Angle Grinder Uses 2023

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Angle Grinder Uses

Among thousands of versatile and useful power tools, an angle grinder is one of them. This tool has a multitude of uses that’s why we have listed down some important and practical uses of an angle grinder.

If you are curious to know more about angle grinder, then you are in the right place.

We have covered all the relevant information about the angle grinder that increases your information about this amazing tool.

So let’s begin!

Angle grinder or side grinder or disc grinder is a simple tool that can be easily held and operated by hands. It is one of the versatile tools which is meant for various purposes. You will need either electric supply or compress air to run an angle grinder.

Generally speaking, angle grinders are perfect for polishing, grinding, de-rusting, sanding and cutting different objects. And it’s all because of its abrasive wheel disc. Usually, large angle grinders have large wheel diameter such as 9 inches whereas, the smaller wheel diameter is 4.5 inches.

4.5 inches angle grinders are known as small angle grinders which can even do heavy-duty jobs easily. For professional use, people opt for large diameter angle grinder.

Angle Grinder Uses 2023

Angle grinders are operated using compressed air, petrol, and electricity. Besides this, some angle grinders are chargeable too.

Talking about their use, then let me tell you they are very simple and easy to use.

They are the lightweight and compact device that can be easily handled. You will have to handle it with both hands, by placing one hand on its body and the other hand on the adjustable side handle. This way you will have a firm grip over the device.

Suppose you are cutting a tile. First, assemble it, fix the desire cutting wheel and then plug the angle grinder in the electric socket, hold it firmly and press the start button. Let the wheel spin for thirty-second with no load and then start cutting slowly with slow back and forth movement.

Once you are done with your job, switch-off the device and wait for the wheel to stop and then put it on the floor or any other surface. Then take out its plug and that’s it.

What is an angle grinder used for?

Talking about uses of angle grinders, trust me; they are numerous. An angle grinder can do lots and lots of work. It can help you to make your work easier and quicker.

Below you will find some of the very important angle grinder uses, such as:

  • Grinding and sharpening
  • Cutting
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • De-rusting


Grinding and SharpeningFirst and foremost use of angle grinder is grinding different objects and sharpening different joints and tools.

For this, you will have to install its grinding disc and then start.

Be careful!

This required skilled control over the grinder.

Carefully secure the blade and guard plate, so that you will remain protected from the sparks.

An angle grinder is an ideal tool for restoring edges on tools like hoes, shovels and ice scrapers. Furthermore, it is very useful for the initial grinding of axes, hatchets and lawnmower blades.

This tool can easily sharpen any flat surface.


Angle Grinder CuttingIf you have to cut a tile precisely then angle grinder is the perfect tool for cutting.

An angle grinder can be used for cutting metals, tiles, concrete, and masonry.

You can convert your angle grinder into a metal cutting machine by fixing its cutting wheel. Not only this, but it can also cut concrete and tiles as well, which is an essential part of renovation and construction jobs.

Cutting such materials can be a big hassle if you don’t have an angle grinder since angle grinder is the perfect tool for cutting jobs.

You just have to hold it properly while cutting and the outcome will be quite flawless and precise.

As mention earlier angle grinders can also cut concrete, for this you need to fix its diamond cutting wheel. Cutting bricks will become very easy for you. The diamond cutting wheel is super thin which gives more sharp and accurate cutting results.

Cutting masonry is a bit heavy duty work if your job is to consistently cut masonries then look for some more powerful angle grinder from our TOP 15 ANGLE GRINDER.


Angle Grinder PolishingPlanning to polish your tiles or different metal?

Try angle grinder it won’t disappoint you, as it’s a versatile tool.

Just install its buffing wheel and you will see the extraordinary shine in your aluminum and steel tool. But make sure to remove the deep marks and burrs from the surface using grinding wheel of an angle grinder.

You need to be very careful while operating an angle grinder for polishing purposes.

See, I told you it’s a versatile tool.

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Angle Grinder SandingBy using the sanding wheel of angle grinder, you can clean metal, tiles, tools and many other different objects. You can even smooth out a rough wood using an angle grinder as a sander

If you are planning to polish your tool, make sure to sand is first for enhanced shine.

The sanding wheel of an angle grinder is also known as a flap disc as it has flaps all around the disc. With the help of flap disc sanding becomes easier and effective.

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Angle grinder De RustingAn angle grinder can be used effectively for removing rust from your precious metal tools and equipment. Rust damages the equipment and therefore decreases its lifespan. But don’t worry; angle grinder is there to help you out.

Just fix its grinding wheel or flap disc and start working on your required tool. Within a minute, you will there won’t be any rust on the tool and it will like a brand new tool.

These were the general uses of an angle grinder. In my opinion, you use an angle grinder for:

  • Removing paint dust and rust from objects
  • Cutting tiles, masonry, concrete
  • Cutting and carving wood
  • Cleaning metal
  • Sharpening tools
  • Polishing metals and tiles
  • Removing old mortar
  • Planning and sanding wood
  • And many others use


An angle grinder is indeed one of the versatile too. You can fearlessly use an angle grinder for different purposes. I would say that it’s the best choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Angle grinder an even repair and maintain your different tools so that your tools may last long.

I would conclude that with angle grinder you can literally do a lot more at your home. You will find a wide range of angle grinders attachment which will not only save your time but also you will be able to do your work more efficiently and professionally.

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