Angle Grinder vs Cut Off Tool 2023

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Cut Off Tool Vs Angle Grinder

Cutting any object can be quite cumbersome if you don’t choose the appropriate and right tool for it.

Remember you can be more productive if you use the correct tool for the task.

There are plenty of cutting tools available in the market, which makes it quite difficult to choose the right tool for your job. It’s quite hard to differentiate between different cutting tools since most of them are handheld and rotary tools and they are meant to cut different objects. For instance, cut off tool and angle grinder.

These two tools are meant for cutting purpose but they have little dissimilarities like cutting disc size and angle of the blade.

Check out our quick guide about cut- off tool vs. angle grinder.

Keeping these dissimilarities in mind we have compiled a detailed post that has covered every aspect of the cut-off tool and angle grinder.

Scroll down to know more about it.


Angle Grinder vs Cut off tool infographic

What is Cut off Tool?

Cut Off ToolIt’s a sleek, compact and single handheld tool with a disc fitted in it. The disc is fitted perpendicularly to the shaft. The basic purpose of this tool is to cut and sharpen different metal pieces. It is powered with a motor of not more than 1HP; this means a cut-off grinder will not be functional when it comes to cutting thick metal slabs.

Cut-off grinders are ideal for doing thin metal cutting tasks.

Since they are very light in weight that’s why they are suitable for doing light metal cutting duties, even they can be easily reached to small places where bigger tools can reach.

Cut-off grinders can be operated by electric power supply, battery power supply and by compressed air.

Besides this, cut-off grinders are way too economical, maybe because it has limited use. Also, its blades are comparatively pocket-friendly than the other cutting tools.

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Well, if you ever have been met with this cutting grinder, then you must have observed that it’s not too big equipment. Frankly speaking, it’s hardly 6 inches tall and you can operate it using your one hand only.

Since it’s meant for cutting purposes, that’s why there is a small cutting disc in it. Just because of this small cutting disc, this device can easily work on small metal pieces.

Cut-off tools that are operated using air pressure are a more powerful version and that’s why people prefer to buy the pneumatic version of the cut-off tool.

In contrast to this, cut-off tools that are operated by electricity are quite bigger than the pneumatic tool and are quite reliable. But they are less powerful than the pneumatic version, that’s why they are used for light metal work duties.


The cut-off tool can only be used for cutting purposes. That’s it!

So you have a vast option to cut different objects and metals.

They have small diameter disc which gives performs cutting jobs in a precise fashion. This is the advantage of cut-off grinder, but if you are working on a large and huge project than this advantage will automatically become the limitation of cut-off grinders.

And here angle grinders come to help you in your huge project.


Angle GrinderAlso known as side grinders or disc grinders is also a handheld power tool like a cut-off tool, but they are comparatively larger than cut off grinders.

It’s a versatile power tool that can be used for multiple applications. Angle grinders are powered by a motor of 3-7HP and they have a large disc that is meant for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding and de-rusting purpose.

Disc size varies from 4.5 inches to 9 inches, which means they can be easily used for heavy-duty jobs. Also, the blade or cutting disc is positioned at a specific angle to the drive shaft.

Because of its large disc size, it becomes comparatively heavier than cut-off grinders.

They can be operated by the electric power supply, battery supply, air pressure and petrol.


An angle grinder is a handheld tool that has a cutting disc for a different purpose. This abrasive disc is position on a spindle and interestingly its angle is the same as the direction of the trigger. Its handle and blades are parallel to each other. The blade has a protective guard that keeps you safe while doing certain operations.

You will see there is another handle too which is moveable from left to right, you can adjust it according to your needs. In this way, you will have a proper firm and comfort grip on the tool.

There are different versions of angle grinders available in the market. You will find some angle grinders that can be operated using air pressure and petrol. Battery operated angle grinders are also available in the market.

One of the most considerable features of an angle grinder is that you can swap out its attachment for different uses. You can attach its cutting disc for cutting tiles whereas you can use other discs for removing rust from metals as well.

With angle grinders, you have vast options to use it.

Angle grinders a bit costly than cut-off grinders, as they are powered by a powerful motor and multiple discs for different purposes.

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Unlike cut-off grinders, angle grinders can be used for vast purposes. it’s a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes. Here are the best 7 uses of angle grinder:

  • Grinding and sharpening different surfaces
  • Cutting metal
  • Cutting tiles and concrete
  • Cutting masonry
  • Removing mortar
  • De-rusting metal
  • Polishing metal

In short, you can say that it can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing, sanding and de-rusting different objects.

Just because of its large wheel size it can be used to do various heavy-duty jobs. But when it comes to approaching a narrow or cramped space, such as the hood of your car, then the angle grinder’s large disc becomes trouble there. It is not at all suitable for the cutting job in small or congested space.


Both tools are quite workable and effective in their own places. If you have to do light cutting job at a very narrow and cramped space, then the cut-off tool will be the best choice for you, as it is quite compact and has a smaller diameter of the disc.

You can even cut-off frozen bolts with the help of a cut-off tool.  It has enough power to do small cutting jobs efficiently. It is light in weight and easy to handle tool. But keep in mind cut off tool is not ideally made for doing heavy-duty cutting jobs.

In contrast to this, angle grinders are meant to do heavy-duty cutting jobs such as cutting tiles and masonry which cut-off grinders can’t do. Besides this, they are way too powerful than a cut-off tool and they can be used for various other purposes.  It’s an ideal tool to cut when you have quite big spaces for it.

They are comparatively costly than cut-off grinders and of course, its powerful motor and performance justify its price. It has multiple abrasive discs that can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing and de-rusting purposes.


Now you have understood both equipments and have clearly got the difference between two.

Answer to which one is the best cutting tool, all depends on your needs and requirement of your work. If you are planning to cut anything that is thicker than 3 inches then I would recommend you sue angle grinder for such purpose. But if the material you are planning to cut is thicker less than 3 inches then the cut-off tool will be the best choice.

In a nutshell, the major difference between these two rotary tools is the blade size. One has a smaller blade size and so useful for light cutting tasks whereas others have large diameter cutting blade and hence it is useful for heavy-duty cutting jobs.

So according to your job requirements, choose the tool that matches perfectly with your requirements.

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