Best 6 Inch Angle Grinders Reviews 2023

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Best 6 inch angle grinder

Angle grinders are available in different sizes. Each size is suitable for a specific type of job. Small angle grinders such as 4.5 inches are meant to be used for small jobs whereas large angle grinders are meant for big projects.

6 inch angle grinder comes between the small and larger size of angle grinders.  You can do perform multiple tasks either light or heavy-duty with 6 inch angle grinders.

We have sorted out three Best 6 Inch Angle Grinders so that you won’t have to search here and there. These angle grinders are from the banner of Metabo, DeWalt, and Makita which are the giants of power tool manufacturers.

Based on performance and durability, we have selected these as the best 6 inch angle grinders reviews.

Mind you, the selection is based on a fair and neutral basis without any biasness towards any manufacturer.

Best 6 Inch Angle Grinder Reviews 2023


Metabo 6 inch

    • Warranty: 5 Years
    • Weight: 6.9 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.9/5
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    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Weight: 6.2 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4.8/5
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Makita 6 inch

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Weight: 5 lbs
    • Editor Rating: 4/5
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1. Metabo WEP15150 – Best 6 inch Angle Grinder 2023

Metabo Best 6 inch Angle Grinder1ST one on my list of best 6 inch angle grinder is from the house of Metabo, which is a Germany based company and manufactures top-notch power tools and its accessories.

Here the angle grinder which we are reviewing is 6 inches in diameters.

Let’s begin

It features a powerful 13.5 amp of a brushed motor which gives efficient power to the grinder that its abrasive disc rotates with the speed of 9600 RPM. Let me mention to you here that the greater the diameter of the abrasive disk, the lower will be its RPM.

Like other angle grinders, the Metabo angle grinder also possesses a feature of an adjustable side handle. This feature is really very important for user comfort. You can adjust the handle on the right side or on the left side of the tool.

Besides this, you will see a soft rubber grip on the handle which makes it easier to hold the device for a longer period.

Since it’s a 6-inch angle grinder that will be used for the heavy-duty task, so technically it will produce more vibration, for this purpose, Metabo has introduces a nati0vibration handle that decreases the vibration up to 60 %. So that users can work without any disturbance.

Not only this, but it also has a quick tool-less wheel change system. With the help of this system, you can quickly change the abrasive disc without any special tool. This system saves your time. so instead of wasting time in finding an appropriate tool to change the wheel, you can do your work.

To make your work more faster, Metabo has introduced an ergonomically design non-locking paddle switch. With the help of this switch, you can safely perform your grinding and cutting tasks.

Safety is further enhanced by the Metabo S-automatic mechanical safety slip clutch. Safety mechanism helps to prevent kickbacks and sudden wheel shattering during the grinding process.

Metabo 6 inch angle grinder is one of the powerful and useful angle grinders on my list. It gives an incredible performance. Above all, it weighs only 7 pounds.

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  • The powerful motor of 13.5 amp
  • 9600 no-load RPM
  • Quick tool-less wheel change system
  • Non-locking paddles switch
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Heavy-duty
  • Gives excellent performance
  • Bit expensive


2. Dewalt DWE43144N – 6 inch Angle Grinder 2023

DEWALTDWE43144NLet’s meet one of the highest-rated 6 inch angle grinders.

DWE43144N has been rated as 4.9 out of 5. I bet you, it’s hard to find any negative feedback about this 6 inch angle grinder. It has amazing features which give excellent performance.

Let’s peep into the features of the DeWalt 6 inch angle grinder.

DeWalt DWE43144N is equipped with a powerful motor of 13 amps, which gives amazing speed so that you can perfectly do your job.  This powerful motor gives 9000 RPM of no-load speed.

Besides this, it has an outstanding feature of the Dust ejections system. This system is mainly for the protection of the tool. With the help of this system, damaging dust and debris stay away from the tool. This way dust and debris do not enter into the tool and hence enhances the life of the tool.

DeWalt has put in great efforts to make this 6 inch angle grinder a durable one. For this purpose, they have introduced an advanced feature of overload protection. This system will automatically shut off the device before it gets over-heated.

DeWalt DWE43144N has also a safety feature, which is for the safety of the user, which is the power loss reset system. This safety system protects the user from accidental restarts of the tool as soon as the power is restored.

Moreover, it has 6 inches of wheel diameter on the above of which there is an adjustable guard. This guard is meant for the protection of the tool it will protect the internal component of angle grinder from the sparks, dust, and debris.

The guard is extremely easy to adjust. You will not require any special tool to adjust this guard. You can easily do it just with a single push.

DeWalt angle grinders come with the three years of limited warranty along with 1 year of free service warranty. If in case you do not like the performance of this angle grinder you can return it within 90 days of purchase.

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  • The powerful motor of 13 amp
  • Gives ultimate speed of 9000RPM
  • Dust ejection system technology to protect the tool
  • No lock paddle switch
  • OSHA compliant angle grinder
  • Easy to use
  • durable
  • No cons yet


3. Makita GA6010Z – 6 Inch Angle Grinder 2023

Makita 6 Angle GrinderWhen it comes to a durable and long-lasting 6 inch angle grinder, Makita is the brand that hits the mind first. No one can beat Makita in terms of durability.

Makita is indeed a real player of power tools especially angle grinders. You will find all types and sizes of angle grinders under the umbrella of Makita power tools.

Fortunately, 6 inch angle grinder is also there and it has all those amazing features which are the key ingredients of Makita angle grinders.

Let’s find out!

Equipped with a powerful motor of 10.5 amp which gives amazing rotation power to its abrasive wheel disc.

Since it’s a brushed motor, so you have to change the brushes whenever you do its service. Makita has made it easier for you. You can easily access and change the brushes without opening the entire angle grinder. This indeed makes serviceability easier.

In addition to this, there is an AC/DC switch which means you can use it either on AC or sometimes on Dc power supply.

As far as the durability of the tool is concerned you will find numerous safety-related features in Makita 6 inch angle grinder.

Motor and bearings are protected and sealed by the labyrinth construction, which protects the tool from dust and debris.

Makita 6 inch angle grinder features an innovative SJS system. SJS is the acronym of the soft joint system. This system protects the motor gear when the wheel is stopped forcefully.

In addition to its durability features, it has protective zig-zag varnish which seals the motor and protects it against the dust and debris.

All these features indirectly increase the tool life and you can use it for years easily. But make sure to do proper service and maintenances.

Like every other angle grinder, it features two positions adjustable side handle, which is ergonomically designed to enhance the comfort level of the user.

Makita angle grinder is one of the best 6 inch angle grinders which is not only durable but also light in weight. It weighs only 4.8 pounds, which means user can easily operate it for extended hours without being tired.

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  • Equipped with 10.5 amp of motor
  • Labyrinth construction protects the gear and motor
  • Zig-zag varnish protects the motor
  • SJS protects the motor and gear
  • Large single finger trigger
  • Ideal for Fabricators, welders, masons
  • Convenient to use
  • Best 6 inch angle grinder
  • long-lasting
  • lacks trigger lock



It’s so hard to choose between these three 6 inch angle grinder, as all of them gives excellent performance with long-lasting durability. But if you ask me, I would rate Makita Angle grinder as one of the best 6 inch angle grinder which is long-lasting and gives a mind-blowing performance.

Then comes Metabo 6 inch angle grinder which is then followed by DeWalt angle grinder.

These 6 inch angle grinders are more powerful than small angle grinders. So you have to follow proper safety and precautionary measure before using these angle grinders. See angle grinder safety tip.

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