angle Grinder with Rat Tail Handle

Bosch 1893-6 – Angle Grinder with Rat Tail HandleBosch power devices convey more grounded execution and enduring dependability. The Bosch 9 inch grinder has an amazing engine. It is sturdy enough for the most requesting occupations.

It highlights vibration control innovation. This builds client comfort for expanded times of work.

Bosch 1893-6 Features:

  • Tool change guard — swift guard establishment and changes
  • Metal gear cover — most extreme toughness
  • Service Minder brushes — dispenses guesswork, stops the instrument when preventive upkeep is required
  • Precision winding angle gears — quality designing and development for smooth power transmission
  • Epoxy-covered field windings — gives extreme security against grating residue and metal debris

Vibration Control:

The 9 inch huge grinder with a guard, 6000 RP consists of Vibration Control Side and Rat Tail Handle, which likewise includes an instrument free movable guard for speedy guard establishment and changes.

Side and Core Handles:

Diminishes vibration until 60 percent, giving inflexible client solace to broadened times of work.

AC/DC Competence:

Broadens the adaptability of the device by functioning from DC outlets like generators and welders.

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  • Easy to fix and keep up
  • Ergonomic configuration thin handle for an agreeable fit,
  • Has an on-handle switch for simple activity
  • 3 Position helper handle explicitly intended for numerous hand positions
  • Gives greatest flexibility and control
  • Wide adaptability for mounting most famous accessories
  • Lock-on/off switch for a variety of projects
  • Triggers can be faulty


5. Milwaukee M18 – Best 9 inch Cordless Angle Grinder

Milwaukee M18 – 9 inch Cordless Angle GrinderMilwaukee has remained stable in the possibility that they beat or match devices with the similar M18 stage that goes with each other instruments. While it has an electronic grip, it does not highlight a Safety Break such as offered by the Makita units.

The no-load RPM is 6600 and then no factor speed dial or trigger, which anyone would love to witness.

Milwaukee M18 Features:

  • Powerstate brushless engine deliberately gives the power and execution of a 15a-corded grinder.
  • Redlink plus intelligence guarantees ideal execution
  • Over-load safety to avoid harm to the device and battery during weighty applications
  • Cordless execution: world’s first 18v huge grinder
  • Progressive ergonomics for expanded portability and efficiency
  • Dual activity trigger eliminates unplanned trigger activation
  • Well-suited to most m18 batteries


Where the Milwaukee hits a grand slam is the ergonomics, with the single battery even the bigger 12.0Ah HD it seems adjusted and agreeable as you are utilizing a corded angle grinder.

M18 Red lithium HD12.0 battery conveys unrivaled run-time altogether. The new Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch grinder 2785-21HD exploits the new 12.0 ah battery and the grinder suggests a similar execution of a corded 15-amp angle grinder!


Therefore, it is great to see that Milwaukee achieved a cordless huge 9 inch grinder with just 18 volts! It is expected as they had the option to do this as their sister organization AEG (Ridged) had the option to do it keeping in mind that running on 18-volt batteries.


Giving elite, progressed ergonomics and incredible toughness, this grinder is intended to finish the hardest cutting, surface arrangement, and grinding applications with any 9″ accessory.

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  • Excessive superiority for experts
  • Durable and handy
  • Provides a lot of power
  • Cuts through edging better compared to any corded apparatus
  • Can be preferably utilized for minor landscape plans
  • Overheats quick


6. BOSCH 1994-6D – Large Angle Grinder

The Bosch 1994-6D is the prominent item from the Bosch 1990 Series. It is among the company’s ground-breaking innovative product lines. It has designed with all easy-to-use features for angle grinding. For metalworkers and qualified welders, this Bosch 9-inch angle grinder offers ease.

It has a very strong 4 HP, 15-amp motor that can easily manage any high-level tasks. So, you can use it for small to high-level tasks according to your requirements. It has an impressive power-to-weight balance and is 20 percent smaller than comparable grinders.

Also, it is the lightest edge grinder in the marketplace due to its 2.08-ounce size. This means this is a compact item that you can carry anywhere. The soft main handle can be turned 90 degrees so that you can locate it differently for various uses.


  • Faster cutting force is made possible with its strong motor
  • With the simple touch of a lever, the movable rear grip revolves to match the majority of cutting and sanding activities
  • It has AC/DC switch for usage with a different power supply
  • A soft grip is included on the side grips for added comfort and stability.
  • Brushes that are available for simple maintenance. [/su_row]

Easy Operation of BOSCH

This German-made grinder not only performs perfectly but also gives you better flexibility. Only with little effort, you can complete any complicated operation in a short amount of time. For this, you will not require any specified position.

Moreover, you can complete demanding tasks with 50% less resonance. It is possible due to the main handle's motion management system. It is an amazing feature of this machine.

Lower Vibration and Added Comfort

This feature also lowers your chance of developing hand-arm vibration syndrome (HVAS). It is a standard medical condition in workers who use tools and types of machinery like angle grinders, machetes, power drills, and air-powered drills.

This disc grinder also has a side handlebar that similarly absorbs vibrations. Additionally, it has increased durability and versatility for long-lasting use.

Besides all, it has amazing manufacturing that helps to reduce the dust particles on the motor. This way, the machine will stay safe and clean for a longer time due to the bearings.

  • Designed with the best power-to-weight ratio
  • 90-Degree easy to adjust main handles
  • Provides 50% less vibration
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Delivers ultimate safety against dust and dirt
  • No storage case available


7. MAKITA GA9060 Angle Grinder

While looking for a large-size angle grinder for you that will last for a long, MAKITA GA9060 Angle Grinder comes in the mind. It is a wonderful machine that can help you perform your major tasks with maximum ease and comfort.

The working of this machine is very simple and easy. The motor casing on this grinder is made of high-quality aluminum. It is perfect for improved gear adjustment and alignment.

Additionally, the machine has a helical design. This design shields the engine from the dirt and particles that are formed when refining steel or polishing tiles. There are zigzag patterns on the surface that also serve as a barrier to avoid contamination.


  • Corded electric power source
  • Easy to change AC and DC
  • 90-degree gear casing and a 3-position corner grip
  • Designed with greater armature stability
  • Provides efficiency in the transfer of energy
  • Aluminum gear housing delivers the best gear placement


Excellent Performance of Makita

This Makita Grinder has designed with a powerful 15-amp motor with a cutting depth of 9 inches. It has a no-load rate of 6,600RPM powers which makes it an ideal choice for you. There are spiral bevel gears designed with this angle grinder. This is the best feature to get consistent spinning and effective energy transmission.

It is a trustworthy pick-up for a variety of demanding tasks. It can perform sawing bricks, stonework, and magnetic metal, common steel grinding, corrosion and color cleaning in surface treatment, metal refining, dock repair, industrial equipment, vehicle assembly, and renovation work.

Easy to Use Gear

You will love to know that you can change it between AC and DC based on your workspace and the requirements. You can easily use it the way where you feel comfortable while working on challenging tasks.

This grinder features a convenient structure that indicates it is very comfortable to use. It allows you to change the tool's placement to maximize your efficiency. Also, it has a 90-degree gear casing and a 3-position corner grip.

  • Designed with high-quality material
  • Special construction for extreme durability
  • Both AC/DC power options
  • Power-coated for additional protection
  • Ergonomic design for user’s performance and ease
  • A little heavy


8. PRO MAKER 9-inch Angle Grinder

The PRO-MAKER angle grinder is a large size machine for any type of demanding task. The grinder with all these features mostly costs more but this grinder is reasonably priced. More amazingly, it comes with two replacement part carbon brushes.

This 9-inch grinder weighs the same (12.1 pounds) as the Makita GA9060. But it is a more efficient and less expensive grinder as compared to others. Also, these are the perfect grinders for home uses.

This grinder is very easy to adjust according to your specific cutting whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Also, it will avoid any type of trash providing ease and comfort.


  • Designed with a three-position rear grip for excellent control
  • Corded electric power source
  • No-load speed of 8400 RMP
  • Made with a spinning lock for quick attachment changes
  • A dust-sealed button and tool-free shield
  • It has a lock-on switch for prolonged usage


Maximum Speed

It has a 17.52-amp motor that can spin it at a maximum speed of 8,400 RPM. This maximum RPM is for no-load situations and it can reduce while cutting or milling items. In this way, you will get your task done in less time.

Furthermore, this high-quality machine has the great feature of soft start technology. The feature makes it easier to begin this grinder. With the aid of this innovation, the tool can accelerate gently. Also, it will eliminate unpleasant sounds or unexpected rebounds.

Heavy-Duty Motors

This wonderful grinder has made with heavy-duty grits along with alternate lock-on and lock-off settings. These features make the grinder easy to use and close after working.

With this angle grinder, three rear grips are designed for maximum control and adjustment. Moreover, this grinder has come with two years of warranty with no risk.

  • Cost-effective angle grinder
  • Designed with a powerful 17.52-amp motor
  • Latest soft start technology for simple start-up
  • Very safe and comfortable to use
  • Helps to reduce sudden kickbacks
  • Not found any specific flaw


Final Verdict:

Not all grinders are similar, every one of them being explicitly fit to a client's arrangement of necessities. Ideally, the above list has given you a thought of the ideal angle grinder for you. After reading this 9 Inch Angle Grinder Review, it is your call to discover it.

Remember that to choose an angle grinder and you will have to keep your brains about consistently checking the requirement. Stay protected and alert and your grinder will do likewise.

These 9 inch machines are utilized in a variety of development assignments, making them critical incorporation in a project worker's armory. Property holders and specialists can likewise discover a huge load of utility in a grinder.

In case you are on the lookout for an ideal grinder, some of the best models accessible in 2023 can be Dewalt and Makita. Regardless of whether you are a first-time client or prepared proficient, you're certain to track down the ideal model above.

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