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Greetings, I am Simon Heth, a social sciences graduate who learned the value of hard work while working part-time as a wood carving grinding assistant during my studies. Despite my degree, I couldn’t rely on it alone to support my family. This led me to become a grinding expert, putting in countless hours to master the trade.

Through my experience, I discovered several skills that can be performed using an angle grinder. That’s why, at Angle Grinder Guide, I provide unbiased product reviews, tips, and guides to help others learn more about angle grinders and grinding professionals.

Our commitment at Angle Grinder Guide is to provide accurate knowledge to our users. We know that fake information and reviews are rampant on the internet, which is why we strive to provide unbiased angle grinder reviews, tips, and tricks to ensure the safety of those who use the tool.

Recently, my friend Amer asked me about legitimate websites where he could read genuine and unbiased product reviews before purchasing an angle grinder. After researching on his behalf, I found many biased websites that provided reviews just to sell their products. This inspired me to start a blog to share my knowledge and help others become an expert in angle grinders. As time passed, I found it difficult to keep up with updating the blog, so I let Amer manage it. You may come across some posts written by him, but we both hope you enjoy learning about angle grinders.

At Angle Grinder Guide, we care about humanity, and that’s one of the main reasons for this blog. We believe knowledge is power, and we want to empower our readers with the tips and tricks we provide. You may notice some adverts on our blog- they just help us keep AngleGrinderGuide running.

We value our readers’ feedback, which is why we check comments on a daily basis. If you have any suggestions for our website, please let us know through the contact us form.

Cheers to happy reading and becoming an angle grinder expert!

Simon and Amer.

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