Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals 2023

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Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

Biggest sale of the year is around the corner, where you can spend very few bucks on expensive items and saves a lot.

If you are planning to buy angle grinders then this is the right time to buy.

During this Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals 2023  you can save around 45% on the high-end and top-notch angle grinder brands.

Angle grinders are the most useful tool which is not only used by the professionals but any beginner can easily use it.  It’s one of the versatile tools that make your work easier. You can use it for grinding, polishing, sanding, cutting, and even sharpening objects.

Many different brands are manufacturing high-end angle grinders but obviously, they are quite expensive.

That’s the reason we have selected some amazing angle grinder black Friday deals that will blow your mind.

Now no need to look for professional help for doing minute work. You have an angle grinder, you can do everything on your own now.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at Black Friday Deals on Angle Grinder 2023, here you go!

Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals 2023

1. PC750AG – Angle Grinder Black Friday 2023

PC750AG - Angle Grinder Black FridayPorter-cable, a subsidiary of black & decker is the most trusted brand in the field of power tools.  They are the leader in manufacturing high end electric and cordless power tools for professional working.

Porter-cable gives you peace of mind when it comes to the quality and durability of products.

PC750AG is one of the most demanded small angle grinders, that can be used to do multiple jobs.

Let’s review the PC750AG angle grinder.


  • Model name: PC750AG
  • No-load Speed:10,000RPM
  • Power tool type: corded
  • Switch type: trigger
  • Motor: 7.5amp
  • Diameter of wheel: 4.5″
  • Spindle size: 5/8″ – 11″


PC750AG features a motor of 7.5 AMP powers which gives efficient and powerful performance.

The motor gives an amazing performance which is indicated by the no-load speed that is 10,000 RPM. Not only this, but the motor also starts very softly so that you can start your work smoothly.

Its gearbox is made up of metal cast, whose basic aim is to seal and protect the motor and bearing. So that no dust or debris can harm it. You can say that its construction is meant for using it for a lifetime.

Besides this, you will see a protective zigzag varnish which is meant to protect the armature from dust and debris.

As far as its usage is concerned, its literally a cup of tea for everyone. Anyone can easily use it. Besides this, its handling is so comfortable. There is an extra-large paddle switch that gives a comfortable operation.

For continuous operation, there is a lock-on/off feature, so you need not keep it press for a longer time. In addition to his, a side handle that you can easily install on either side gives plenty of handling possibilities.

PC750AG can be easily clamped on any suitable surface thanks to its “tool-less” guard wheel. Also, with the help of a tool-less guard wheel, you can change the disc without any special tool.

Basically, the guard is meant to protect the internal component of the angle grinder from sparks and flying metal pieces. It also protects the angle grinder from dust and debris. Guard is completely adjustable you can easily adjust it in your required position and the best part is, for adjusting this guard, you will not require any special tool. You only have to push the guard and it’s free to adjust in any position.

It also features an alternative power source, which allows you to change between AC and DC power supply with a switch. This switch is situated on the side of the motor housing.

Porter-cable PC50AG is indeed one of the versatile and powerful angle grinders. It can be used for various purposes such as cutting, grinding, and polishing.

Worth mentioning point here is, that you will get this powerful and lightweight angle grinder in Black Friday 2023 deals.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable griping
  • Makes cutting and grinding easier.
  • Not suitable for longer projects


2. DEWALT DW840K – Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

DEWALT DW840K Angle Grinder Black Friday DealsNext one on angle grinder black Friday deal is from the house of DeWalt which is an America based company. DeWalt is famous for its professional high-tech grinders and household manufacturing tools.

DeWalt is one of the most popular manufacturers which never disappoints its customers.

No matter how difficult your task is, the DeWalt angle grinder can perform it with full efficiency.

DeWalt DW840K is a cordless angle grinder that needs to be charged before starting operation. The electric power supply has nothing to do with it.

Lets through some lights on the features of this outstanding cordless angle grinder.


  • Model name: DW840K
  • No-load Speed:9000RPM
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Power tool type: cordless
  • Switch type: paddle
  • Motor: brushless motor
  • Diameter of wheel: 4.5″
  • Spindle size: 5/8″ – 11″


DW840K is one of the most demanding and top-rated angle grinder of DeWalt. The reason is its features.

It features a 20-volt brushless motor that makes maintenance easier for you. Now you don’t have to change the motor brushes. Its powerful brushless motor delivers 57% more run time than the ordinary brushed motors.

The motor delivers the ultimate speed of 9000 RPM which is simply outstanding. You can do your cutting and grinding within a few minutes.

Besides this, it has an adjustable side handle that can be adjusted to two different positions that are left or right. I really like these adjustable handle features because it will let you work in a more comfortable and efficient manner. Also, you don’t have to worry if you are left-handed, you can adjust the handle according to your comfort position.

DW840K is a small angle grinder which means it has 4.5 inches of abrasive wheel disc. It has come with different types of disc that you can use for various purposes. The disc changing procedure is really very simple. You can easily switch between different abrasive discs with the help of a spindle lock.

Now let’s talk about some safety-related features of the DeWalt cordless angle grinder black Friday.

It has a unique feature of a blade brake system, which engages the brakes as soon as the paddle switch is released. This makes the wheel to stop quickly even when the charging goes down. Also, it protects the user from different accidents.

In addition to this, there is a small metal gear case guard that is there on the top of the abrasive disc. This guard is meant to primarily protect the inner component of the angle grinder from dust and debris. Also, the guard provides somewhat protection to the user from sparks and flying metal pieces.

The guard is really very simple and easy to adjust. All you have to do is, just push it into the required direction and that’s it!

DeWalt cordless angle grinders require 3.0Ah of the charger. On its battery, you will see a LED Fuel Gauge system. This will allow you to quickly check the battery state of charge.

You will be glad to know that you are getting this outstanding angle grinder with 3 years of warranty. So in these three years if something happens with the motor and equipment you can freely contact DeWalt for it.

See how amazing these Dewalt angle grinders black Friday deals are!

  • Blade brake engage system
  • Safe to use
  • Paddle switch for added user comfort
  • Rubberized handle grip
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • You need to buy a battery and charger separately


3. Makita GA4530 – Black Friday Sale 2023

Makita GA4530 Black Friday SaleMakita is another name of power and endurance. They have launched so many powerful angle grinders that have been used by professionals in many other fields.

Luckily Makita has offered a black Friday deal for one of their powerful angle grinder that is GA4530 which is a small angle grinder.

But let me tell you, this small 4.5-inch angle grinder can beat the other powerful and bigger angle grinder in terms of performance.

So let’s check out the features of this angle grinder.


  • Model name: GA4530
  • No-load Speed:11000RPM
  • Power tool type: corded
  • Switch type: paddle
  • Motor: 6Amp
  • Weight: 4.0
  • Diameter of wheel: 4.5″
  • Spindle size: 5/8″ – 11″


Makita GA4530 angle grinder features a powerful motor of 6 amps. This sturdy and powerful motor gives enough power to the angle grinder that it rotates 4.5 inches of the abrasive wheel with a speed of 11,000 RPM. From this, you can clearly guess how efficient it would be.

The motor is protected by an amazing SJSII technology. SJSII is actually a mechanical gear drive system whose basic aim is to prevent the motor and gear damage and it does so by reducing the force on the gear when the wheel is stopped forcefully.

This amazing technology also features a leaf spring and cam gear drive mechanism, with the help of which it reduces the vibration. So that’s how an operator will feel fewer vibrations and can operate the tool for a longer time.

Besides this, it has other protection features for its carbon brushed motor. Its powerful motor has thicker coil wires which are wounded so closely so that there will not be any heat or energy loss. Motor is further protected by metal gear housing.

In addition to this, there is labyrinth construction that seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris. Not only this, but you will also see that its motor has protective zig-zag varnish. This zig-zag varnish basically seals the motor and bearing. This way no harsh element would damage the motor of the Makita angle grinder.

Makita GA4530 angle grinder is one a small angle grinder that has an abrasive wheel disc of 4.5-inch diameter.  Like other angle grinders, these abrasive wheel discs are easily changeable. You will be provided with different discs such as grinding and cutting disc and you can switch between them within a few seconds. Thanks to its spindle lock that makes disc changing easier for you.

Above the abrasive disc, there is a guard that is there to protect the internal components of the angle grinder from dust and debris.  The best part is, guard adjustment is completely tool-less, you don’t need any specialized tool to adjust the guard into your required position.

Moreover, it has a double-insulated small diameter handle grip which is about 2 inches only. This small-diameter barrel grip will let you work for hours without being fatigued. Also, it is quite light in weight that you can hold it comfortably.

Adding more into the comfort-related feature is, it has got two positioned adjustable side handle that you can adjust into your desired position. The handle has soft rubber grips for added comfort.

Let me tell you, you are lucky if you are reading a Makita Angle Grinder Black Friday Sale. You will get an outstanding angle grinder at a surprisingly low price.

  • Rubberized handle grip for added comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Makes your work easier
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No vibration dampening feature in the handle


4. Skil AG242001 – Angle Grinder Deals 2023

Skil AG242001 Angle Grinder DealsSKILSAW has been manufacturing quality power tools since 1924. No doubt it’s a long time. So you can imagine the quality and perfection of its accessories. They have always focused on developing smart and affordable products that make your work easier especially when it comes to DIYs.

Skil AG242001 is one of the smart and affordable angle grinders that make your work super simple without any hassle.


  • Model name: AG242001
  • No-load Speed:12000RPM
  • Power tool type: corded
  • Switch type: paddle
  • Motor: 8Amp
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Diameter of wheel: 5″
  • Spindle size: 5/8″ – 11″


AG242001 features a powerful motor that is of 8 Amp. The motor is equipped with carbon brushes that are of top-notch quality and require less maintenance.

Skil AG242001 angle grinder features a 5 inch of changeable abrasive disc, which is really very easy to change. With the help of spindle thread, you can get access to varieties of an abrasive disc. This way your Skil angle grinder can be used for various jobs other than grinding only.

At the top of the abrasive disc, there is a wheel guard that is meant to protect the internal components from dust and debris. Also, it protects your hands and arms from flying metal and concrete pieces. So you can adjust it according to your requirement. Let me tell you, its adjustment is very easy and for this, you won’t require any specialized tool.

Apart from this, it features three positioned side handle which has a vibration control feature. The three positioned side handle gives you the freedom to work in a comfortable position. You can install the side handle either on the left side, or right side or at the top of the angle grinder.

For the added convenience of the user, the handle has a soft rubber grip.

Not only this, but the grinder is also equipped with a paddle-type safety lock. Paddle locks are really very safe. They prevent accidental start-up and hence saves you from big hazards.

One more amazing feature that Skil AG242001 angle grinder has, it has a wrench storage compartment. It’s a small compartment that is there in the side handle. Now you don’t need to look for a wrench every time you work. Just put it in the storage area and that’s it!

Considering its motor and 5-inch abrasive disc, its weight is too light. It weighs only 5.3 pounds.

I can bet you, you can work for hours without being fatigued while holding a Skil AG242001 angle grinder.

  • On-board wrench storage
  • Efficient performance
  • Decent cord length
  • Amazing no-load speed
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • It does not have a variable speed option


5. Bosch GWS13-50 – Angle Grinder Black Friday 2023

Bosch GWS13-50 Angle Grinder Black FridayBosch is a German-based tool manufacturer that is best known for its high-quality accessories. They have been producing high-end power tools for ages.

Talking about their angle grinder, it’s indeed the true example of perfection and long-lasting.

I would say that your toolbox is incomplete without the Bosch angle grinder. They are not only for grinding purposes but you can also perform polishing, sanding, and even cutting from Bosch angle grinder.

Interestingly Bosch GWS13-50 angle grinder is on black Friday deal 2023.  That’s why we decided to review it. Here you go!


  • Model name: Gws13-50
  • No-load Speed:11500RPM
  • Power tool type: corded
  • Switch type: paddle
  • Motor: 13Amp
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Diameter of wheel: 5″


Bosch GWS13-50 is a 5-inch angle grinder that uses an abrasive disc of 5 inches in diameter.

It features a 13 AMP powerful motor that delivers up to 11,500 no-load RPMs.

This makes it a perfect tool for grinding and cutting applications. The motor starts so smoothly that you won’t even feel a single jerk during operation.

Its motor uses carbon brushes which features Bosch’s signature Service Minder Brush system. This system is really very helpful during maintenance. It actually shuts off the tool during preventative maintenance. The carbon brushes that GWS13-50 uses offers more lifetime than previous-generation brushes. I am quite confident that you rarely need to change the carbon brushes.

Besides this, its robust motor is specially designed to occupy a very small field diameter. Its small diameter provides a slim design which gives quite a comfortable and easy grip during the operation.

Talking about the design of the Bosch GWS13-5- angle grinder, its gear case is made up of metal alloy. Metal alloy gear case ensures high-quality safety measures. It protects the user from all kinds of current and shocks. Besides this, its rear part is designed with nylon and glass fiber. Nylon along with fiber gives very smooth and comfortable handling.

As far as the durability of Bosch angle grinder is concerned then it has some features that enhance the protection of the tool. Such as, its 5-inch wheel is surrounded by an adjustable guard, which protects the internal component against dust and debris and you know what this guard can be adjusted easily without any help of the tool.

Not only this, but Bosch GWS13-50 also features an epoxy coated design that protects the tool from dust and debris. To keep the switch mechanism free from dust and debris, it is designed with a sealed, so that the equipment works for a longer period.

Apart from this, the angle grinder has got two position auxiliary handle that you can install on your desired side either on left or right.  Let me tell you, the auxiliary handle has vibration control features, which will not make you vibrate while cutting or grinding job.

Moreover, it contains a slide switch that provides extra protection along with a comfortable lock on/off switch during long operational hours.

Bosch GWS13-50 angle grinder weighs only 5.3 pounds because of which you can conveniently hold it for longer hours.  One of the most aspiring features about it is, it comes with 1-year warranty and 1 year of the service protection plan.

Wouldn’t it a worth buying angle grinder in this Black Friday? of course yes!

  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Smooth handling
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Ideal for professional use
  • With 1-year service protection plan
  • No worth mentioning con yet



Angle grinders are not only used by professionals but a DIY lover can also use it. They make your work easier and simpler. If you are a DIYer and looking for good quality and economical angle grinder, then Black Friday Angle Grinder Deals 2023 would be really very helpful to you.

This is the great time of year when you can purchase your desired product at surprisingly low prices. If you ask me, I would recommend Skil Ag242001 angle grinder to you, because of the fact that it needs less maintenance and is versatile. If you don’t agree with my recommendation then we have other Angle grinder deals as well.

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